More antisemitism with unnamed Islamic causes and more death and horror: Links 3 on June 16 – 2015

1. Study: Anti-Semitism Skyrockets in Canada

Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada skyrocketed over the last year and have now hit the highest levels “ever recorded” by human rights groups tracking the number of anti-Jewish episodes, according to a new study.

Canadians across the country reported experiencing more anti-Semitism than in the past four years, with anti-Semitic incidents having risen a total of 28 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to the global Jewish advocacy group B’nai B’rith International (BBI).

This made 2014 the “worst year” for anti-Semitism since advocacy groups began tracking incidents in 1982.

The majority of those who reported an instance of anti-Semitism faced harassment, while others faced forms of violence and vandalism as a result of being Jewish, according to the report.

The rise coincides with a global surge in anti-Semitism, including a rash of terrorist attacks against Jewish communities in countries such as France.

(With a typically Canadian pointlessness, this article says not one word about who is causing this, except for a minor hint here…)

Researchers attribute growing anti-Semitism to the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians and a growth in anti-Israel activity on college campuses.

(I mean why even bother? If you can’t say who is causing this, then you cannot offer any protection for the victims and may as well not bother to public it at all. Its like an article by an oncologist about a massive increase in cancer deaths in a given area and a refusal to say it is because of a radio active waste dump recently installed in the middle of town)

2. Israeli Students Rejected From Louvre

The District Governor of Ile de France has contacted the State Attorney’s Office Monday after the French newspaper Liberation reported that two French historical sites rejected visits from art history students from Tel Aviv University (TAU).

Management from both the Louvre and the Sainte-Chapelle church responded to the allegations by opening internal investigations; as of Monday, the Sainte-Chapelle church claims that there is no proof indicating that discrimination was the motivating factor behind turning the students away.

According to the report, both historical sites rejected the TAU group due to their Israeli nationality.

3. At the United Nations, the death of reason

4. Boko Haram crisis: US to fund Nigeria-led force

The issue led to a diplomatic row, with Nigeria accusing the US of refusing to help land a “killer punch” against Boko Haram.

(At least Obama is consistent)

5. Some good news at least showing that the British are neither entirely stupid or entirely blind.

6. This one is flat out weird. The government of Iran appears to do PSAs (public service announcements) to get sharia compliance. In this one, women are taught how to submit sexually to their husbands, pretty much all the time.

The video was made by an anti regime group mocking the PSA which is the voice you hear. Thank you Ritamalik for the translation

7. French Muslim leader Dalil Boubaker calls for empty Catholic churches to be turned into mosques

(This snark intentionally left blank)

8. Pamela Geller discusses the leak of her home address by the Islamic State

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Carpe Diem, CB Sashenka and all who supplied materials today. Still more to come.


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4 Replies to “More antisemitism with unnamed Islamic causes and more death and horror: Links 3 on June 16 – 2015”

  1. 1/ A comment from a rrright-wing Zionist blog about Canada’s Jew-Hate:

    On the other hand, let’s look at a potentially useful side of all this anti-Semitism in Canada, because it’s always useful in boosting aliya. Jews, like anyone else, rarely leave places in which they live comfortable lives. If Canada wants to fill up Toronto with ragheads, you really can’t stop them. So make the best of the situation by transplanting a couple of hundred thousand Canadian Jews to Shomron [Samaria] and Yehuda [Judea]. This possibly seems offensive to a lot of liberal Jewish folk. But I don’t think I’m he only right-wing Zionist who welcomed it as a tactic to help induce he Jewish nation to build a Jewish state.
    This gentleman, who’s in his mid-80s and now lives in the rural US near the border with Canada, continued with a biographical note. I thought some of you here might enjoy this part:

    The people who know me well are my business customers, Tea Party Republicans, and, above all, [his state’s] hardcore gun owners. Among other things, I’m known as the guy who organized and helped run a series of speed and accuracy matches for owners of legally registered submachine guns. Over some 10 years or so, I think I reloaded about 20,000 rounds of .45 caliber swaged FMJ round-nose hardball ammo. Reloading is a lot cheaper than using the factory stuff, even though a buddy of mine is in the online-order ammunition business.
    My kinda guy.

      • He’s the main reason I peek in at that blog. Smart, tough but realistic, writes well. I value his opinions.

        Others in the extreme rrrright wing devote themselves to attacking Bibi’s character. For failing to annex outright Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan. They’re delusional, beyond reach.

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