Turkey, Canada, Boston, Islamic doctrine trying to hijack the agenda and tear down anything worthwhile: Links 3 on June 5 – 2015

1. Two explosions in Ankara Turkey at Kurdish rally

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Two people died and more than 100 were injured after two explosions rocked a large Kurdish party election rally in southeast Turkey on Friday, the country’s Agriculture Minister Mehdi Eker said.

The blasts occurred five minutes apart at the rally of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, or HDP, as party leader Selahattin Demirtas was preparing to address the crowd of tens of thousands in Diyarbakir, the main city in Turkey’s predominantly Kurdish southeast.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many of the injured were seriously hurt. Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu had earlier said around 50 people were injured in the incident and 20 to 24 of them were being treated in hospitals.

(I think this was the first of the two explosions)

2. Pamela Geller on FOX asks all Americans to stand up. (I hope it extends farther than that)

3. Here, RT does a hit piece on Ms. Geller. Frankly, was Pamela Geller as vicious as islam, she would be sending out a fatwa on this reporter for his nasty and fully unsubstantiated accusations of her. He accused her of years of “Hate speech” and offered exactly zero evidence of any of it.

4. Syria: Islamic State enters Government held city of Hasakeh

(Way to win that one Obama)

4b. Islamic State also claims town in Libya 

5. This is supposed to be video of people being carried from the explosions in Turkey, but there appears to be muslim style street fighting by throwing rocks and so on near the end as well.

6. Andrew Bostom details the absurdity of Chris Cuomo lecturing Pamela Geller on what is real and not real islam. (Based of course, on pure PC wish-craft)

Said Geller to Cuomo:

Drawing a cartoon … warrants chopping my head off? That’s too far? I just don’t understand this. They’re going to come for you, too, Chris. They’re coming for everybody and the media should be standing with me.

But the most illuminating — and in Cuomo’s case, pathognomonic — segment of the interview (starts at 6:57 of the below clip) was when Geller asked Cuomo:

Where are the mainstream Muslims teaching in the mosques against the [Islamic] blasphemy laws, against Islamic law, the Sharia, the jihadist doctrine?

Geller’s query elicited this breathtakingly ignorant though commonly reiterated media falsehood, here asserted by Cuomo with supreme confidence:

Sharia is not mainstream Muslim thought.

(And he thinks this why?)

7. Eight out of 10 Malala suspects ‘secretly acquitted’

(Anyone surprised? And the other two, given the medal of honour?)

8. Steve Malzberg with Robert Spencer on the ludicrous treatment of Pamela Geller by a suicidal media. (Audio is VERY low, turn up and close windows for this one)

9. Macedonia

10. Stephen Harper’s new security measures only half the solution

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan and many more.

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5 Replies to “Turkey, Canada, Boston, Islamic doctrine trying to hijack the agenda and tear down anything worthwhile: Links 3 on June 5 – 2015”

  1. Luton is there, fully islamified, or is that mumified? lol. Controlled by Muslims, for Muslims, and to prey on the infidels. England is being consumed within. Sickening.

  2. 2. Pamela is so brave standing up the freedoms and the lives for decent Americans and their children.

    A normal person sees a normal person. She is not racist, she has the wit to discern a person from their hypnosis: of those made upset and then comforted by the religion of their oppressors. Be they made economic-poor, submission-ready or emotionally-raped as they were by the British in Africa, The Muslims in Asia, The Communists in Europe. They spawned Prosperity Christianity, Merciful Islam, New-Identity Socialism. Each avoiding the cause of their poverty and claiming to be the made-first preferential Chosen Ones.

    This is why you see their handlers of race-hustlers, religious con-merchants and child-sexual pressure-mongers out in force, huddled together around the same microphones.

    So, with their blinkered eyes, how do they see Pamella? Because it is not as a whole person. She’s taking away the ‘peace be with you’ comforts of lies that the Western media, churches and governments for decades have been giving in return for a free lunch.

    The Muslims see Pamela as a kuffar, because that is what they are trained to see when there is a hint of apostasy.

    The Communists see only a White bourgeoisie who doesn’t stand up for community cohesion.

    And the Sexsquirrels? They say she’s just glaming herself up and enjoying the fatwas on her head.

    Because for all them live under submission, a little bit of self-harm and denial of self, is the only sense of mission they have left to feel alive. These walking dead.

  3. 1)

    Turkish Official Says TNT Used in Kurdish Rally Blasts (abcnews, June 6, 2015)

    “Turkish police have determined that at least one of the lethal explosions at a Kurdish party rally this week was from TNT, and that both explosions involved “cellphone mechanisms,” a government minister said Saturday. Two people were killed.

    The blasts came at a tense time as Turkey holds parliamentary elections on Sunday in which the Kurdish votes will be crucial in determining whether the ruling party gets the supermajority it seeks.

    Agriculture Minister Mehdi Eker, who is from Diyarbakir where the explosions occurred on Friday, said 80 people, including two policemen, were being treated in hospitals.

    Most were not in serious condition and were being treated for cuts, blows and shrapnel wounds. Eight people were in serious condition and had been operated on, Eker said.

    Initial reports had said that electrical equipment had exploded, but Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in comments published Saturday that the two explosions were acts of sabotage and provocation.

    Davutoglu’s ruling AKP party wants a large majority that would allow it to change Turkey’s constitution and transfer the prime minister’s executive powers to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a new presidential system. If the Kurdish party, HDP, gets a minimum 10 percent of the votes required to take seats in parliament, it would effectively block that possibility.

    Following the explosions on Friday, Erdogan said he tried calling Selahattin Demirtas, the leader of HDP to express condolences and condemn the attack, but that Demirtas had not taken his calls.

    On Saturday, Demirtas said that Erdogan had not uttered “a single word about that savage attack” in a speech after the explosions.

    “He may have tried to reach me, but whether he reached me or not is not important,” Demirtas said.

    The HDP campaign has been the target of other attacks, including bombings at two local party headquarters which injured six people last month. The HDP has accused Erdogan of making the party a target by constantly speaking against it in the campaign.

    Erdogan has also been attacking the foreign media. On Saturday, not for the first time, his barbs took an anti-Semitic turn as he lashed out against The New York Times and other foreign publications for criticisms of him.

    “The New York Times which is published in the United States,” he said. “Their owners are known. Unfortunately, it’s the Jewish capital.”

    The New York Times declined to comment Saturday on Erdogan’s remarks.

    Late in the campaign, Erdogan has also responded indignantly to opposition criticism of a tangible symbol of his drive to build up the presidency: the lavish 1,150-room presidential palace which he built as prime minister and now occupies as president.

    Complaining that cockroaches infested his old office, Erdogan said: “There can be no question of waste where representation is concerned.”

    Opposition parties have made Erdogan’s spending on the palace a theme of their campaigning in the run-up to Sunday’s parliamentary elections, forcing him on the defensive. Last week, he denied that the palace had gold-plated toilet seats.

    Erdogan moved into the vast structure after he was elected president in August. The former presidential palace was given to the prime minister.”

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