The Balkanization of England is nearly complete and the US launches propaganda campaign meant for…Links 2 on June 5 – 2015

1. Britain First update

2. Netanyahu pans UK students for boycotting Israel but not IS

(While PM Netenyahu’s example is the most dramatic one, it works equally well for Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and pretty much everywhere muslims are dominant including parts of London)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hit back at the UK’s National Union of Students hours after it passed a motion to boycott Israel, calling the group hypocritical for singling out the Jewish state while it rejected an earlier motion to condemn the Islamic State group.

“They boycott Israel but they refuse to boycott ISIS. That tells you everything you want to know about the BDS movement. They condemn Israel and do not condemn ISIS; they condemn themselves,” Netanyahu said Wednesday, using acronyms for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and Islamic State, the radical terror group that has established a self-styled caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

(Jewish people are often accused of yelling ‘antisemitism’ when people criticize Israel. In fact this is very rare. But much more often, when people criticize Israel, the only variable that distinguishes it from a number of states which are much more flagrant and truly violators of whatever accusation is that Israel is in fact a Jewish state which does tend to lead to a certain conclusion)

3. Under 6 minute documentary in English about muslim conflict in Denmark with those that believe in democratic rights etc.

4. IS beheads 10 Taliban militants in Afghanistan

A group of IS insurgents on Tuesday intercepted a dozen Taliban militants in a remote area in the eastern province of Nangarhar and beheaded them, said Numan Hatifi of the 201st Corps of the Afghan National Army.

The Taliban militants were captured while trying to flee after a gun battle with the Afghan security forces, official source said.

Dozens of insurgents have died or been injured in the last few weeks in armed clashes between the Taliban and the IS to gain control over several regions of Nangarhar.

(I guess the only solution is a group of muslims who are even more religious and adherent and even more wiling to use even more horrific and visible public torturous atrocities to take out them both)

5. Pat Condell: America ramping up to dispose of the first amendment and freedom of speech.

(Under the Pat Condell video was this very interesting comment. I am trying to reach the author for an interview)


6. This Britain First video should be seen by all to understand the severity of this issue in the UK

7. Obama still secretly backing Muslim Brotherhood as “moderate” alternative to Islamic State and al-Qaeda

8. One of the more unusual ‘rape’ accusations ever told. Another reason why the 1900s era jokes of logical extremes are no longer practical as humour. Can anyone please point form what it is that actually took place by reading this highly abstracted explanation of it?

9. Boston terror-suspect has indicators of religious islamic beliefs going back years

10. Obama admin bombs capital of Islamic State with misinformation propaganda flyers. But is the propaganda meant for us or them?


Thank you M., Librty Dk., Buck, and many more who sent in materials by comment, email or twitter.

More to come.



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11 Replies to “The Balkanization of England is nearly complete and the US launches propaganda campaign meant for…Links 2 on June 5 – 2015”

  1. 8. The inner-rage of emasculated male Muslims is forced down by the force of Islam, piles be upon them; the inner-rage of feminized female Socialists is held fast by the hand of Communism equality thru favoritism These identities that hang on shoestrings based on conceits that are paper thin. Worlds where rationality is illegal. A dysfunction society of women abused as whores or proud to be whores.

    6. Britain First. When you stop your vehicle close to feminized males, be it of any ghetto in the world whose main sustenance is dependent upon welfare and prayer, the feral thugs will come out. To call someone a sand-nigger and tell them to go home defeats any moral assertion that their Christian Religion was far better than Muhammad’s, and like the Nazis brown-shirts fighting the Communists before them, may be the germ of something unpleasantly fruitful.

  2. Vlad, mate,
    I wish you would stop promoting Britain First FFS!
    They are an offshoot of the BNP, IE
    They are Nationalist socialists.
    Just thought you should know, hell even the EDL warned against them.

      • We are talking about this. Its crazy difficult to know when to back a horse. Winston Churchill had to swallow all his knowledge, pride, emotions, everything he knew and was to work with Stalin who was as bad as Hitler by any rational standard. He has both my sympathy and empathy.

        If there is no one fighting to preserve England, a state which developed much, if not most of the things I value highly in global contributions, then its easy to wait for perfection. But what if there is one horse that is pulling for the liberation of GB from the forces of leftism and islam and there has been no evidence of totalitarian tendencies from them, do we not back them? I trust Buck’s judgment on this stuff as he is on the inside and has a great track record as well as great values overall. So I have said nothing so far. But one wonders if the short term solution is not the people that look like they can get the job done.

        Having said that, I recognize that this is the exact trap the entire book, ‘The Road to Serfdom’ was written to address. And now here we are. I am open t anything anyone has to say on this subject. So lets continue talking about it.
        In an hour or less, I should be posting a highly significant video. I hope people watch, and download it as quickly as possible before it disappears. It is the call to arms by the defecting Russian and American trained counter-terrorism agent, now Islamic State operative to take Tajikistan for the Islamic State. Keep an eye open for it please.

  3. perfectchild wrote: and like the Nazis brown-shirts fighting the Communists before them, may be the germ of something unpleasantly fruitful.

    This has been my fear for a long time. What our ignorant politicians have done is to excite the latent fears of people threatened wiith extinction.

    It was never ever an economic or cultural need for Muslims into the West. Now we have them in millions, the fruits of this experiment are not going to be pleasant.

  4. 1. Britain First: Jesus said: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34)

    This means Jesus said we have to fight the Muslims?

    No, because Jesus clarified exactly what his point was: For I have come to turn “‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’(Matthew 10:35-36)

    A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.

    As Tommy Robinson found out, and why he left the EDL, that there were enemies from the Far Right, undercover police officers committing violence in their name, covert government teams harassing his financial and personal life and then restricting of liberty of movement and free speech. He threw in the towel. He could see them, the hypocrites, quislings, baiters, betrayers and could not put over his message that Muslims must behave in a civilized way or else we all lose our liberty under Sharia. He has that sword of discernment, and why he is so dangerous to the Socialists in waking the population up. That is why he is launched a new charity called VOICE UK (Victims of Islamic Cultural Extremism).

    Britain First keeps The Narrative alive that the Government that gets us into wars, knows best.

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