The Green party of Canada shows its true colors, A German nightclub loses the right to discriminate, Denmark awards a ‘special’ fee to a muslim cook: Links 3 on May 10 – 2015

1. Leader of Canada’s Green party, Elisabeth May, reveals quite a bit about her values and loyalties in a few short seconds

2. Gatestone Inst. makes some interesting observations about Visa and policy contradictions recently in the US state Dept.

3. Interesting targeted vandalism in WW2 memorial of rescue op in Gothenburg Sweden

4. Danish culinary school fined $6,000 for forcing Muslim student to taste pork

(It is interesting how muslims usually say they demand to be treated equally to everyone else, but then when they are, they sue. The result of course will be a more sharia compliant school system. Art classes will deal less and less with life drawing of any animal. No pork in cooking classes at all as there is a chance a stray molecule will hit the tongues of the cryogenically fragile muslim student and so on.)

It appeared that the student was informed that pork and wine would be in the recipes, but she was only informed that trying prepared dishes was compulsory after the course began.

The woman insisted that she was being discriminated against on religious grounds and filed a complaint against the school to the Equal Treatment Board.

(As we see. She WAS being treated equally. Its SPECIAL treatment muslims want. Not equal.)

5. Britain First demo in Dudley

6. This is an odd one. SNL did a sketch about drawing mohamed. But the interview with a former SNL sketch writer, he kinda tuned it around and made it seem like the intention was making fun of people who are afraid to draw mohamed, while utterly failing to draw mohamed. It was a good sketch with a good point, but they took the cowards way out in the explanation. At least that SNL writer did.

The Sketch (so to speak) that wasn’t sketched.

7. German nightclub bans refugees
People dancing in a nightclub. (Photo: Jonas Schöll/dpa)

The nightlife in Ingolstadt, a city in Bavaria about an hour north of Munich, might soon see an interesting addition: asylum seekers handing out fliers about clubbing etiquette, telling other refugees how to behave appropriately toward women.

That’s one suggested solution to a conflict that sprang up when Martin T., the owner of the “Amadeus” nightclub in Ingolstadt, announced his decision to ban refugees from his establishment earlier this week. Legally, a German club owner has the right to refuse entry to anyone he doesn’t want in his nightclub. But after outrage over the ban, which some have deemed racist, the city of Ingolstadt and T. introduced the nightlife-mentors idea on Friday.

Martin T., the man who started the controversy, said he didn’t like to take the drastic step of banning refugees, but couldn’t see any other way. He claimed he had never seen major trouble at the “Amadeus” until December 2014, when new refugees arrived in the local home for asylum seekers. T. claimed that on several occasions, the men harassed female guests, stole other people’s coats and tried to get free drinks in his establishment.

In an interview with German daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung,” he made it very clear why he didn’t want the refugees at his club: “The blacks have a problem with women and the Arabs have a problem with aggression,” he said.


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4 Replies to “The Green party of Canada shows its true colors, A German nightclub loses the right to discriminate, Denmark awards a ‘special’ fee to a muslim cook: Links 3 on May 10 – 2015”

  1. Maybe we should make human figure drawing mandatory throughout elementary school, no exceptions. Antipathy towards figurative art is a common theme throughout Muslim history (though the Mughals produced some interesting paintings depicting humans). It seems like historically, any creative artists in the Muslim world got forced into architecture, calligraphy, and abstract patterns.

  2. 1/ When Omar Khadr’s sons have finished using Elizabeth May’s daughters to get de facto enforcement of enough Sharia provisions under Canadian law, Omar Khadr’s grandchildren will rape Elizabeth May’s granddaughters before sweeping them into the dustbin of history.

  3. 7. What won’t be given to children as a classroom assignment: True or False “The blacks have a problem with women and the Arabs have a problem with aggression.”

  4. 4/ What would I do?
    Hard to compare dietary laws, ours are much more rigorous. While I enjoy vegetarian food in a restaurant, I’m much more careful when I prepare food to serve others.

    How could I go to such a cooking school?
    I wouldn’t eat anything cut with the same knife that cut pork. Or touched the cutting board. Or set on same grill. Ditto shellfish. And so forth.

    I’d look for an alternative school in one of the many ethnic vegetarian communities.

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