The time to decide on how the future will look grows close: Links 2 on May 22 – 2015

1. European council of Fatwas issues decree that public apostates should be murdered.

(It may be worth taking a few minutes and letting the severity and importance of this particular item sink in before proceeding to the rest of the post, or indeed to anything else today)


2. Breitbart: A Muslim sex slave mass rape gang survivors tale in the UK

I was very young when it started. I have a very fuzzy memory of the very beginning. My childhood friend remembers me being picked up from a primary school by an older man and being given ketamine, coming home completely out of it, with lots of new underwear, so it began earlier than I remember. My parents worked a lot, so they weren’t really around to notice anything. My friend did at some point tell my parents, but I’m not sure when she did that.

We ended up moving areas, but not too far, now my earliest clear memory starts at 14, we had moved house. I was waiting to be accepted into a school, from what I remember. This man, the very same man picking me up from primary school came to my parents’ home while they were out working, and while my brother was at his school. It was a morning. His name was Jason, I don’t know if he was a Muslim. He was 28 or in his early 30s.  

3. Pakistani muslim group: “We are all Mohamed Morsi”

(One has to admit, when they are right, they are right)

4. Saudi Arabia attack: Islamic State claims Shia mosque bombing

The Islamic State (IS) group says it was behind a suicide bombing on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia that killed at least 10 people.

The attack in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province is the first to be claimed by the Saudi branch of IS, which was formally established last November.

The claim was posted on Twitter with an image of the bomber by an account that is a reliable source on the group.

IS has previously threatened to attack Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

5.  Mentally disturbed man murdered by Islamic State by RPG

(This clip has been all over the place for the past couple of days and astute Vlad readers have been sending in various instances of it since it first appeared online. My first thought was to ignore it by this reasoning. Muslims did this act of horror as a spectacle because allah knows, muslims love to murder people on video in the most horrific way possible to frighten the infidels. But the thing is, death by RPG would, I can only imagine, be vastly less painful and cruel than having one’s head cut off with a dull pocket knife, plus, it wastes an RPG round and even though the Americans seem willing to give the Islamic State a vast number of them its still better if they do their executions with RPG rounds saving pain and misery to their victims and hopefully being a round short when an enemy humvee shows up to take them on. So best to leave it alone and hope the continue.

However our translator felt that it was important people understood what the thought process is, and translated to the best of her ability to understand these people. Thank you RM for this one)

6. Nearly 300 pro-government soldiers are rounded up and executed in the streets of Palmyra as ISIS fighters go door-to-door raiding homes and shops looking for survivors 

Islamic State militants have rounded up and executed nearly 300 pro-government troops in just two days after capturing the Syrian city of Palmyra.

The jihadis have been stalking homes and shops looking for survivors, using loudspeakers to warn residents not to shelter any troops.

Many locals have come forward to give information about any soldiers who had melted into the civilian population.

Video posted on a pro-ISIS Facebook page showed people and militants gathering around two bloodied men in military uniforms in a Palmyra street.

‘Let all the residents see them,’ one of the men in the gathering tells an ISIS fighter.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, ISIS seized another town in Anbar province less than a week after capturing the provincial capital Ramadi, a tribal leader said today.

7. UK: British girls as young as FIVE dream of becoming jihadi brides, claims police chief

A police chief has claimed to know of British girls as young as five who want to flee the UK to become jihadi brides in Syria.

Simon Hayes, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, claimed that young girls in Portsmouth had expressed wishes to travel to Syria and become jihadi brides.

He said in a televised interview that there are issues within the Portsmouth community of youngsters wishing to flee to ISIS strongholds.

During the BBC interview, he said: ‘I have no malicious criticism of the city council whatsoever.

‘But I do know that there are still, in recent months, young girls in schools in Portsmouth saying that they would wish to become jihadi brides.

8. Dutch cabinet approves partial ban on Islamic veil in public areas

The Dutch cabinet has approved a proposal for a partial ban on face-covering Islamic veils on public transport and in public areas such as schools and hospitals.

After the cabinet backed a bill by the interior minister, Ronald Plasterk, the government said in a statement on Friday: “Face-covering clothing will in future not be accepted in education and healthcare institutions, government buildings and on public transport.

”The ban would not apply to wearing the burqa or the niqab on the street, only for security reasons or “in specific situations where it is essential for people to be seen”, the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, told journalists after a cabinet meeting.

Thank you Andrew Bostom, Buck, M., Don C., Rita Malik, GoV., Don C., and all and much more to come soon including an interview with Andrea of the Draw Mohamed day in Ottawa on the Sam Sorbo show today.

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  1. 5. Age 5 sounds right for a child to become sexualized by their parents, to desire to please, to be Disney Queens, ISIS Concubines or Swedish pedogenders.

    1. According to Muslim fancy everyone is a Revert; under Communism a Convert; and in Gender Politics a Pervert: all trying to get out, if squeezed and intimidated at a tender age with the correct pressure to come out with a new name and identity. Worked for Muhammad and his Muslims, Stalin and his Socialists, and the predators of children carrying their sparkly clean criminal record checks… “We’re just like you – in it together”.

  2. #2,
    It makes me really sad and angry that this kind of shit happens in the former “Great” Britain.
    When will Englishmen protest about this?
    We already did, many times, some of us have been arrested and released because of these protests.
    Who were we, The EDL.

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