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  1. Germany seizes fake Syrian passports in asylum inquiry (BBC, Sep 4, 2015)

    “German customs officers have seized packages containing Syrian passports and police suspect they are being sold illegally to asylum seekers. A finance ministry official said both genuine and forged passports were in the packets intercepted in the post.

    Germany is letting Syrians register for asylum regardless of where they entered the EU. As refugees from the Syrian civil war, most have a right to asylum. The passports can help fraudulent claimants to get asylum, the EU says.

    The ministry official declined to say how many Syrian passports had been found in the customs checks. The German police are now investigating. The EU border agency Frontex says trafficking in fake Syrian passports has increased, notably in Turkey.

    A Frontex official, Fabrice Leggeri, told French radio station Europe 1 that “people who use these fake passports mostly speak Arabic. “They may come from North Africa, the Middle East, but they have the profile of economic migrants,” he said.

    Germany has by far the highest number of asylum applicants in the EU, many of them Syrians and Afghans, but many also from the western Balkan countries. Turkey is a major transit country for refugees and other migrants heading for the EU, and is also housing more than two million Syrian refugees in camps.”

  2. Tajikistan clashes leave 10 dead around Dushanbe (BBC, Sep 5, 2015)

    “Gun battles in and around Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe have killed at least 10 people. The interior ministry said eight policemen were killed in gun attacks in the town of Vahdat just outside Dushanbe, and at a central interior ministry building.

    Officials blamed sacked Deputy Defence Minister Gen Aduhalim Nazarzoda, saying he was leading a “terrorist group”. They also said that two of the attackers were killed.

    US embassy said it had closed and warned that the clashes “may be precursors to other acts of violence”.

    In a statement given to a state-owned news agency, the interior ministry said that early on Friday morning an “organised criminal group” had launched armed attacks on Vahdat’s internal affairs department and on the central government building in Dushanbe.

    “As a result, a large amount of weapons and ammunition were seized and taken away by that terrorist group,” the statement said.

    The statement added that “a group of terrorists” led by Gen Nazarzoda had fled towards the Romit Gorge area and that authorities were searching for him and his accomplices.

    The unrest is rare for Tajikistan and comes after recent renewed controversy of the role of Islam in public life in the country, which is majority Muslim but has had a secular political order since independence…”

  3. Immigration Wave: Will Europe Still Be Europe?

    Migrants are continuing to pour into Europe by the hundreds of thousands. But what if the migrant surge doesn’t stop?

  4. Merkel: No Legal Limit to Asylum Seekers Germany Can Take (abcnews, Sep 5, 2015)

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday that her country won’t stop anyone from seeking asylum, as thousands of migrants desperate to leave Hungary made their way westward to Germany and Austria.

    German officials recently predicted that up to 800,000 migrants would arrive by the end of the year, many of them refugees fleeing war and persecution in Syria, Iraq and Eritrea.

    “The right to political asylum has no limits on the number of asylum seekers,” Merkel told the Funke consortium of newspapers in an interview.

    “As a strong, economically healthy country we have the strength to do what is necessary” and ensure every asylum seeker gets a fair hearing, she added.

    But Merkel repeated her government’s position that migrants who don’t meet the criteria for asylum need to be returned to their home countries.

    Even prosperous Germany has struggled to meet the demand for additional housing for the tens of thousands of migrants arriving monthly.

    Merkel said her government wasn’t planning to raise taxes to pay for the additional cost. But her governing coalition will be meeting Sunday to discuss how best to cope with the migrant influx.

    Germany’s willingness to help migrants has contrasted starkly with other European governments, such as Hungary and Britain. This stance has added to the desire among many migrants to strike out for Germany.

    Merkel said it was touching to see hundreds of migrants chanting “Germany, Germany” at a railway station in Budapest earlier this week….”

  5. Islamists Dominate Cities in Morocco Local Elections (abcnews, Sep 5, 2015)

    “Morocco’s Islamist party dominated this North African kingdom’s urban areas in local elections, but trailed in total seats behind two parties with strong backing in the countryside, according to final results announced Saturday.

    The elections were seen as an important test of the popularity of the Islamist-led government which came to power after the pro-democracy demonstrations of the 2011 Arab Spring.

    The councils manage local affairs in conjunction with state-appointed officials and are being strengthened under a new government policy of regionalization….”

  6. At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves (yahoo, Sep 4, 2015)

    “BERLIN (AP) — Mohammed Ali Zonoobi bends his head as the priest pours holy water over his black hair. “Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds?” pastor Gottfried Martens asks the Iranian refugee. “Will you break away from Islam?”

    “Yes,” Zonoobi fervently replies. Spreading his hands in blessing, Martens then baptizes the man “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.”

    Mohammed is now Martin — no longer Muslim, but Christian.

    Zonoobi, a carpenter from the Iranian city of Shiraz, arrived in Germany with his wife and two children five months ago. He is one of hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity at the evangelical Trinity Church in a leafy Berlin neighborhood.

    Like Zonoobi, most say true belief prompted their embrace of Christianity. But there’s no overlooking the fact that the decision will also greatly boost their chances of winning asylum by allowing them to claim they would face persecution if sent home.

    Martens recognizes that some convert in order to improve their chances of staying in Germany — but for the pastor motivation is unimportant. Many, he said, are so taken by the Christian message that it changes their lives. And he estimates that only about 10 percent of converts do not return to church after christening.

    “I know there are — again and again — people coming here because they have some kind of hope regarding their asylum,” Martens said. “I am inviting them to join us because I know that whoever comes here will not be left unchanged.”

    Being Christian alone does not help an applicant, and Chancellor Angela Merkel went out of her way this week to reiterate that Islam “belongs in Germany.” But in Afghanistan and Iran, for example, conversion to Christianity by a Muslim could be punished by death or imprisonment, and it is therefore unlikely that Germany would deport converted Iranian and Afghan refugees back home.

    None will openly admit to converting in order to help their asylum chances. To do so could result in rejection of their asylum bid and deportation as Christian converts. Several candidates for baptism at Martens’ church would not give their names out of fear of repercussions for their families back home.

    Most said their decision was based on belief, but one young Iranian woman said she was convinced most people had joined the church only to improve their chances for asylum…”

    • This is the thing people ignore, there are reports from Iran where there are massive numbers converting to Christianity. The danger is are some of the converts doing so because they think this will let them stay in Europe? I personally doubt this is happening because the Moslems are currently winning the political and propaganda battle in the West.

  7. France considers air strikes on Islamic State in Syria: Le Monde (yahoo, Sep 5, 2015)

    “PARIS (Reuters) – France is considering conducting air strikes on Islamic State in Syria, joining an international coalition led by the United States, Le Monde newspaper said on its website on Saturday, quoting an unnamed “high level source”.

    Government officials declined to comment on the report, saying President Francois Hollande would express his views on the matter at a news conference on Monday.

    France was the first country to join the U.S.-led coalition carrying out air strikes on Islamic State in Iraq, but had ruled out doing so in Syria, fearing that would benefit President Bashar al-Assad. It has supplied arms to what it considers moderate rebels fighting the Assad regime….”

  8. ‘Dozens killed’ as rebels battle IS in north Syria (yahoo, Sep 5, 2015)

    “Beirut (AFP) – A battle between Islamic State group jihadists and rebels for control of an opposition stronghold in northern Syria has killed at least 47 fighters, a monitor said Saturday.Twenty Islamist and other rebel fighters were killed in the clashes in Aleppo province throughout Friday, along with 27 IS jihadists, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    The fighting centred on the town of Marea, a key rebel bastion that IS has been trying to capture for months.

    The Observatory said fighting was ongoing around the town, which rebel forces still control, as well in villages in the surrounding area.

    Marea is one of the most significant rebel-held towns in northern Aleppo and lies on a key supply route running to the Turkish border…”

  9. GERMANY – 09 05 2015 – Germans at Munich railway station applauding refugees arrive – great atmosphere.

    video on the page :


    Austria: Volunteers greet hundreds of refugees at Vienna’s Westbanhof station

  10. UAE pounds Yemen rebels after coalition’s deadliest day (yahoo, Sep 5, 2015)

    “Dubai (AFP) – The UAE bombarded Yemeni rebels with air strikes on Saturday as it mourned 45 soldiers, among 50 killed in the deadliest day yet for a Saudi-led coalition fighting the insurgents.

    Emirati officials vowed that the deaths in a missile attack in the battleground eastern oil province of Marib would not sap their commitment to the coalition’s mission to restore exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

    The missile hit an arms depot, triggering huge explosions that the exiled government said also killed five Bahraini coalition troops.

    The UAE denounced the attack as “cowardly” but the Shiite Huthi rebels hailed it as “revenge” for six months of deadly coalition air strikes.

    The coalition launched its air war when Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia in March after the rebels entered his last refuge, Yemen’s second city Aden.

    After his loyalists recaptured the southern port city in July, the coalition launched a ground operation which has seen the rebels pushed back from five southern provinces, although they still control the capital Sanaa and much of the north and centre.

    UAE troops have played a leading role in the operation and seven had already been killed in the fighting.

    But Friday’s losses were the heaviest since the formation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971 and, as the bodies of the dead were flown home on Saturday, the country began three days of national mourning.

    UAE warplanes retaliated with pre-dawn bombing raids against the rebels in Marib and Sanaa as well as their stronghold of Saada in the far north and the central city of Ibb, state media reported.

    Coalition aircraft unleashed waves of air strikes on the rebel-held capital from the early hours, sowing panic among residents….”

  11. DAILY MAIL – Hillary fumes at Trump for attacking her closest aide Huma as she accuses billionaire of ‘innuendo, conspiracy theories and defaming people’

    ‘Loose talks, threats, insults…they have consequences,’ Hillary says of Trump
    Billionaire had suggested Huma Abedin was leaking secret government information to her husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner
    Trump has gone after Abedin before on Twitter, calling her ‘a major security risk’

    […]’the person seeing her emails more than anybody else is Huma. And who’s Huma married to? The worst deviant in the United States of America, right? Weiner!’

    Last week, Trump had continued to criticize Abedin by saying, ‘Do you think there’s even a 5 percent chance that she’s not telling Anthony Weiner – now of a public relations firm – what the hell is coming across? Do you think there’s even a little bit of a chance? I don’t think so.’

    ‘If you think that Huma isn’t telling Anthony, who she’s probably desperately in love with, in all fairness to Anthony. Cause why else would she marry this guy? Can you believe it? Can’t see straight.’

  12. CANADA – New Democratic Party in Canada present plan to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees by end of the year and 9,000 each year after that for next 4 years –

    NDP says resettlement they are proposing would cost $74 million this year and then $64 million for each of the next 4 yrs

    Mayors are playing an important role: asking citizens to sponsor a family. This is a “call to action,”

    on this twitter account :


    CBC NEWS – ‘How to sponsor a Syrian?’ is Canada’s top Google query on refugees

    1. How to sponsor a Syrian refugee in Canada?

    2. How to help Syrian refugees?

    CBC NEWS – Canadian cities, provinces make their pitch to help Syrian refugees

    Canada has resettled nearly 2,500 Syrian refugees, but municipal and provincial leaders say more can be done

    ‘Open the door to Canada’

      • TORONTO – Protesters demand Canada open borders to Syrian refugees

        Hundreds of protesters gathered downtown Friday night, chanting “no one is illegal” and calling on Canada to open its borders to Syrian refugees.

        The protest began at Yonge-Dundas Square and made its way to Yonge and Queen Streets, where many sat on the road and blocked the busy intersection.

        Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland was among those marching.

        “It really is a tragedy and I think a national shame that we have done such a poor job and welcomed so few Syrian refugees in this crisis,” Freeland said.

        “My mother was born in a refugee camp in Europe and I’m here because a generous Canada welcomed my family here,” she added.

        Freeland pointed out that her party has proposed that Canada take in 25,000 Syrian refugees, while the NDP and Conservatives have committed to taking far fewer.

        NDP candidates Jennifer Hollett and Olivia Chow also attended the protest and shared photos on their Twitter accounts.

        • France: Pro-refugee protesters in Paris rally in solidarity

          Thousands of people came out in Paris, Saturday, to show their support for refugees and migrants after a citizens call for support was promoted on social networks.

  13. BELGIUM – CCIB looking for artists for anti-Islamophobia cartoons

    Friday, 04 September 2015 23:46
    This Friday the Organisation against Islamophobia in Belgium (CCIB – Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en Belgique) called for the creation of cartoons mocking Islamophobia in a bid to respond in a positive manner to the controversial cartoons published after the summer holidays in the Het Belang Van Limburg and De Gazet Van Antwerpen newspapers.

    The Het Belang Van Limburg cartoon shows a Kindergarten pupil shouting “Allahu akbaaaar” as he slits a teddy bear’s throat. Another one depicts a playground with a pupil wielding a bomb, just back from a holiday in Syria. The CCIB notes that the papers have apologised. However it highlights that by focussing on Muslim children and portraying them as murderers, these caricatures contribute to the “racist perception” of Islam and feed a serious xenophobic conflation.

    Faced with growing Islamophobia, the CCIB believes that media and creators must understand the impact of their work and how it can contribute to reactions of hate and rejection. “Fighting Islamophobia is complicated and we must bounce back after events such as these,” said Hajib El Hajjaji, CCIB Vice-President. “Our call is trying to send the following message to cartoonists: we treasure your talent. Please use it to help us all live together. It is a powerful means of making people think about the consequences of Islamophobia in our society. We think is this the best answer there is.”

    The call is directed first and foremost to media professionals, but also fans. It is in harmony with the #ISLAMOPHOBIA21 (Fight Islamophobia Week) from September 11th to 21st.

    BREITBART – Allah Hu Akbar Cartoon That ‘Should Never Have Been Published’

    pic on the page

    Belgium’s Orwellian-sounding Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities has become embroiled in an argument over a cartoon in a regional newspaper. It is investigating the picture which the Editor In Chief of the journal says should never have been published.

    […]The cartoon was removed from the paper’s online edition, but not before some readers had taken to Twitter to express their disgust and announce they would be terminating their subscription.

  14. BREITBART – Muslim Man Screams at Female Tube Passenger “You Should be In Prison… I am a Muslim, I Can’t Pray With You”

    Some heated scenes from a London Overground train emerged on YouTube yesterday as a Muslim man appears to be shouting at a woman who later identifies herself as a Christian for putting her feet on the train seats.

  15. GERMANY Man in Berlin arrested for celebrating dead Syrian boy on Facebook

    Berlin (dpa) – Police in Berlin have arrested a man for celebrating the death of a 3-year-old Syrian refugee on Facebook, the Tagesspiegel daily reported Saturday.

    “We do not mourn but we celebrate it!,” the 26-year-old wrote in a comment about Alan al-Kurdi, whose body washed up on the Turkish coast earlier this week.

    “One refugee is not enough,” he added.

    Police confiscated the man‘s computer after searching his flat in Hellersdorf on the outskirts of the city early on Saturday morning, Tagesspiegel reported.

    He was arrested but has since been released from custody.

    Pictures of the boy‘s body sparked international outrage over the plight of migrants and refugees in Europe when they began circulating in the media earlier in the week.

    • Hungary: UNHCR assist refugees on way to camps near Serbian border

      Hundreds of refugees were gathered at a makeshift camp, about two kilometres (1.4 mi) away from the camp in Roszke near the Serbian border, where they received first aid, Saturday. UNHCR staff and doctors provided assistance before the refugees were transported to the camp in Roszke

    • Germany: Wuppertal sees divisions over refugee policies

      About 600 pro-refugee activists gathered in the town of Wuppertal, Saturday, to show their solidarity with refugees and stand together against far-right extremism and xenophobia.

  16. Germany seizes fake Syrian passports in asylum inquiry

    German customs officers have seized packages containing Syrian passports and police suspect they are being sold illegally to asylum seekers.

    A finance ministry official said both genuine and forged passports were in the packets intercepted in the post.

    Germany is letting Syrians register for asylum regardless of where they entered the EU. As refugees from the Syrian civil war, most have a right to asylum.

    The passports can help fraudulent Muslims to get asylum, the EU says.

    The ministry official declined to say how many Syrian passports had been found in the customs checks. The German police are now investigating.

    The EU border agency Frontex says trafficking in fake Syrian passports has increased, notably in Turkey.

    A Frontex official, Fabrice Leggeri, told French radio station Europe 1 that “people who use these fake passports mostly speak Arabic.

    “They may come from North Africa, the Middle East, but they have the profile of economic migrants,” he said.

    Germany has by far the highest number of asylum applicants in the EU, many of them Syrians and Afghans, but many also from the western Balkan countries.

    Turkey is a major transit country for refugees and other migrants heading for the EU, and is also housing more than two million Syrian refugees in camps.

  17. GREECE – Lesbos – Mytilini – Riot police clash with refugees in Lesbos

    Some 17,000 people are trapped on Greek island in stinking conditions waiting for permits that would allow them to travel on towards northern Europe

    Greek riot police armed with shields and batons charged hundreds of angry refugees on the island of Lesbos on Saturday night, some of whom have been trapped on the island for two weeks.

    One man, a Syrian refugee, was hit on the head in a baton charge and fell to the ground unconscious, amid tense confrontations.

    Some refugees started throwing water bottles and stones at the police lines, but others immediately intervened, telling them to stop and shouting “Peace!”

    […]On Lesbos, a crowd of mostly Syrian refugees marched along the waterfront, shouting “Asylum!” and “We want go Athens.”

    Refugees voiced anger and frustration about the squalid conditions they are living in around the port of Lesbos’s main town, Mytilini, as they wait for the Greek authorities to issue permits that will allow them to board ferries to Athens and from there journey through the Balkans to northern Europe.

    There are an estimated 17,000 refugees and migrants trapped on the island, which they reached in boats and dinghies organised by smugglers operating from the nearby Turkish coast.

    They are sleeping on the street or in tents pitched around the port. There is an acrid smell of urine and excrement.

  18. Morocco’s Islamists win key urban posts in local election

    Morocco’s ruling Islamist party won most of the country’s key cities during Friday’s local elections, further expanding its reach after four years of leading a coalition government that undertook major fiscal reforms.

    The Justice and Development party, known by its French acronym PJD, came to power on an anti-corruption ticket in 2011, tapping into a desire for greater freedom when “Arab Spring” protests forced King Mohammed to devolve some royal powers.

    On Friday, for the first time in its history, the PJD won control of all of Morocco’s major cities including the capital Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Fez, Marrakesh and Agadir.

    Meanwhile, its rivals fielded more candidates and performed more strongly in rural areas.

    Election results showed the PJD won 5,021 local or 174 regional assembly seats just behind rivals Authenticity and Modernity Party, or PAM, with 6,655 local and 132 regional seats and conservative Independence Party with 5,106 local and 119 regional seats.

    The PJD has long portrayed itself as a fighter against the old guard that has controlled Morocco’s politics and economy since it gained independence from France in 1956.

    During its years in power, the PJD-led coalition made structural reform, in particular in the realm of public finance, a priority, cutting Morocco’s budget deficit, undertaking the reform of a cumbersome subsidy system and freezing public sector jobs.

    “We started more than 20 years ago and we have integrated into society and our environment gradually,” PJD leader Abdelilah Benkirane told the press late on Friday.

    “With opposition, we are just like the ant and grasshopper, we work and they sing.”

    When pro-democracy uprisings erupted across the Arab world in 2011, Morocco managed to calm protests by carrying out limited reforms but the palace still retains ultimate authority.

    The PJD’s other partners in the coalition, such as the center-right National Rally of Independents (RNI) and the Popular movement (MP), are closer to a royal establishment ill at ease at sharing power with Islamists.

    Among their notable gains, the Islamists managed to take Fez, a bastion of the Independence Party and its populist leader Hamid Chabat, who left the ruling coalition in 2013 and contested the PJD’s economic policies.

    “Since 1960, for the first time a key party wins elections in the big cities,” Maati Monjib, a historian and political scientist in the university of Rabat said.

    “Although the PJD was against the Arab spring protests, they have taken advantage of it by presenting themselves as opponents from inside the system.”

    Benkirane’s party also managed to hold off a greater challenge from its fiercest adversary, the PAM. That group was created in 2008 by a close friend and adviser of the king, Fouad Ali El Himma, to counter the PJD.

    Turnout on Friday was 53.67 percent almost the same as in the last local elections in 2009

  19. Russia ‘is building military base in Syria’

    Putin is taking advantage Obama withdrawing the US from the Middle East, Obama seems to want Iran and the Moslem Brotherhood to split the Mideast and keep all Europeans out of that region. Putin is taking advantage of our absence and lack of military power to move Russia back into the middle east. During the Cold War we worked long and hard to lure the Islamic nations aay from the Soviet Union, Obama has now left a power vacuum in the region that Putin is rushing in to fill.

  20. Germany: Hundreds of refugees arrive in Munich from Salzburg

    Around 450 refugees arrived in Munich after travelling by train from Salzburg, Saturday evening. The refugees were welcomed by cheering crowds as they left the central train station, before boarding shuttle buses that took the newcomers to reception centres in and around the city.

    • Austria: Overcrowded trains leave refugees stranded in Vienna

      Hundreds of refugees were left stranded at Vienna’s Westbahnhof train station on Saturday, after they were unable to catch the last train of the night to Munich due to overcrowding.

      Some 5,000 refugees arrived in the city earlier in the day, following a gruelling journey from Budapest

    • There is an ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”. Things are getting much more serious when national populations start liking the idea of leaving the EU. The people are getting upset and the politicians who want to remain in power are going to do all they can to calm down the people. As the people start realizing the power they have more and more laws and regulations that aid the invaders are going to fall.

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