Full debate of Geert Wilders in the Dutch Parliament.

This video is long but very interesting.

I have a few things to add on Geert’s side of the debate.

These Parliamentarians who are beating their chests with moral outrage are a kind of character which should require those who know them to take anti-emetics before they enter the room. What fun it would be to see their tax returns and know how little they personally give to muslims who ‘need our help’. Even their use of the word ‘our’ is rhetorically sinister.

What they mean by ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’ is of course, the people who work and supply the money, which is taken from them for the purpose of looking after their collective interests, roads, infrastructure, pensions and so on, and this money is taken from them under the threat of jail as a general rule. When you take that money and they redirect it to enemies of those same people you have changed it from taxation to extortion. And when you beat your chests in sanctimonious outrage at the one man in the room who actually believes that people have a right to determine the utility of the products of their own work, you have a serious pathology on your hands. Again, chances are these pups are not giving a dime of their own tax payer provided salary to the migrants one might wager but are thrilled to be accusing Geert of being a bad person because he doesn’t want to redirect those funds to things for which the public would not approve.

A word to members of the Dutch public, and indeed Canadian as well who may feel that they actually would approve:

These are free countries, or were and still are to some extent. You are free to take any percentage of your after tax income and sponsor a person or a family. You are free to sponsor an immigrant in most nations where you are prepared to sign a waver of responsibility for the care, maintenance and liability of that person or persons and their actions. This is a great thing. But you are not morally allowed to tell me and others what must be done with our resources that we feel are against all our interests.  Those Dutch parliamentarians are more than free to sponsor as many migrants as they can fit in their own flats and houses and feed them themselves. They might then actually have real moral authority to advise others instead of what they are doing in this video which looks a lot more like an act of auto-eroticism in front of a very shiny surface.

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