Stacking evidence like stoking a coal train: Links 2 for April 30 – 2015

1. German police foil planned Islamist attack near Frankfurt: report

(Reuters) – Police in southern Germany have prevented a planned Islamist attack, a German newspaper reported on Thursday, adding that a married couple had been arrested overnight after weapons and explosives were found in their home.

Police said they could not confirm Die Welt’s report of the operation in the town of Oberursel, near Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt. But a news conference was scheduled for 4.30 p.m.

Die Welt only identified the couple by their first names and initial – Halil and Senay D. The paper’s website said Halil had links to the Salafist scene in Frankfurt and the al Qaeda network. It did not identify the source for its report.

(Short video of arrest at site)

2. Geert Wilder’s speech at the US Congress yesterday (Small excerpt below)

After the Second World War, our leaders vowed: Never again!
Never again will we tolerate anti-Semitism, political assassinations, mass murders, oppression, slavery. And they vowed that they would never forget and always remember the lessons of history.

Here is one of these lessons:
When confronted with evil, do not put your heads in the sand, but act before it is too late.

In the 1930s, most politicians in Europe had looked away. They tried to appease evil, hoping that it would react to appeasement by growing moderate. What fools they had been! And what a terrible price the world had to pay for this foolishness. Neutrality in the face of evil is evil.
But appeasement is downright suicide.

And here we are today.
Despite all the promises that we would not make the same awful mistake all over again, many Western leaders are doing exactly that. Looking away and appeasing evil.

I often wonder what part of the Koran our leaders find so difficult to understand?
Is it sura 47:4? “When ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them”? Or is it sura 4:89, “Seize them and kill them wherever ye find them”? Or sura 8:60, “Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah”? Or is it another of the over 150 Koranic verses which call for jihad against non-Muslims? Or any of the many verses which call for the subjugation of Christians and Jews, or the murder of apostates?

3. European Union passes legislation demanding that nations within it take more illegals. 

(My guess is in the near future, those who drowned attempting to breach European security will have a statue built to them as martyrs to the take-over of Europe by islam. Shortly after, the statue will be destroyed as shirk and idolatry)

4. Brief article on battles and attacks by muslim groups in Timbuktu

They include secessionist Tuaregs, religious extremists and armed militias vying for control of lucrative trafficking routes.

(I wonder what the bookies would give on these “religious extremists” being anything other than muslims)

5. Blazing Cat Fur has a video with an interesting variation on the now, overly familiar scream of ‘allah hu acbar’ so common before someone gets killed or is made to experience extreme suffering, or something of tremendous value to one or all is destroyed.

6. Three jailed for 22 years for gang rape of woman at Brighton house party

Three men have been sentenced for raping a 19-year old woman during a house party in Brighton.

l-r Ramzi, Mohamed and

Rani Mishrigi, 25, a doorman, of Hangleton Manor Close, Hove; Kurlos Ramzi, 25, unemployed, of Flint Close, Portslade; and Hany Mohamed, 26, unemployed, of Regency Square, Brighton, were sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Thursday (29 April).

Mishrigi was sentenced to six years, Mohamed was sentenced to nine years, and Ramzi was sentenced to seven years.

They will also be registered sex offenders for life.

7. Concern Continues Over Philosophy Professor Targeted for Criticism of Hamas

The case of Dr. Andrew Pessin, a philosophy professor who criticized Hamas on Facebook only to come under attack by a hate campaign, continues to roil Connecticut College.

Some students and faculty remain concerned not only about the assault on free speech and the implicit support for terrorism involved in the targeting of Dr. Pessin, but also by ethics violations committed in the process by Ayla Zuraw-Friedland, the editor of the College Voice, the student paper that served as a form for the attacks.

8. ISIS carry out one of its worst executions yet, as murderers who bludgeoned women to death have their heads crushed with concrete blocks in horrific ‘eye for an eye’ punishment 

(Personally I would be reluctant to call the victim of this act of barbarity a “murderer” given the standards of evidence of sharia courts, and the thirst the Islamic State and shari law has for people upon whom to execute public acts of barbarity in order to solidify control over the state

The article continues with many images of people being killed publicly in spectacular ways for alleged crimes both rational and impossible. I have yet to meet a sorcerer for example who could actually use sorcery)

8. New CBN video of Somali convert to Christianity. Quite revealing.

9. Child Sexual Exploitation: We force West Midlands Police to release secret report which confirms ‘significant similarities’ with Rotherham scandal

Problem profile reveals truth about grooming gangs in region, including ‘majority of offenders are typically Asian, of Pakistani origin’

(Although this site has pointed this out a dozen times it bears mentioning again.

How repugnant is it, that in order to avoid naming the ideology which motivates this mass rape crisis in the UK, they will blame it on national origin and race, which I believe is illegal in the UK. It is a very safe wager that none of the accused or convicted are Christian Pakistani or “Asians”. All of them however are likely muslim even if they are not Pakistani or “Asian” and many are likely born in the UK. So in order to avoid being called racist, they  use genuinely racist terms like Asian. We can also be certain that none of the caused are Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Hindu Indians, Singapore nationals, non-Rohinga Burmese etc. So clearly its not an Asian thing. Its a MUSLIM thing)

10. Lastly, here is an image from Baltimore I really like. Men like these should be getting more publicity. This is genuine activism for the greater good and actual bravery.

Thank you Carpe Diem, M., Wrath of Khan, Blazing Cat Fur, ML., and so many more. As Richard points out often, as the weather gets better for outdoor activities, we can expect more antisocial behaviour from the activist left and muslims of manifest destiny.

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  1. 10- People like these men are what is going to save the US, they are the ones that will start and finish the civil war that is coming. FYI, I see what looks like 2 vets in the picture and there are probably others out of camera range.

  2. #10 These men should be commended. Why would they want to see their community burned down? This has never made any sense to me.
    In the same vein, contrast the men and women of USNA that served to protect customers at a Subway sandwich that was over run.,0,5977193.story

    Civilians to the back. We will stand the front line for you. It makes me want to cry…
    Why are these young rioting men such savages?

    And BTW, you don’t want to take on USNA. You really don’t.

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