Migration, the clock kid is a fraud, multiculturalism now means ignoring child rape and more: Links 1 on Sept. 22 – 2015

1. Islam shows Australia how to do Women’s rights

(It needs to be understood why this matters. This isn’t a crime done by someone to someone cause he is muslim. It is that he is enforcing islamic cultural norms in Australia. A true multicultural court would have to find him not guilty of a crime because after all, he was just making sure that women can not posses agency. A fundamental ‘cultural’ difference between the islamic world and the civilized one. This is not a crime but a political act and one which needs to be viewed as military and not crime & punishment)

2. Islamic countries invests billions in Western universities

Knowledge is power, and whoever can influence knowledge and what is taught our youth, influence our future and our democracy. I have no doubt that universities which are depending on money from Islamic countries are more reluctant to critizise Islamic law, the brutal Sharia, and the abuse of human rights in these countries.

Via Israel National News:

A few days ago, the president of the Sorbonne, Philippe Boutry, signed an agreement with the attorney general of the state of Qatar. Within the next three years, the Islamic monarchy will finance the studies of hundreds of Syrian immigrants at the Parisian academic jewel. The Sorbonne has accepted 600,000 euros per year for three years. 

3. In Hollywood, there is a narrative and it will be obeyed.

4. MPs plan three-hour debate on claims Muslims are taking over Britain

(And this debate has a pre set winner. That is, unless the ones arguing in the affirmative have an affinity for prison food)

A Birmingham MP has condemned plans for a three-hour Commons debate about a petition attacking immigrants and accusing Muslims of trying to take over the country.

MPs are to debate claims that “foreign citizens are taking all our benefits” on October 19.

MP Steve McCabe (Lab Selly Oak) said: “I’m in favour of discussing immigration but I don’t think we should dignify the views of total bigots with a Commons debate.”

It follows a promise in the Conservative manifesto before the 2010 general election that any petition signed by more than 100,000 people will be eligible for a debate in Parliament.

(This will be a difficult debate to do as facts will not be allowed and only one side will be able to make a case)

5. Hungary’s Orban: “Defending Hungary is defending Europe”

6. Germany: Police raid Berlin mosque in hunt for Islamic State recruiters

7. Danish Captain on working with Afghan soldiers: homo-sex, drugs, masturbates in front of Western soldiers

“Cultural clashes have hampered the work of the Danish soldiers, since a battalion of the Afghan National Army (ANA) in May this year were accommodated in military camps in the Danish action.

‘The Afghan soldiers had a different view of how to eat and sleep. They could not understand that they should not defecate in the baths. Some simply left when they were guarding the place. Others would not go on patrol,’ said Captain Thomas Damkjær, commander of Bravo company on Team 9 which returned home in August 2010.

‘Some of the Afghan soldiers were taking drugs, which is unacceptable when dealing with weapons. And on Thursdays some of the Afghan soldiers had sex with the teenagers and young men who were traveling with them,’ he said. …

‘The cultural differences are huge. They were smoking cannabis in the guard towers and masturbated in front of the Danish soldiers,’ he said.””

(By having sex I assume they mean rape, as the US army gives medals of valor at this point to servicemen who, ah, service each other)

8. Scuffles in Croatia as it struggles to cope with 30,000 migrants in a week

9. Ezra busts the clock kid


Thank you Wrath of Khan, Richard, Nicolai Sennels, M.,Johnny U., Nash Montana and many more. And more to come indeed.

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9 Replies to “Migration, the clock kid is a fraud, multiculturalism now means ignoring child rape and more: Links 1 on Sept. 22 – 2015”

  1. Hungarian police have in custody the migrant who incited the riot some days ago at the Serb border. Thus was the fellow seen sitting on the shoulders of another man yelling instructions through a megaphone. This from Elo television.

  2. Hungarian news now speaking about George Soros financed manual coaching invaders on how to delay Hungarian deportation process. Manual gives Hungarian telephone numbers, contacts, and strategies such as falsifying medical problems to delay due process.

  3. Ironically only in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia do they openly address the Muslim problem. These countries never fell to political correctness. (Economic Communism protected them from Alinsky Marxism.)

    Serbia just gave Croatia an ultimatum to open its borders. Good luck with those two old buddies.

  4. 2/ More on universities for sale and the massive re-write of history.
    The Politicization of Middle East Studies

    […]So deep has the rot settled that the association seems totally oblivious of (or rather indifferent to) the fact that its recent endorsement of the anti-Israel delegitimization campaign, and attendant efforts to obstruct the containment of resurgent anti-Semitism on U.S. campuses, have effectively crossed the thin line between “normal” Israel-bashing and classical Jew-baiting. . . .

    [Academic boycotts] are an unabashed attempt to single out Israel as a pariah nation, to declare its existence illegitimate. As such, Israeli universities are to be ostracized not for any supposed repression of academic freedom but for their contribution to the creation and prosperity of the Jewish state of Israel, a supposedly racist, colonialist implant in the Middle East [that is] as worthy of extirpation as the formerly apartheid regime of South Africa.

    [MESA’s] leaders and luminaries have had no qualms about singling out Jews and Israelis for disproportionate and unique opprobrium and denying them—and them alone—the basic right to national self-determination while allowing it to all other groups and communities, however new and tenuous their claim to nationhood. . . . Past MESA presidents like Rashid Khalidi, Joel Beinin, Juan Cole, among others, have, in one form or another, publicly advocated the destruction of Israel as a state.


    • Something that should make people think is the way they spend the money on Western Universities rather then Universities in their own countries, the amount of money they spend on western schools would build the best universities in the Universe if spent in their own nations.

  5. Re. the flashlight joke/meme. Of course, the incriminating part of that widget is the pipe/explosive, not the clock. In isolation, the clock is nothing.

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