The ‘refugee’ scam

Below are three videos and an article.

Two of the videos have been posted before, France and Germany. But in this content they take on a more sinister nature than they did individually.

1: Here is an undercover report from someone inside the refugee industry who interviewed an Afghan about how to bring in some of their own relatives and friends to Finland. 

In it, there is the explanation for why these immigrants seem to be throwing away food everywhere. It likely has nothing to do with sugar content. It has to do with the fact that they paid twenty large to the smugglers and food was included with the deal and they will be damned if they don’t get their money’s worth.

2. Here are some poor, desperate refugees throwing away the food they are given by the authorities in Hungary

3. Here they do the same thing in Germany

4. In France they are a little more aggressive about their demands.

Thank you Tundra T. and Maria J.

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3 Replies to “The ‘refugee’ scam”

  1. The rich kids what to come to the West to live off the taxpayers and the criminals want to come were the laws are much more lenient that leaves the Jihadists who are probably part of the smuggling groups, if they bring you in even if they will demand favors (especially if you can’t pay off you bill fast enough) that will advance the terror war in Europe.

  2. And to add to Richard’s comment…..

    It’s not so much that the rich Arab countries like Saudis Arabia, Qatar and the Gulf states won’t host the so-called refugees, which they have no interest in doing because they simple don’t “have” to — because the West is simply doing too good a job at that — …..

    …’s more that the refugees, or invaders, would rather go to the West where they can milk the system for everything it’s worth…..and eventually take over (as originally planned many years)…..

    After all, as Vlad wrote last week, “beggars CAN be choosers — when they’re muslim.” The invaders are “choosing” where they want to go.

    They know the leftist governments of the West will not only take them in, but pamper them, at the expense of the West’s own citizens.

    They just look at how well their fellow brethren live, for example, in the UK, and they want to do the same. No one said they’re stupid…

    • Once the conquest of Europe succeeds the welfare families are going to be various grades of nobility in the newly conquered nations.

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