Lines are drawn, escalation and deescalation routine, high profile people weighing in on Islam: Links 1 on Sept. 23 – 2015

1: ‘If Europe opens its gates to Muslims, there will be beheadings here’ 

GDANSK – It was difficult to know whether Lech Walesa was cynical, joking or dead serious. Maybe all of the above.

His direct approach to, and simplistic views of, a complicated international reality can embarrass the listener. Nevertheless, it is clear that the former president of the Polish Republic – a Nobel Prize laureate, who co-founded Solidarity, contributed to the collapse of the Soviet bloc and became an icon of liberty and freedom – can allow himself to be his country’s enfant terrible. And it seems that he enjoys this position.

His answers to our questions solidified his image as an ardent Catholic and a conservative homophobe who opposes the absorption of immigrants, doesn’t appreciate US President Barack Obama and has an amusing solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

2. Muslim Parent Warns School Board ‘We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon’ as Meeting Gets Heated and Security Is Needed

The Jersey City Board of Education voted last week not to close schools for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, one of the most important holidays for Muslims.

School board members in New Jersey made their decision Thursday despite appeals from Muslim attendees who showed up to advocate that the board change the school schedule.

At one point, things became so heated that an official urged security to “take charge” of the situation. At least one person was seen on video being escorted from the meeting.

Screengrab via NBC New York

3. Police raid Berlin mosque as ‘Isil’ jihadists try to recruit refugees

Several raids in German capital as officials fear Islamic terrorists are trying to recruit Syrian refugees flooding into the country.

Thanks to Islam, No one has to show their face anymore!

Police raided a mosque and several apartments in Berlin in the early house of Tuesday morning as German intelligence warned Islamic extremists are trying to recruit Syrian refugees flooding into the country.

4. Austria: Deutsche Bahn suspends trains from Austria and Hungary amid refugee crisis

5. Latvians opt for self preservation

6. BREITBART – FBI Finds Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails on Her Server

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has successfully recovered personal and work emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to a new report.

Sources told Bloomberg News that some of Clinton’s emails have been extracted from the server, thus disproving the claim that Clinton managed to wipe her server clean after she deleted all of her emails earlier this year.

Therefore, some of the emails that Clinton deleted — the ones that she determined were NOT relevant to federal investigations — are now in the hands of the FBI.

7. CHINA – Knife Attack at Xinjiang Coal Mine Leaves 40 Dead, Injured

A knife attack orchestrated by alleged “separatists” at a coal mine in northwestern China’s troubled Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has resulted in at least 40 casualties, including the deaths of five police officers, and several suspects are believed to be on the run, according to local security officials.

The attack began at around 3:00 a.m. on Sept. 18 when a group of knife-wielding suspects set upon security guards at the Sogan Colliery in Aksu (in Chinese, Akesu) prefecture’s Bay (Baicheng) county, Jamal Eysa, the chief of state security police at a neighboring mine in the county seat told RFA’s Uyghur Service Monday.

“The attack started at security gate of the colliery, which was watched by some 20 security guards at the time,” he said.

“The residence of the colliery owner was the second target and, at the end, [the suspects] attacked police as they approached the area to control the situation.”

Eysa said he received a phone call from the mayor of Bay township later that day ordering him to patrol area streets and prepare for a potential attack against the Bay Colliery where he is stationed, around 20 kilometers (12 miles) away from the Sogan Colliery in Terek township.

8. So. What about the brilliant inventive muslim clock inventor?

Wait! There is more!

Irving Mayor: Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Blocking Release of Records; Obama Tweeted Support Even Before “Clock” Pic Released

Last night, Irving Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne revealed that the family of Ahmed Mohammed has repeatedly refused to meet with city officials, refused to released records exonerating police conduct, and that President Obama had tweeted about the case even before pictures of the so-called “clock” were publicly available.

Appearing on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV, Van Duyne noted how reporting on the interaction between Mohammed and police had been remarkably one-sided, in part because the Mohammed family refused to release records noting:

9. Ben Carson’s claim that ‘taqiyya’ encourages Muslims ‘to lie to achieve your goals’

“Taqiyya is a component of Sharia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals.”

— Dr. Ben Carson, interview with The Hill newspaper, Sept. 20, 2015

Carson, a neurosurgeon seeking the GOP presidential nomination, caused a stir when he declared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he could not support a Muslim becoming president.

In a follow-up interview with The Hill, he asserted that he “did not believe Sharia [law] is consistent with the constitution of this country.” He said he could make an exception if the Muslim running for office “publicly rejected all the tenets of Sharia [Islamic law] and lived a life consistent with that.”

10. Migrant crisis and Euro tensions threaten to trigger catastrophic conflict claim experts

World WarGETTY

Experts and politicians fear the world is on the verge of a catastrophic war

Both the Hungarian and Italian prime ministers have spoken of huge dangers of unchecked floods of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East which have set previously peacable EU nations against each other.

The scenario – especially the one currently being played out in Serbia and Hungary – is hauntingly similar to that which triggered the First World War.

11. A Chinese Jet Performed an ‘Unsafe’ Move Near a U.S. Spy Plane

A similar incident occurred last August, when a Chinese plane flew within 20 ft. of a U.S. naval jet

A Chinese military jet intercepted a U.S. spy plane off the coast of China last week, using a maneuver that Pentagon officials called “unsafe” when announcing the incident on Tuesday.

“One of the maneuvers conducted by the Chinese aircraft during this intercept was perceived as unsafe by the RC-135 air crew and at this point, right now, there’s no indication this was a near collision, but the report that came back was that the plane operated in an unsafe fashion,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said, according to CNN.

Thank you Richard, Yucki, M., CB Sashenka, Wrath of Khan, Kathy, Nash Montana and so many more. Its been so busy I was not able to edit Stephen Coughlin III yet. But there is much to be learned from I and II.

The two clips from VICE about child rape and sexual slavery and murder will be posted tomorrow. If you have some soul cleanser I recommend having it on hand. Anything over 80 proof should work.

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9 Replies to “Lines are drawn, escalation and deescalation routine, high profile people weighing in on Islam: Links 1 on Sept. 23 – 2015”

  1. Germans use military installations to create places for illegal immigrants and refugees who are coming to Germany. Already at least 20,000 migrants have been accomodated in the military installations. Bundeswehr press service confirmed that immigrants are also accommodated in the barracks of active units of the Bundeswehr and this can have an impact on military training process. ….. Press service of the Bundeswehr informed that immigrants and refugees are in areas separated by fences. …. Part of accommodation is permanent, and in part it is temporary. The Bundeswehr also has prepared the campsites, on the training grounds as a shelter for subsequent refugees.,20-tys-uchodzcow-w-koszarach-bundeswehry-rzecznik-mon-bezposredni-wplyw-na-cwiczenia

    The above is partial translation of the article in polish magazine They are also saying that this decision may have serious implication for military security.

  2. March, yes to the polls and vote out the lackeys,lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam. Let the political class know that this BS will not stand.

  3. Orban today very quickly and roughly translated news conference:

    -Europe at a historic place
    -It must reinstate and enforce the laws
    -must separate economic migrants from legitimate refugees before entering Europe.
    -wants to involve Turkish and Russian governments to help situation (strategic)

    -German minister from Bavaria spoke at same conference. Endorses Orban and his perspective. Agrees to the need to bring back order from the current chaos. Bavaria supports Hungary.

    Europe should help middle eastern countries to cope and keep people there. Turkey has responsibility. Human smugglers should be dealt with.

    Orban: the fence along the serbian border is working. The 355 km border with Croatia is being fenced by army. Gates exist where migrants permitted in an orderly fashion. Croatia pushes thousands of people through who don’t want to be registered. If Hungary doesn’t defend southern EU border everything will fall apart. Croatian blackmail and threats against Hungary.

    Reporter questions:
    How to defend Greece? EU should send troops. Greece should request EU take over at least partially it’s defense.

    …it’s up to the Germans if they want to change demography. What ever they decide it should affect Germany only, not everyone. Hungary doesn’t want to change its demography. Hungary already decided they don’t want ANY immigration.

    …All these migrants were misled by smugglers and left wing politicians that they’d get them to EU through Hungary, which won’t happen now.

    …Christian responsibility…

    End of broadcast

      • Europe has a lot of people trying to lead, Orban is the latest and most powerful, as a national leader he will probably become the leader of Europe until some Western European leader steps up to seize that position.

        Historically Eastern Europe is the buffer zone that protects Western Europe from invasion from the east, also historically the west gives very little support to the east in the struggle against the invaders.

  4. Whatever happens to these refugee camps in northern Iraq and elsewhere, the one camp has a million refugees. Nobody ever talks about these, everybody seems to think these Syrians are all coming straight to Europe from wherever whatever hellhole they live in Syria. But they don’t.

    Most of them live in some kind of camp already over there. And that’s where they should stay and that’s also where Germany and other nations should start helping.

    NOT by bringing them here or allowing them to come here, but by making sure they stay in those camps and help them improve those conditions.

    Also Saudi Arabia should be forced to open up their camp that could hold 3 million. But of course, no one tells the Saudis what to do….

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