What does the internet know about the car attacker from Austria?

(This is an article by Carpe Diem, who has been tracking news of the person who drove into a crowd with the intention of killing and injuring people, and then proceeded to stab people he could get to when he got out of his car. Much misinformation and erroneous information was published early on but this should be a more comprehensive and accurate set of links and photos of the actual person with clues to his motives.)

The alleged attacker in his car


There have been some articles on the internet about a Facebook page that appeared to belong to the car attacker from Austria, Alen Rizvanovi?. It revealed that this Person had some extreme islamic views. Unfortunately, it was the Facebook page of a namesake who was born in Vienna/Austria but now lives in Skopje, Macedonia. So, a new search on the internet was necessary, and here is what I found:

Full name, Facebook page and last message
The night before the attack, Alen Rizvan Rizvanovi? posted a comment on his Facebook page “Rizwan Consulting Group“: “Hurensöhne (Sons of bitches) Not in my Name“ and he linked the rap video “Sean Kingston – Beat It ft. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa“. Whatever this may mean is up to your interpretation, however, it is his last message to us. His Facebook page has currently 1,168 likes, which indicates that there could have been more content that is either deleted or only visible to friends. Source: https://www.facebook.com/rizvan.consulting/timeline?ref=page_internal

Date of birth
Anyway, his Facebook page gives us some more information. It says that the Rizwan Consulting Group was founded on March 17, 1989. As Rizvanovi? was born that year, March 17, 1989 most likely his his date of birth.

Bank account and e-mail
In addition his Facebook page contains a link to a website with his bank account details and (just as fb) his e-mail address: Rizvan Consulting Group, Konto (Account), Raiffeisenbank Region Graz-Thalerhof, Alen Rizvan Rizvanovic, IBAN AT283847700005059597, BIC RZSTAT2G477, BLZ 38477, E-Mail: Rizvan-RCG@gmx.net Source: http://www.rcg.24.eu/

Address and phone number
When you google his company, the “Rizvan Consulting Group“, you can find a google+ account which tells you his address: Werndorfer Weg 27, 8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz, Österreich. It also says that “Rizvan Consulting Group“ is a car trade company. You can also find a job offer for an office help. This gives you a phone number where you can contact the Rizvan Consulting Group: (Austria) 0664 5857353. Sources: http://kurier.at/chronik/oesterreich/ehefrau-des-amokfahrers-von-graz-wurde-einvernommen/137.577.643 and https://plus.google.com/112015283504186496073/about and http://www.jobswype.at/ads/1174962/2015_6_19_6_56_12_1213.html

Twitter account and chatting website

Alen Rizvan Rizvanovi? has a Twitter account since May 2013. He hasn’t made any tweets so far, but he is following 2,773 people. Among them are are various contacts to Arabian accounts. He also has many muslim followers. This could be interesting for further research. About one week ago he also joined a chatting website called “kafic“ which is a place where mainly people from the Balkans meet. Sources: https://twitter.com/rizvan_rcg and http://dev.kafic.net/user/Rizvan

Place of birth
It is reported that Alen Rizvan Rizvanovi? and his parents are from Velike Kladuše in Bosnia and Herzegowina. Some say he is from the City of Biha?, but he only was born there in the local hospital (Kantonalna bolnica). His parents fled the Balkans in 1993 and came to Austria as refugees. Alen Rizvan Rizvanovi? is an Austrian citizen. If he still has a valid passport from Bosnia, as some newspapers reported, is unclear. Sources: http://www.biscani.net/siljdedic-alen-rizvanovic-je-iz-velike-kladuse/

Rifle and Neighborhood
Until a few months ago Rizvanovi? legally owned a registered rifle and about 1000 rounds of ammunition, but after reports about his violent behaviour, police had taken it away from him. Neighbours reported he practised his shooting behind the house. People were often spit at by family members. Even dogs were killed with a knife on the property. They say that it was just a matter of time for Rizvanovi? to explode.
Sources: http://www.heute.at/news/oesterreich/art23655,1175464 and http://www.heute.at/news/oesterreich/art23655,1174736

Divorce and his claim
Alen Rizvan Rizvanovi?’s wife asked for divorce after she had been beaten by her husband several times. He even forced her to wear the muslim headscarf. Since May 28, he was forbidden to enter the family home. When he was allowed to return, his wife had already left together with the two kids. It is unclear whether she was in Bosnia or in Austria since then. However, she has already been heard by the Austrian police. Alen Rizvan Rizvanovi? remains in police custody. He didn’t say much so far but reported he had felt being stalked by “Turcis“ – a slang word for muslim Bosnians.

Sources: http://www.krone.at/Nachrichten/Graz_Wirres_Leben_des_Amokfahrers-Ermittlungen_laufen-Story-458954 and http://diepresse.com/home/panorama/oesterreich/4759985/Amokfahrt-in-Graz_Frau-des-Verdaechtigen-vernommen and http://derstandard.at/2000017788940/Graz-am-Sonntag-voller-Trauer

This article contains pictures of his home http://www.xn--sterreich-z7a.at/chronik/slideshow/Amokfahrer-von-Graz-Hier-wohnte-Alen-R-in-Karlsdorf-FOTOS/193230192




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