More on Mohammed the murdering muslim and other issues: Links 4 on July 16 – 2015

1. Migrants revolt over unpaid pocket money

Twelve migrants have been accused of kidnapping and attempted robbery after allegedly storming into the director’s office of a refugee centre in Sicily and locking up two workers in a bid to ‘steal’ the pocket money they hadn’t been paid.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon at the state-run Sprar (System for the Protection of Asylum Seekers and Refugees) centre in Vittoria, near Ragusa, Sicily.

The motive? The migrants had not received their weekly €17.50 allowance for Saturday July 11th.

But it’s claimed that this wasn’t down to neglect. They hadn’t been paid because they had refused to be transferred to another Sprar centre in Agrigento, in south-west Sicily, reported.

2. The International Criminal Court declares war on Israel

(This may sound like a dull bureaucratic story but please read it. This is why all the august international bodies and organizations, most if not all of which were great points of pride in the 80s and earlier, are now fully operational far-left and islamic weaponized agencies against the West, and primarily Jews and Israel)

The ruling of the Pre-Trial Chamber is remarkable.

It holds that the Prosecutor should have taken into account facts and actions that are outside the jurisdiction of the court in deciding whether to bring charges.

It holds that the Prosecutor should assume the truth of even the wildest accusations in deciding whether to bring charges; in other words, there should be an irrebuttable presumption of guilt in the preliminary investigation stage.

And most shockingly, it holds that crimes have sufficient gravity to interest the court, even if they have very few actual victims, as long as they are widely covered by the media, and are subject to a lot of political activity at the UN.

3. Muslim arrested in Kolkata Airport while smuggling gold under the Buddhist robe.

(If ever there was a better example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing…)

HENB | Kolkata | July 16, 2015:: A Muslim person masquerading as a Buddhist monk was arrested at the NSC Bose International Airport in Kolkata in the early morning on Tuesday on the charge of smuggling gold.

Wearing a Buddhist monk’s robe and with shaven head, an apparently elderly ‘Head Monk’ arrived by an Indigo Flight with his four disciple dressed also as  Buddhist monks. “He appeared to have taken a vow of silence like monks,” an airport official said. The set piece disciples were rather preventing the airport security personnel from reaching their ‘head monk’  for any interrogation.   Their movements were suspicious enough.

After checking the passport of the appearing ‘Buddhist Monk on silence’, the Airport Customs officer revealed the person as a Muslim named Hassan Gani of Chennai. Afterward the officials found anomalies in all of their passports as four fake disciples were also Muslims.

4. Officials: ‘Inadequate’ Government Efforts to Prevent US Terrorist Radicalization

(This report from yesterday may seem a little of an understatement given today’s events)

5. A great story about how a concealed carry saved the lives of a couple

(This is a common story but the media seem to avoid it. It will become a great deal more common over the next couple of years, if law abiding citizens are allowed to be armed)

6. RAW footage of police at home of Muslim murderer of 5 people today

Two more links on it. Breitbart and FOX

7. Mohamed Abdulaziz, described as a devout muslim, shown cage fighting here

8. Mass Murderer Mohamed’s blog foreshadows his actions with islamic reasoning 


Thank you Richard, M., WTD, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna and many more. It has been a bad day. There have been many attacks in many ways across multiple platforms.

It is interesting to note how the media referred to the muslim killer today waging jihad by the simple adjective, ‘gunman’ while the media referred to the killer at the Church in SC involved in a racist attack against black people as, ‘WHITE’ every time they referred to him at all.

It is also sad to see so many normally right thinking people insisting on arming the military within the USA on the streets. Military bases yes and military zones etc. But it is a basic fact of democracy that police work inside the country and the army work outside or in states of war or declarations of special circumstances where normal civil law is suspended temporarily. Arming the military on the streets of our countries is a sign of serious decay of democracy and liberty. If the govt, feels the situation is bad enough, and they should, to declare some kind of marshal law and deal with Islam and its beachheads and its jihadis, properly act against it and end this crisis then go back to normal, thats fine. But the constant slow degradation of our rights and liberties make it so we lose even if we win.

I am not against Islam because its called Islam. I am against it because it is totalitarian and retrograde to humanity. It does no good to fall to some other form of it to get rid of islam. This is just another format of the dialectic scam.

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  1. #1. “All men?” …they threw all the women over board? Soon they will revolt that they dont get all those free blond virgin child-girls to play with. VOMIT BUCKET! And Australia has a Green Senator whore, Sarah Hanson-Young “over there” supporting the invaders at Australian tax payers expense.

    That’s her in OZ :

      • At least – I forget her name atm – the German wife of a French Jewish fighter against Jew-hatred, gave Waldheim this satisfying public slap in the face. (They have just published a book, but hearing them interviewed, unfortunately they too have turned “left” and are now “tending the other cheek” to the faux moderate muslim leaders of France – all in the name of suicidal “tolerance”. Arrrrrgh.

        Little personal success. After taking up contact again with him after several years, a US born Jewish Friend (who had turned christian and is rather of the Left) has now started to inform some of his New York friends of the present reality (Israel the Jew among Nations) and was “surprised” to find that they (Obama voters) did not know but are now slowly “turning”. As to him, on his forthcoming Europe trip he is now going to visit Israel – and I actually got him into the Great Synagogue of Sydney during some War Remembrance ceremony, first time for him in more than 30 years, and he had pretty wet(ish) eyes. It was my first time in a synagogue – and I was absolutely surprised how much we Catholics have retained of Judaic traditions (if that’s the word).
        Anyway, I feel it is a nice irony that I, a German catholic have brought a Jew back to his roots. 🙂
        Will forward your links above to him and from there they will travel to Obamaland.

        • I never heard of the face-slapping! A heart-warming tale.

          Jews of the West are pretty much neutered. They drank the same koolaid, bought what the LSM has been selling, and they’re already dhimmis. Besides, they marry out and kill their unborn babies, so what good are they?

          Seems only the observant Jews are dependable in the foxhole of the West. We better be because we’re identifiable.

          Boys and men could lose the kippa and be safe, but they choose not to. It’s easier for girls and women, but we tend to go to dangerous places. Like nurseries and nursing homes for family young or old.

    • Jew hatred is alive and well in the world, all of the signs point to a major war that will be much worse then anyone is thinking.

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