Media bias grows to hysteria, TheEU ends as Germany brings back border controls and more: Links 1 on Sept. 13 – 2015

1: Callers challenge BBC presenter over biased coverage of migrant crisis

(WARNING: This is infuriating. You can hear the BBC presenter contemptuously setting up common rhetorical traps for anyone who doesn’t support the Marxist narrative, attempting to accuse them of being ‘un-Christian, of which the host is likely also contemptuous of as well, to, “What about the Children?” I wish someone had asked him about the million girls that have been forced into prostitution and drug abuse and slavery by muslim gangs)

2. In an Arabic language ‘refugee’ guide to fleecing the infidel for generations of jizya, it is explained how Bulgaria is the place least likely to be taken advantage of, and therefore to be avoided.

(Notice how the article tries to minimize and ridicule the facts of Ottoman muslim oppression of the Bulgarians in order to make them appear racist for not desiring it to occur again. Like telling blacks in The Islamic Republic of Mauritania that their Islamic slavery is ‘oversimplified’.)

3. Another article about the indoctrination and conversion of Children to islam in a US school. This one has some details not seen in earlier stories. Clearly there is something at work here that is not acceptable.

(They don’t even use the best example in the article. The closer thing would be making children declare in word and on paper, that Jesus is lord and no one gets to the father except by him. And even that would not really be a declaration of faith in the same way as Christians do not kill apostates)

4. France: Topless FEMEN activists dragged offstage at a muslim conference,

(Breitbart article and video here)

5. ***Migrant crisis: Germany ‘to start border controls’***

(Must say, I am surprised. I expected the EU to collapse way before this and for different reasons)

Germany is to reintroduce some form of controls on its border with Austria to cope with the influx of migrants, German and Austrian media report.

It is not clear what measures would be introduced.

More than 13,000 migrants arrived into Munich alone on Saturday. Germany’s vice-chancellor said the country was “at the limit of its capabilities”.

Germany’s Bild newspaper and Austria’s Kronen Zeitung said controls would be in place on the Bavaria-Austria border.

More sources on this important breaking story and here

6. Two suspected terrorists linked to Boko Haram are charged with horrendous acid attack on holidaying British teenagers

Two suspected terrorists with links to Islamic extremists Boko Haram have appeared in court accused of throwing acid at two British teenage girls holidaying in Zanzibar.

With help from Scotland Yard and Interpol, two members of the Uamsho or ‘Awakening’, group were arrested and charged by local authorities.

North Londoners Kirstie Trup and Katie Gee, both 18 at the time, were left with severe burns after a stranger on a moped threw acid over the two of them in 2013.

Kirstie Trup, pictured left, and Katie Gee, both 18, from Hampstead, north London, were walking to a restaurant in Zanzibar when two men on a moped threw acid at them

Kirstie Trup, pictured left, and Katie Gee, both 18, from Hampstead, north London, were walking to a restaurant in Zanzibar when two men on a moped threw acid at them


Thank you M., Richard, Carpe Diem, Buck, Oz-Rita and all. More to come soon.

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14 Replies to “Media bias grows to hysteria, TheEU ends as Germany brings back border controls and more: Links 1 on Sept. 13 – 2015”

  1. Here is the new low in the propaganda war against the countries who do not want to accept refugees.
    Mr. Gross, who is professor of history at Princeton University. and who is a Jew writes:
    the Poles, who, deservedly proud of their society’s anti-Nazi resistance, actually killed more Jews than Germans during the war.
    This guy attack Poles, Hungarians, Czechs because they do not want to accept more migrants. And he well knows that it is because of migrants that Jews in France, Germany and in other European countries feel less and lees safe and many are getting out of Europe.
    Shame on him

    • Have to agree. Nothing more infuriating than a sanctimonious lefty Jew who uses the ancestral status of being Jewish to push a left wing agenda that is antisemitic at its core and in its effect. A plague upon the land. In Israel as well

  2. So their not being Christian? How can you be acting christian when almost all of the invaders are Muslims. I say what goes around comes around. Muslims have been killing Christians in many countries for a long time so why should the Christians in Europe suddenly welcome the savages.

  3. #2 — Islams can call me a racist all day long if it means they will stay away.

    For Muslims, the opposite of “racist” is “sucker.”

  4. Add another one to the long list of German problems.
    Four women organisations in the German state of Hessen have sounded the alarm bell.
    Having interviewed many women in those German refugee camps their
    findings were alarming.
    Those massive refugee camps sprouting up all over the German landscape
    have no segregated facilities for men and woman, no “quit rooms” for women
    not even locks on the stall doors. Not to mention totally inadequate security.
    Rape of women and even children in these camps is rife.
    There is also talk of forced prostitution rings.
    Women in these camps more often than not keep on their street clothes
    when they go to sleep.
    Going for a pee in the middle of night is already a high risk undertaking.

    Here the alarming letter.

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