Sharia enforcement expands in territory and severity with little notice or concern: Links 3 on May 22 – 2015

1. A Turkish woman shot in the head, allegedly for her participation in a ‘Turkey’s Got Talent’ sort of show, gets reported by the BBC without mentioning the Islamic angle alluded to by everyone interviewed.

2. ‘I rejoiced when we had our first sex slave, forced sex ISN’T rape and they should be thankful’: Chilling rant of twisted ISIS jihadi bride who justifies kidnapping and abusing Yazidi girls

  • Jihadi bride admits ISIS commit sexual crimes in its propaganda magazine
  • Hateful rant in Dabiq written by jihadi bride Umm Sumayyah Al-Muhajirah
  • Shockingly claims the abuse of young women captured in war is not rape
  • Describes Michelle Obama as prostitute who is not worth ‘a third of a dinar’
  • ISIS is selling ‘prettiest Yazidi virgins’ to slave auctions, UN envoy claims 

3. “The left loves root causes, but the root cause of ISIS isn’t poverty, unemployment or a lack of democracy. It’s Islam”. Daniel Greenfield on beating the Islamic State

4. Bin Laden was still running ops at time of assassination

5. China builds islands hundreds of miles from its coast and claims their airspace and waters as territorial China

6. California: Two Men Allegedly Tried to Travel Abroad to Join ISIS: Sources

The unarmed suspects fit a pattern of individuals who had been recruited by ISIS as foreign fighters, particularly through social media propaganda, sources told NBC News.

(Could just say muslims. More lack of information here)

Thank you M., Don C., Perfect Child, Yucki and many more who sent in links.

In one of the comments, Don C. posted an essay by a muslim linguist on how all English marshall terms actually derive from Arabic. What struck me about it beyond the obvious, is the similarity it shares with parts of chapter 1 of G.K. Chesterton’s book, The Flying Inn. Written just over 100 years ago. A fictional account of a future where muslims take over England and  in the spirit of Detente, England transforms itself into a culturally acceptable version of itself for its muslim overlords.

Here is a brief section of chapter 1. where a muslim speaking in a public park to anyone who will listen, explains the islamic origins of most things British:

none of you, my friends, must forget, what a large number of Crescents there are in London! Denmark Crescent, Mornington Crescent, St. Mark’s Crescent, St. George’s Crescent, Grosvenor Crescent, Regent’s Park Crescent! Nay, Royal Cres- cent! And \vhy should \ve forget Pelham Crescent?

. Why indeed? Everywhere, I say, homage paid to the holysYlnbolofthereligionoftheProphet! Compare with this network and pattern of crescents, this city

almost consisting of crescents, the meagre array of

crosses, which remain to attest the ephemeral super- stition to which you were, for one weak moment, inclined.”


N0-0. It is obvious, let us say, that’ The Saracen’s Head’ is a corruption of the historic truth’ The Saracen is Ahead.’ I am far from saying it is equally obvious that (The Green

Dragon’ \vas originally ‘The Agreeing Dragoman’;

Clearly Chesterton recognized the mussulman’s tendency to invent whatever absurdities needed to justify conquest. This essay, clearly intended to make Europeans seem subservient to islamic origins, a mere byproduct perhaps, is a picture perfect contemporary non-fictional example of Chesterton’s invention of 1914.

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  1. # 6 – 2 Anaheim men arrested by Joint Terrorism Task Force for allegedly trying to join ISIS

    Two Anaheim men were arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for allegedly planning to join ISIS.

    Muhanad Badawi, 24, and Nader Elhuzayel, 24, both of Anaheim, were arrested late Thursday night on a charge of conspiring to provide material support to the terrorist group.

    According to an affidavit in support of the criminal complaint filed Friday in court, Badawi and Elhuzayel used social media to discuss ISIS and terrorist attacks, expressed a desire to die as martyrs and made arrangements for Elhuzayel to leave the U.S. to join ISIS.

    On May 3, Elhuzayel saw a tweet from Elton Simpson, one of the two gunmen who were killed trying to attack a conference exhibiting cartoon depictions of Prophet Muhammad in Garland, Texas. In the tweet, Simpson stated that he and his “bro” had pledged allegiance to the leader of ISIS. In response, Elhuzayel tweeted his support for the attempted attack and praised Simpson as a “martyr,” according to the affidavit.

    The affidavit also outlined recorded conversations between Badawi and Elhuzayel, in which the two men “discussed how it would be a blessing to fight for the cause of Allah, and to die in the battlefield.”

    Badawi let Elhuzayel use his credit card to buy a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Israel via Turkey on a Turkish Airlines flight.

    Badawi was arrested at a gas station in Anaheim near his residence, the Vintage Crossings apartment complex on South Street. A woman there did not comment on the arrest or identify herself, but sobbed about what happened. She did not speak much English, but she told Eyewitness News that federal agents took laptops and other items from the home.

    Elhuzayel was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport as he tried to board that Turkish Airlines flight to Turkey. Elhuzayel’s parents told Eyewitness News that their son was traveling to spend the summer with relatives. However, Elhuzayel admitted after his arrest that he planned to disembark in Turkey to join ISIS and did not intend to travel on to Israel, according to the affidavit.

    Elhuzayel lives with his family at the Crystal Inn in the 700 block of South Street. Federal investigators served a search warrant in room 118 after his arrest at LAX. Damage to the door could be seen from when agents apparently kicked it in during the raid.

    “They stole my computers from the car. They took my check books, my credit cards. Everything was gone,” said Falak Elhuzayel, Nader’s mother.

    Elhuzayel’s mother told Eyewitness News that he and Badawi were classmates at Cypress College. Elhuzayel’s parents say their son may be gullible, but he is not a terrorist.

    “He’s a good kid,” Elhuzayel’s father said.

    Counter-terrorism expert Steven Gomez said Americans swayed by ISIS propaganda are hard to find.

    “They’re like a needle in a haystack, and they appear to be American citizens that are going about their regular business, but then they decide to flip the switch and go operational,” Gomez said.

    Both men were scheduled to appear in federal court at 2 p.m. Friday in Santa Ana.

    The Joint Terrorism Task Force includes the FBI, the Anaheim Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

    There is no known threat to the Los Angeles region based on this case, officials said.
    Feds: 2 men arrested in California wanted to be martyrs for ISIS

    SANTA ANA, Calif. — U.S. prosecutors say two California men arrested by the FBI wanted to be martyrs for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    Prosecutors charged the men Friday with conspiring to provide material support to the organization.

    The case filed in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana names Nader Elhuzayel and Muhanad Badawi, both 24.

    Elhuzayel’s parents were dropping him off at the Los Angeles International Airport for a flight to Pakistan when officials confronted the family, CBS Los Angeles reported.

    “We find the FBI blocking us down the street and said we cannot enter the place,” Elhuzayel’s mother told CBS Los Angeles.

    His parents then returned to their room at the Crystal Inn in Anaheim, where they were staying, to find a hole in their door and FBI agents in their room.

    “We just come back and from nowhere the FBI raid our room. They broke our door. They made holes in there, they threw all our clothes and everything outside in the street,” she said.

    FBI officials also arrested Badawi at an Anaheim gas station. His apartment on South Street was also searched.

    “They took computers and a bunch of stuff out of the house. There was a ton of cops out here and they blocked everything off. It was kind of scary,” one resident said.

    According to the affidavit filed in United States District Court filed in Santa Ana (PDF), Elhuzayel saw a tweet on May 3 from Elton Simpson, one of the two gunmen who were killed trying to attack a conference in Garland, Texas. Simpson’s tweet pledged allegiance to the leader of ISIS, and Elhuzayel allegedly replied to the tweet by saying he supported the attempted attack and praised Simpson as a “martyr.”

    In recorded conversations last month, federal prosecutors say Badawi and Elhuzayel “discussed how it would be a blessing to fight for the cause of Allah, and to die in the battlefield,” and they referred to ISIS as “we.” According to the affidavit, the two men also discussed local Muslim leaders and Elhuzayel complained that these leaders were not “legitimate” because they believed in democracy and were not fighting for ISIS.

    “We are Americans. We voted all our lives. We maintained good citizenship all our lives and all of a sudden they’re trying to build a case,” Elhuzayel’s father said.

    When asked if her son was involved with terrorists groups, Elhuzayel’s mother responded:

    “No one whatsoever,” she said. “My son is a good kid.”

    The affidavit says Badawi allowed Elhuzayel to use his credit card on May 7 to buy a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Israel, via Istanbul, Turkey, on a Turkish Airlines flight scheduled to depart on May 21, and that Badawi indicated he would travel to the Middle East at a later date.

    According to the criminal complaint, after being read his Miranda rights, Elhuzayel admitted that he planned to disembark in Istanbul to join ISIL and did not intend to travel on to Israel.

    The arrests involved the FBI, Anaheim Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

    Both are to appear in court Friday afternoon.

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