A war in all but name, yet our side is well subverted: Links 2 on Aug. 14 – 2015

1. ISIS Takes Hostage 15-Year-Old Pregnant Swedish Girl

Few details have been made public about the girl who was captured with her 19-year-old ‘husband’ who had joined al-Qaeda as a fighter.

2. French Catholic Churches Prepare Against ‘Islamist Attacks‘ This Saturday

Leading up to the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholic Churches in France have been placed under police protection and have been strongly advised to increase security in fear of a potential Islamist terror attack.

In a joint message to Catholic dioceses Tuesday, France’s Interior Ministry and bishops’ conference warned that “every religious gathering, whatever its magnitude … is vulnerable today to acts of malevolence, which may extend to terrorism.”

“Observing simple rules may allow you, without excessive distrust, to ensure your security and that of your community, while preserving the calm (and) sharing openness to others, which is needed for maintaining your faith and religious practices,” the message continued.

3. Imam of the Grand Mosque in Medina Fires Cannon at Houthis While Visiting Saudi Troops

(You hardly ever see that from priests, Buddhist monks or Rabbis)

4. ‘Pregnant after Rape’: Statues of stoned women placed in Prague by anti-Islamic groups

(Some of you may recognize RT’s expert guest on the counter-point as the guy who thinks the Mossad is stealing his shoe)

5. Shiite Imam Calls for Police Protection Amid Rise of Muslim Sectarian Violence in UK

(And I bet he gets it. For regular Christian or secular British people, its Osman warnings when muslims want to kill them. But when it comes to Predator Vs. Alien, islam on islam violence inspired by their own doctrines, police protection will almost certainly be provided.)


It began in 2009 with his car being smashed up and the word “rafidi” daubed on it – a common Sunni insult against Shiite Muslims which refers to their rejection of Mohammed’s companions.

“They would sometimes target my house and call me and say, ‘Hey rafidi, watch your back’,” Mr Nakshwani said. “One time there was a call at midnight where they said your dad has gone out and we can see him at the supermarket. They had followed him and were watching him.”

At a Sunni-Shia “unity event” in north London, Mr Nakshwani was threatened by a group of men with long beards. One pulled a knife. “I made the decision to move to the US alone as I needed to get out and at least provide a safety net for my parents. The police didn’t really do anything — each time it was a case of ‘we will look into it’.

6. Oklahoma survival store says Muslims not welcome

OKTAHA — The Council on American-Islamic Relations is taking aim at a Muskogee County survival store that has declared itself a “Muslim-free” business.

The national CAIR chapter has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, but the federal agency has so far remained silent on the issue.

CAIR has called the sign and similar signs posted at other business across the nation “clearly illegal” and compares the signs to “whites only” signs that businesses posted to exclude African-Americans before the Civil Rights Movement.

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(Of course, a black person cannot convert to being white but a muslim can decide to abandon his pernicious beliefs. Saying ‘No Nazis’ is not the same as saying ‘No White people’ as much as Black Lives Matters might wish you to think so)


Thank you Buck, Richard, M., Oz-Rita and many more and more to come.

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7 Replies to “A war in all but name, yet our side is well subverted: Links 2 on Aug. 14 – 2015”

  1. Eeyor: “Of course, a black person cannot convert to being white but a muslim can decide to abandon his pernicious beliefs.”

    Of course, a black person can convert to being a whole person to abandon his pernicious beliefs, but a muslim cannot on pain of death consider to abandon his pernicious beliefs.

  2. I suspect that may be a slight mis-characterization of what I meant and said, but Ill carry on like I didn’t notice that.

    In a muslim country where there is death for apostasy, the choice is more difficult granted, but its still a choice. In fact the choices are many. Leave the faith and fight for your freedom. Pretend you are still a believer and keep the contents of your heart a secret. Leave the country and go somewhere that still allows freedom of conscience and believe what you want. There may be more as well. None of these however compare to an ethnically Han Chinese person who suddenly wants to be a Kalahari Bushman. No matter how long he lives there and learns to make snake skin show ornaments, he will always be a Han Chinese. There is no choice in his genetic make up. Same goes for men and woman although its nearly illegal to say it out loud. Bruce Jenner is still a man just like a guy who gets a blonde weave surgically implanted on his scalp is not a Golden Retriever, even if he does learn to bark and carry balls around in his mouth.

    • Eeyor: “Of course, a black person cannot convert to being white but a muslim can decide to abandon his pernicious beliefs.”

      This obvious left-brain logic was within your statement, Eeyor. I’d therefore hoped to provide the wider collective-think by handing over to the right-brained perception, transliteration from looking directly at the object to another perspective of only grasping as important those matters which surrounds the object, ancient Japanese art if I may allude, to conceive Blackness as an Identity, (because the left-brained would have zero concept or cognition to ever treat a dog, or perceive a dog, any differently by its hair color); and employed likewise this paradigm of knowing muslims actively kill their apostates – and would thus consider quite rationally the matter of Islam as one immutable race.

      The juxtaposition was too much, to not enjoy.

      Apologies for the offence, and grateful that you had not written my latter, and then afterwards I had replicated your former, for I would then really be in the doo doo – because you would not overlook it until I performed some abstract penance of submission to your satisfaction.

      What I got instead was a knock-down to a lower caste.

      I hope one day my score can be increased by knocking another ball outside the boundary.

      I humbly live in hope.

  3. The saudis think it is ok to ban christians and jews.

    I think it is ok to ban all muslims from all kind of weapons, including working in the police force and as soldiers.

  4. Banning muslims from your premises is not worse than banning nazis and commies.

    They are all totalitarians and will not stop until the world is conquered.

    These organizations are not races. You can leave whenever you want.
    Except Islam, that reminds me more of the Maffia.

    You can’t stop being a black person or an eskimo. But you can change your religion. Or should at least have the right.

  5. You will note that it is always firearms dealers, gun ranges and related businesses that decide to take care of their own defense, and it is the left that screams because they do.

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