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4 Replies to “Full 26 minute debate on immigration policy: Dutch Parliament, April 22 2015”

  1. If you change one word, if you change “refugees” in “invaders”, the whole debate gets a totally different meaning.

  2. How can he throw the Netheralands and its culture into the sea? For that is what will happen once Muslims are a majority.

    The only consolation is that Muslms, are unable to keep civilisation going. They will trash the Netheralands, the dykes will collapse, and thats that.

  3. It won’t be the Free West and Rich West if the Green Left has its way.

    From ‘Wacky Dutch Idioms We Should Adopt into English:’

    ‘With your mouth full of teeth

    If a Dutchie is speechless, he just stands there “met de mond vol tanden.”

    The brain desperately searches its database for words, but nothing makes it as far as the mouth, which simply continues its teeth-storage duties.’

  4. everything Geert said made sense to me. His opponents are full of humanitarians sentiments for everyone except the Dutch people. People should solve their own problems. If their country is messed up , stay and fight for it. Magical thinking and utopian platitudes don’t work. How crazy, why should oil rich countries help their own people? That is for the infidels.

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