Over a Dozen Injured in Riot near Bern, Switzerland

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this Swiss site

Riots broke out between participants of an authorized and an unauthorized demonstration. Turkish and Kurdish nationalists rioted. Four policemen were injured. A car slammed into a crowd of people.

In the early afternoon of September 12th, the inner city of Bern, Switzerland lit up when a group of Turkish and Kurdish nationalists incited a riot. A group of participants in a non-authorized demonstration occupied Helvetiaplatz, and attacked the police. They also attacked participants of another, authorized demonstration.

The police confirmed over a dozen people were injured, among them four police officers and one K9. This although even before the unauthorized demonstration took place, they were offered a different location by the police. But the group opposed the offer, so the police felt forced to clear Helvetiaplatz.

Both groups were heavily armed with bats, iron bars and other weapons, and it was extremely hard to separate them. The police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets. After the riot, Kurds accused the police of being extremely heavy-handed towards them.

The police also reported several incidents in which cars were involved. One driver used his car to slam into a group of people. In another incident, a man was pulled out of his vehicle and assaulted.

Supposedly there is a video making its round right now that shows a car slamming into a group of Kurdish nationals.

According to one female Kurdish participant in the riot, the Kurdish nationalists planned to disrupt an authorized demonstration of ‘Turkish Nationalists’. One eyewitness reports, “The Turks had stones thrown at them, so the cops shot gas bombs into the unauthorized group of Kurds.”

Another eyewitness reports “extremely aggressive circumstances”. The mood in the city took on an explosive undertone already early in the morning. “As we walked past Helvetiaplatz there were at least two injured Turks on the ground.” He also witnessed how demonstrators kicked down police barriers and set off fireworks.

The demonstration was organized by the “Union for Turkish Democracy in Europe”, the UETD. According to the organizing person, the demonstration was completely legal and authorized by the City of Bern. The Turkish UETD is closely affiliated with the Turkish Government Party the AKP. But they are not ‘Turkish Nationalists’, said the UETD representative Hakan Gobkas.

With this demonstration they wanted to protest against terrorism and the ‘Kurdish conflict’ in Turkey. In other words, they were protesting against Kurdish terrorism. There were about 100 participants, as their peaceful protest march was squarely disrupted by supporters of the PKK, the Kurdish Workers Party, which was in the majority with about 180 participants.

About four hours after the rioting started, the situation in Berne’s inner city has calmed down again. However, traffic routes through Helvetiaplatz and Casinoplatz were still not passable. The police maintained the barriers and blocked traffic until late into the night.

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8 Replies to “Over a Dozen Injured in Riot near Bern, Switzerland”

  1. In the UK the without-a-moral compass weak leaderlessness started with John Major, then Laurel and Hardy Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who nearly bankrupted the country, and now David Cameron who cannot see anything pointed at, (but cannot tell a lie in front of his tattooed wife).

    From closet adulterer, carpetbaggers and all-bluff-the pantry’s-not-empty – the UK public had voted their champions of Diversity and Preferential Groups.

    It is the fruition of undermining Judeo-Hellenist creative thought, to hand over the keys to the new Labour Party leader, an openly unashamed Communist Tool, for the deconstruction of society to Party and Proletariat. Again they will vote for these agents of the promised peace in our time, while Islam is killing, maimining, migrating and shouting that it is to them only to submit and become unconflicted, as has happened in every socialist meritless-diversified Western nation.

    “The Human Rights Act is a UK law passed in 1998. It means that you can defend your rights in the UK courts and that public organisations (including the Government, the Police and local councils) must treat everyone equally, with fairness, dignity and respect.”

    Like in Islam, in Socialism equal does not mean equal and the promotion of their ideologues into all positions of power.

    • Now is proposed a “British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities”.

      But governments are not gods, no one cannot legislate for all humanity. You just state people have the right to think say and believe in what they want and the only evidence of racketeering and crimes shall be heard in courts.

      The right to associate, worship and work with who you choose. (No Racial Equality Commission has taken down the Nation of Islam because that is not its intended purpose as a social change-agent).

      You don’t replace one trojan horse with another that can be amended later.

      “Why is Save Our Human Rights Act important?

      Our Human Rights Act protects every one of us: young and old; wealthy and poor; you and your neighbour.

      Our HRA has already achieved so much. It’s held the State to account for spying on us; safeguarded our soldiers; and supported peaceful protest. It’s helped rape victims; defended domestic violence sufferers; and guarded against slavery. It’s protected those in care; shielded press freedom; and provided answers for grieving families.”

      It has in reality prevented our government from spying on bad people ( who they now call “us”), put our soldiers and their families in danger, provided protection for violent activist groups. Allowed white girls to be raped by Pakistani muslims across the UK, removed fathers from homes, and enabled the importation of slavery of prostitutes and domestics. It did not protect those in care, curtailed press freedom, and gave no hope or answers to grieving families.

      It is an Abuser’s Charter – to make them up to equal and everyone else to look away. And these religious Communists, (dhimmi Socialists), bottomless-fund fantacists and taqiyya merchants, are in high places everywhere.

  2. Welcome to the new normal, the various ethnic and sects of Islam are going to have more and more clashes with each other and during them with the police. Eventually they will start attacking the police so they will have freedom to attack and kill each other.

  3. Switzerland has traditionally always been multiculturally enriched by Turks, Kurds, Serbs, Croatians and Albanians. They came here as ‘guest workers’ and were allowed to form their somewhat semi parallel worlds.

    But this is Switzerland we are talking about. No one, and that includes these people, absolutely no one is allowed to live their lives without government intrusion. Everybody’s life is micromanaged, and that includes the multiculturally enriched segment of the population as well.

    I’ve often wondered, and consequentially marveled, at how tight knit Switzerland was, and how they manage to keep everybody in line. Of course there are always exceptions. Last two years a culturally enriched ‘yuf’ by the name of Carlos made national headlines over and over for having been able to cheat the Swiss government welfare system out of several ten thousand Franks and having gotten merely a slap in the wrist, after which other cases also came to light of other muslim yuf’s and women who also managed to do the same.

    But in good old Swiss tradition, that hole got plugged immediately with the noose around people’s neck even tighter. You can’t spit on the sidewalk without getting a ticket for ‘disturbing the civility of Swiss society’. Those rules are for everybody. They would be absolutely devastatingly crushing to free spirits like me who has lived in the US for the past twenty years, but they work just fine for everybody in Switzerland.

    I do not know how long.

    But my prognosis for the future of the country is, once the European Caliphate in Germany will be erected and most european countries will be under its law, there will be the usual defiant countries like Switzerland and Hungary who will be ‘allowed’ to exist on, without interference, because SOMEONE has to manage all their money.

    I might be wrong too…

    • From what I am seeing the Caliphate will not have an easy or quick time in Europe, there will be civil wars and the violence will spread from one nation to another. The famed Swiss neutrality will not survive since this is a war against all who aren’t Moslem, and the choke points will do little against the infiltration of terrorists.

  4. Turks and Kurds say hello to each other in Frankfurt

    In Frankfurt, Turks and Kurds have greeted each other in their traditional ways. It’s nice to know that they keep up with all their domestic traditions in their new host countries.

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