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9 Replies to “The consequences of releasing 5 Taliban commanders for Bergdahl”

  1. Much common sense in this video. One thing that gave me pause was Jonathan Gilliam’s party remark to the effect that more cooperation with mosques is required. This is an appeal to the cryptoid “Moderate Muslim” that has been invoked so frequently in the past. One might think that if moderate Muslims actually existed in numbers, and by this I mean Muslims who respect and obey Western law, that they’d be tripping over themselves to provide law enforcement authorities with accurate intelligence, without need of special hand-holding outreach programs. These are the people we want in our countries, not the massive numbers of sullen enablers of active jihadis.

    • The sad thing is, most muslims who do turn in jihadis do so not because they do not want to see the US and Western liberal democracies fall to islamic rule, but because they know every successful terrorist attack in the US moves them farther from the goal they are achieving at mach 3 by outreach, interfaith programs and a fully penetrated executive branch and house in the USA.

      The sick and unpleasant truth may be that if we want to win this thing it will come down to an armed public, just like the founding fathers anticipated it might, reacting to a couple of serious terrorist attacks that make it past the planning stage.

      They know this and, according to David Wood who I interviewed for EDL radio some time ago, he explained that he had been told this directly by several muslims, some of whom had in fact turned in fellow muslims planning to do attacks.

      • … and yet, the most important issue was never discussed which is Muslim immigration and the establishment of Muslims in key positions of infuence within the American administration.

        Odd too that Obama’s releasing of these five Muslims, sidestepping process to do so, doesn’t seem to have hindered Obama one bit. Wouldn’t this be another example of an impeachable offense, since this swap clearing aided the enemy?

        Oh, I forgot, “American has never been and will never be at war with Islam.” We live in a badly written B-movie.

  2. We are about to import 65,000 more! How can anyone question that Hussein Obama is out to outright destroy this country? We have opened the flood gates to those who wish for nothing more than they wish for our annihilation. It’s about to get real. Real real!

  3. No, it wasn’t a “blunder”. It was the deliberate act of an enemy against the interests of our country. It was a fabulous success, in fact.

    A highly resourceful enemy. Who chose these specific individuals? What role was played by Qatar? Why do we consider Qatar our ally?

    Homeland Security. Who’s in charge there these days? Someone who orchestrated the symposium on “violent extremism”, I guess. Did we find a replacement for Eric Holder as Attorney General? I believe he resigned to campaign for Mrs. Clinton.

    Never have our police been more thoroughly undermined than they are today. Police can’t do their own job, never mind play Secret Agent Man.

    Not that it takes much, but “Communities of Color” have been infiltrated and organized by professionals. “Color” is broadly defined by these diversity honchos to include Moslems of every hue.

    You want informants from the inside? Like ex-cons? A population exposed to considerable dawa. Right there beside the illegal aliens swelling the ranks of our “urban underclass”. Reinforcing the skill set of thugs with tactics of trained jihadis.

    Certain mayors have been less than helpful to those who attempt to enforce the law. Bill Di Blasio of NYC comes to mind, and he’s not even the most egregious of the urban enablers.

    The country has been primed for a race war just as we head into the election season. Did anybody learn anything from 1968? I bet they did.

    The FBI’s begging for support from local police. That’s simply absurd. The police themselves are literally on the firing line.

    Bring back Our Girls. Black lives Matter.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  4. “Bring back Our Girls. Black lives Matter.
    What’s wrong with this picture?”

    They do not describe the enemy in the room, but point at emotional shadows… the drunk who wants to feel better, to right herself, when never having to be right and address the issues why she’s wrong.

    • For the drunk seeks the pleasure of forgetting pain… the Socialist will cater to that… allowing the Communists and Islamists to cry offence… and by their vastly inflated numbers, will be catered to for that.

      Stay in your stupor, and they’ll be your super’.

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