The far left and industrial abortion for profit and much more: Links 1 on July 15 – 2015

1. Ezra Levant exposes yet another organization which claimed to be liberal but is actually far left wing and frankly, outright evil. Planned Parenthood.

2. Rogers Waters and the BDS movement from GoV part 1

(Some good insight on the dark side of the loon)

3. Man at mosque claims to be world’s savior

Muslim worshippers abruptly ended their prayers at a mosque in Saudi Arabia and joined hands to overpower a man screaming and claiming to be the world’s savior.

A YouTube film published in Ajel Arabic language daily showed several men at the mosque in the capital Riyadh assaulted the man after he tried to disrupt the evening prayers by screaming and claiming to be Al-Medhi Al-Montathar (the Chosen Imam Al-Mehdi).

The film showed the man trying to hit back before he was overpowered.

Ajel said the man was arrested after assaulting the mosque’s Imam (preacher) and trying to enter the women’s section at the mosque.

Muslims believe Imam Al-Mehdi, dubbed ‘the ultimate savior of mankind’ will eventually reappear as a great reformer who will destroy the beliefs of injustice and ignorance and fill this earth with fairness after it has been filled with injustice and oppression.

(It should be pointed out that in islamic context, ‘injustice and oppression’ mean that there are places where they have not been able to implement sharia and force islam on everyone fully)

4. Dick Cheney: Iran Deal “Puts Us Closer To The Actual Use Of Nuclear Weapons Than At Any Time Since WWII”

5. Jewish Man Who Fled Nazis Funds Rescue of 2,000 Christians From ISIS to Repay ‘Debt’

A Jewish man in the U.K. is funding the rescue of up to 2,000 Christian families from Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iraq to show his gratitude for the Christians who saved him from Nazi persecution, The Independent reported on Tuesday.

The resettlement project, named Operation Safe Haven, last week arranged the flight of 150 Syrian Christians to Poland, where they will seek refugee. The group aims to provide 12-18 months of paid support to the refugees, according to The Independent.

The man behind the project is Lord Weidenfeld, 94, a former publisher who said he has “a debt to repay” to Christians because they provided him as a child with food and clothing, and helped him reach Britain after he fled Nazi-occupied Austria. In 1938, a year before the start of World War II, he arrived in Britain by train as part of the Kindertransport rescue effort that brought thousands of Jewish refugee children to the U.K.

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16 Replies to “The far left and industrial abortion for profit and much more: Links 1 on July 15 – 2015”

  1. “Planned Parenthood” is essential to the bioresearch industry as Burke and Hare inc were to the hospital colleges. The dead became good business and could help the living. However, without consent, this was theft and once this temptation through secrecy and criminality occurred then it would only be a matter of time before there be murdering the vulnerable: the ‘wrongly’ diagnosed disabled fetus and teminating the extended term to order. (Yours could have been a Planned Parenthood baby). Burke and Hare ascended from grave digging to the easier task of strangulation, and I gather here the doctor can do this efficiently with only her thumb and forefinger.

  2. #1. Question to any Australian reader here who could tell me if this “Planned Parenthood” is the same kind of organisation which is called “Family Planning” in Australia?

    Also, towards the end of the video, Ezra Levant talks about “the Chinese harvesting body parts of the Phalangahs? after killing them” – Are not the “Phalangahs (I really dont know the spelling) the islamic separatists, whose leader travels the world with a funny kerchiev on her head and is the darling of the left media? If so, I do have a little problem with that statement because from my, admittedly limited information, it’s these “phalangahs-whatever” who do the islamist terror thing on the peripherie of China.

    Other than that, I’d rather not publish here what I think of this repulsive, wine swilling female who talks in this shocking video.

    • If it is recycling unwanted trash to be put to good use – at this end of the market there is no moral dilemma apart from custom to burn or bury in soil the dead.
      Parents are happy their child’s organs went to a good home or science lab if they had a donar card and are informed.
      But here is implied something murkier, a possible conflict of abortion-providers to help young girls life the narcissistic dream, while involved in obtaining completed sets of fetus organs on demand. The care to the young girl who has had her fifth scaping-out from five different men and raises her sixth as a dissolutioned fatherless socialist dopehead is worrying if only because her heathcare is less that the need to focus on dead-Abe’s body parts.

    • China murders all sorts of prisoners so they can harvest their organs for sale, they don’t limit it to one group.

      • Communism serves the most offended of the collective hive-mind and Islam the single-mind of king Muhammad.

        What that means therefore, is to live as a socialist or muslim you must ditch your own mind and ask from their conveniently available text books: what would a model citizen do or what would a good muhammadan do?

        And in anxiety and fear of not being in control of their own destiny seek comfort in the favor of fantastical guardian angels for good fortune from the shamans or priests who acclaim they know and will for a bitcoin say “all will be well with you”.

        Such believers would betray any sane neighbor doing independant things that will ruin their blessings to the governing politicians or imams.

        Over such dhimmis the doctors and nurses are gods, as controllers of who will live and die, determined by the importance of the emissar’s daughter over the unimportant shelf-filler’s.

        Bottom-rung socialists and muslim call-outs are therefore disposable and indistinguishable in the scheme of things where the intellectuals assert they have no more meaninful lives beyond that of television and mosque.

        If The Living like this are made dead, what then is the going-price of an organ destined for someone more deserving by belonging to a higher-card carrying class?

        Their unalienable rights sold to a book of Human (Behavioral) Rights or the contents of the Koran.

        • It should also be noted that whatever is allowed or forbidden in the Culturally Marxist state can and will be abrogated at any time without notice so long as it changes up who the victims are and who the police are and who suddenly has power over everyone else based on their own repressed desire for revenge due to jealousy.

          Listen to some of the radio coverage of the Ottawa Flag shorts debacle. You can hear these rabid people delighted in the idea that they can get someone who has done no wrong to anyone, in serious trouble by the projected meaning of a symbol alone.

        • Of course, muslims are collectivists, totalitarian in outlook, told to kill their kith and kin who waiver and show any signs of waking up – for the apostate, either Communist or Islamist will warn the humans to guard their children and love ones and be prepared to the lies of seduction.

        • Falun Dafa is a for profit cult. They are as evil as any. China is correct to limit its influence in my opinion. I have done extensive interviews with cult members both current and past and most interestingly, one devout member who tried to convert me, as is their directive even more so than the practice, and then quit and became a Buddhist and moved to India from Canada.

          They will sacrifice their own members lives or body parts to make good looking victim TV, such as the little girl who was a prodigy on a trad. Chinese instrument who they made set her hands on fire in Tienanmen sq. in China to try and embarrass the Chinese regime. I could go on.

        • @ Martin and Eeyore:

          if Vlad Tepes was a “Cult” I would call you both “my teachers”;) Thanks for making me get off my backside and look and learn.
          However, if I said I know nearly NOTHING about China except what I learned from a biography called “Swans” (or such).
          I have now looked it up and the woman I was talking about was this one:

          I had taken a Pavlov-like dislike to her because, at least in Australia, she was celebrated by the Leftist media as a heroine. I connected her kerchief on her head with islam (but these days I connect all bad vibes with that “religion of pieces”.

          Well thank you for making me think and learn.

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