Belgium May 24 2015: Bart De Wever Receives Death Threats Again

An original translation by CB Sashenka

From LaLibre Belgium

[Bart de Wever, Belgium politician, is Mayor of Antwerp since 2013 and president of the New Flemish Alliance since 2004, a right-wing conservative Belgian political party advocating independence for Flemish region of Belgium.]

New death threats were made against the President of New Flemish Alliance, Bart De Wever, in a letter written in French, posted in Handschoenmarkt, Antwerp.

The letter threatens the Antwerp Mayor with execution if he does not convert to Islam. “I’ve always predicted that we would not be free from the threat of radical Islam anytime soon. This has been neglected for years. The boil is now open in Syria, and a lot of pus will have to come out before we are rid of it,” commented the head of New Flemish Alliance on VTM News on Sunday.

De Wever has longstanding personal protection. The Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis conducts screenings to assess the level of this.

According to Bart De Wever, with regards to this case, it’s at a level that calls for a bodyguard.

Video Translation: Oz-Rita

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  1. His party, the NVA, panders to muslims just as much as the socialists do. Anecdotally, he authorized an Abou Jah Jah manifestation, while at the same time prohibiting a Pegida manifestation. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if those death threats were fabricated by him and his party, to throw sand in the eyes of his electoral cattle.

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