Stephen Coughlin Red Pill Brief part VIII

This gets quite interesting. Once it is understood that the leftist plot to undermine basic concepts of reason and the logic of exclusion and comparison, it is worth having a look at a few of the fundamentals of islam and statements on the same principle in the Bible

First 7 parts of this brief are all available here.

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  1. In part VII Coughlin revealed his local chapter of AIM (interfaith dialog) is affiliated with IAF, “Industrial Areas Foundation”. The wikipedia entry to exposed IAF as a national community organizing network established in 1940 by Saul Alinsky.

    Fast forward part VII to 10:04:

    So what do we know? We know that religious groups are oriented to an interfaith entity created by a man, whose book, who is a cultural cultural Marxist, whose book is dedicated to “Lucifer”.

    In this part VIII video clip, Coughlin captures the image of that dedication to Lucifer.

    To suggest that I am thoroughly disgusted after having learned how utterly ignorant local, well intentioned religious leaders can be is an understatement.

    I “googled” IAF and confirmed religious groups local to me are also aligned with it … Metro IAF – much to their everlasting shame and undeniable ignorance.

    At the bottom of the page of the link to Metro-IAF note that it hosts a Vimeo video clip (uploaded 3 years ago) featuring Bill Moyers “PBS’ Moyers & Company” (program ended Jan. 2014) defense of “one gutsy guy”, Saul Alinsky, which opens with the following:

    “Time now for a word about a ‘good American’ being demonized despite being long dead. Saul Alinsky is not around to defend himself.”

    …and about midway through the video tribute, Moyers actually features Alinsky’s books, “Reveille for RADICALS” & “Rules for RADICALS” yet makes no mention of the dedication to Lucifer. Demonized, indeed.

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