Geopolitics and fear of islamophobia phobia: Links 2 on Sept. 23 – 2015

1: Germany: Protest greets Hungarian PM Orban at CSU conference in Bavaria

2. LIVE: Putin opens Moscow’s biggest mosque

(One might almost suspect Putin overestimates his ability to control this)

3. MORE fences! German politician calls for extra barricades to go up because ‘hundreds of thousands of refugees are wandering uncontrolled through Europe’

More fences will be needed to protect Europe’s borders, a conservative German politician claimed this morning – sharpening the tone in a debate about how to deal with refugees.

‘There will have to be more fences,’ Manfred Weber, an influential member of the sister party of chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, told the Passauer Neue Presse newspaper.

‘It simply can’t be that refugees in their hundreds of thousands are wandering uncontrolled through Europe,’ said Weber, who heads the European People’s Party in the European Parliament.

This evening EU leaders will gather in Brussels in the hope of adopting a unified approach to Europe’s worst migrant crisis since the Second World War. 477,906 people have arrived Europe from the Middle East, Africa and Asia in recent weeks, according to estimates by the UN refugee agency.

4. British mother-of-five who took her children to join ISIS is ‘rescued’ by Syrian rebels after denouncing the terror group and pleading for help to return to Manchester

A British woman and her five children who travelled to parts of Syria controlled by the Islamic State terror group have been rescued by a Syrian rebel militia.

Shukee Begum left the UK last year and was smuggled into Syria through Turkey – although she claims it was only to persuade her ISIS fighter husband, Muftah el-Deen, to come home.

Last month Begum pleaded for help to return to her native Manchester, declaring ISIS ‘not Islamic’ and saying that having her house bombed by US-led coalition warplanes was the final straw.

The mother-of-five’s wish now appears to have been granted after militants fighting for the Al Qaeda-allied Levant Front rebel group revealed that she had been rescued by ‘kidnappers’.

Jihadi brides: ISIS has actively targeted Western women in its propaganda to ensure the tens of thousands of men fighting for the terror group stay in the region long term [file image]

(It should not be a difficult decision to determine whether or not someone who took 5 children to the IS with full knowledge of its ideology and ambitions should be allowed to return. I would also wager this family was a large drain on the working people of the UK as well)

5. The clock inventor: The whole family is stupid and they duped us. (what does that make us?)

I’m gonna truncate this post here because the video above is so excellent that I think it deserves to be the last thing seen in this collection. More to come shortly however. As well as part III of Stephen Coughlin’s Ottawa brief if time permits the edit.

Thank you M., Buck, Johnny U., Gates of Vienna and all who sent in materials. It is interesting to note that as predictions made by us over the past 15 years or so come true, there is no joy or satisfaction in it. The point of all this work was prophylactic. Not Schadenfreude.


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  1. Putin has indeed over estimated his ability to control the Moslems in Russia, he is riding on the back of a tiger and will probably end up being eaten by the tiger.

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