Germans advertising on TV news for muslims? more migration news as EU folds and more: Links 2 on Sept. 14 – 2015

1. Fight among ‘migrants’ in small German town. Video uploaded 3 hours ago as of now and translation of a few parts below:

the man recording the video and his friends are Russian. A translation of what they say:

2:02 cameraman : pieces of shit

second guy: fuck this is horrible, i started recording and an African came up to me and demanded to know why i was there, and then told me to stop recording on my camera, already dictating to me how i should behave

Cameraman: pieces of shit

woman: look what they are doing to themselves?


2. So this may be one of the reasons that a throng of non-productive people are mobbing their way into Germany

3. Malaysia arrests three suspects in connection with Bangkok blast

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia has arrested three suspects in connection with the investigation into a bomb blast in central Bangkok last month that killed 20 people, police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said on Monday.

Two Malaysians and a Pakistani national were arrested and were assisting with the investigation, Khalid told reporters.

“We believe the suspects can help in the investigation… our arrest was made to assist the Thai police in the Thai bombing investigation,” he said. “Malaysian and Thai police are working closely in cooperation.”

4. More video of European borders being rapidly redeployed

5. Hungarians to shut border with Serbia tonight. Armies rolling into place. Scramble starting

(There are many more videos on this important stage of the Euro transformation in the daily links post comments)

6. PEN Canada concerned by citations against Ezra Levant

(PEN is a great group I suspect where many of its membership is CBC like lefty totalitarians who want to use this group in a one sided fight against conservatives and Christians. Glad to see they noticed this important story)

TORONTO, August 4, 2015 – PEN Canada is watching with concern as the Law Society of Alberta considers a complaint against writer and former television host Ezra Levant, regarding his criticisms of the Alberta Human Rights Commission (Alberta HRC) in a March 1, 2014 Toronto Sun op-ed.

PEN Canada believes that Mr. Levant’s comments do not deserve sanction. Without taking a position on Mr. Levant’s criticisms of the Alberta HRC, PEN upholds his right to fair comment on a matter of public interest. Sanctions would establish a regrettable precedent and impose expressive chill on other members of the bar who could face similar disciplinary measures even when not acting in a legal capacity.



Thank you Golem Bar, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Rita M., and all who sent in material. Gonna be another long day.

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  1. Europe is falling apart, the left has come close to destroying the nation states of Europe and are h oping that the Moslems will finish them off. They are also hoping the Europeans do so much damage to the Moslems the left can take over all of the area the Moslems control.

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