Train terror tard might hold clue to his motive in his appearance

This video has a decent picture of the train terror-tard.

I wonder if there is anything about his appearance, style of dress and facial hair that might help suggest any possible motive for the attack at all?


Here is Ezra event’s superb analysis on the foiled attack.

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5 Replies to “Train terror tard might hold clue to his motive in his appearance”

  1. At 1:46 in this video, what is that obscured blob, and why is it obscured? And at 2:10, why does the singer have such poor posture?

  2. Ezra nailed it, given what is happening at some point in the future the free people of the world will once again have to rescue France from the occupation by foreign invaders.

  3. Mark Spahn
    The obscured blob is the poor bastard already shot and on the ground, that took a few more slugs to the head in the video, as the gunman went past.
    James Taylor is about 68 these days, either he is ageing badly, or he was hanging his head in shame, doing it for the money.
    The train shooter will be an allah u akbar hero in the slammer. Too bad they can’t put him in with an all-Jewish prison population.

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