Identify the process, ring alarms about the process, then what? Links 1 on April 27 – 2015

1. Islam in Chicago. Islam cannot coexist with democracy

2. David Horowitz video lecture on the Muslim Students Assn. and Jew-hatred on campus.

3. We all deserve a laugh sometimes.

4. ISIS releases ‘Kill List’; Seven Texas cities included

(Video at site)

The Pentagon has responded to a globally-released ‘Kill List’, asking law enforcement to give extra protection for military personnel whose personal information was released.

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the Pentagon spent the weekend notifying the soldiers who appeared on the list, and urged city police departments and military police to increase patrol in the neighborhoods where the targeted live.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) published the list days ago, a report that contained names, photos, and home addresses of U.S. Armed Forces personnel, causing alarm in cities potentially at high-risk.

5. Israeli airstrikes target alleged militants on border

Jerusalem (CNN)The Israeli military conducted airstrikes Sunday night in the area between Israel and Syria, targeting a group of militants allegedly trying to plant a bomb on the Israeli border.

The Israel Defense Forces said the airstrikes were carried out in the occupied Golan Heights against four militants who crossed into the area from Syria.

“A group of armed terrorists approached the border with an explosive device, which was intended to be detonated against IDF forces,” the Israeli military said.

The airstrikes prevented the bombing, the military said.

6. Women with or without headscarves should be accepted and respected in Egypt

(This is a good indicator of where thing are going. It is of course an order of magnitude more serious than the headscarf or facecloth. It is about whether or not women will have the freedom to decide if they wish to wear the uniform of the observant and submissive muslim or not. It is anything but a fashion issue. Meanwhile, in Ottawa Canada the other day, a large number of Shiia muslims undergo a ceremony at 9 years old where they swear an oath that they will wear the head cloth at the very least, for the rest of their lives)

7. What has the United States become? 

8. I have been giving a lot of thought to a certain process I have seen repeated in Europe and North America and hope to either write an article about it or encourage one of our friends and colleagues to do so. Meanwhile, I would very much appreciate reading reader’s thoughts on this image which speaks to the idea in a general way.


8. Ottawa’s AM talk radio station CFRA had a show with its star host, Lowell Green on the issue of Khadr’s bail approval. There were some interesting calls. Even the people who support Omar were revealing on how a certain portion of the population thinks. Good listening for background when doing dishes etc.

Thank you M., Dan F., Tasha C., Richard, Don C., CB Sashenka, Gates of Vienna and many more.

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33 Replies to “Identify the process, ring alarms about the process, then what? Links 1 on April 27 – 2015”

  1. The picture pretty much says it all, secularism is aiding Islam, granted a lot of secularists don’t want to aid Islam but their actions do.

  2. 8. neither atheism or theism has any dogma.
    It’s when they form their organizations is when the dogma get formulated.

    Humanist are well known today accepted as atheists primarily consider themselves secularist.

    here is there dogma:

    Note: The separation of church and state dogma number nine is getting people killed throughout the world today. By not allowing Islam to be recognized as a threat.
    Notice how its carefully worded where the religion that is being slandered the system must support it.

    • note the similarities of the Humanist Manifesto and the video you put up (Islam in Chicago) where they both believe they must dominate all other beliefs and that they don’t force others to side with their belief.

      • I don’t recognize most of the signatories, but John Ciardi translated Dante, and ought to have known better than to put his faith in this foolish and dangerous program for the perfection of mankind in the sublunary sphere. ‘A design for a secular society on a planetary scale.’ Seriously. Since this is science fiction, it’s less surprising to find Isaac Asimov’s name there.

  3. Re: Jew-hatred on American campus–
    It’s mind-boggling to a Chinese on the other side of the Pacific ! When I read the
    ” Book of Firsts” I found a long list of world’s inventions and contributions that have
    Jewish connections. The Law of Irony is based on the realization that truth gets lost in the long course of history.
    Irony one: The Liberty Bell, sounded to announce the signing of the Declaration of Independence (that we had to memorize in our early English lessons) in 1776, has the inscription of ” Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabtants thereof”.
    If I remember correctly, it comes from the Jewish Bible, Leviticus 25:10.
    Irony two: ” God Bless America “, a beautiful song , was composed by a Jew, Irving Berlin. If he were alive today, he would have written ” Allah Bless Islamic America” in order to be polilically correct !

  4. #2.

    I’m only 15 or so minutes into the video but PLEASE, anyone who has a kid on any campus – make them see this video – !!!

    Incidentally, David Horowitz was, in his youth, a leftist and rebel – …he is obviously still a rebel… but they are not on the Left any longer. I got that from one of his books (he writes brilliantly by the way – his personal temoignages are poignant).

    Yes I am just at the place in the video (minute 17 I think) where the Man recommends Melanie Phillips’ book “The world turned upside down”….I strongly strongly endorse this recommendation – although it’s not a new book – when it came out it changed my perspective very substantially – it’s one of those chocker-block-full-with-AHA-moments book.

    • I have now listened to the young Jewish student, Elliot Hamilton. Call me sentimental, but I cried. If you are time-challenged just listen to his segment, it runs from minute 29 approximately to minute 40.

        • I dont know why I smiled when I saw this sentence, it intrigues me, but – coming out of the closet as a rather basic pedestrian – I have to confess I dont understand it.

          If you are suggesting that the young student is gay, then I am sad – but ONLY because I want him to have children, many, and not out of a test tube either. 😉

          • “With his groundbreaking book on homosexuals in Orthodox Judaism now out in Hebrew, Rabbi Steven Greenberg talks to Haaretz.”


            The Gods can even take Muhammad as one of their own.

            The Greatest Among them, are those who remember the most words. Like Muslims they parse their thoughts, to tread carefully and plod consciously, afraid lest their darkened hearts be revealed. The little girl orphaned from her mother to satisfy two queers.

            The video to me is a nest of head-thinkers, tedious and slow, paper-thin for perverts on oaths to pass therein.

            That is why I wrote a Homosexual will defend this kingdom, when consciousness is spring up all around, they will be the very last to leave the room.

              • Yucki,

                No one is born a Jew/Christian/Muslim. God did not select one out of these as His Chosen People.

                People influence children to give up critical reasoning for the very pursuit intellectually straining a gnat to be seen as right. That is what many in their terrorized poverty, have to live on.

                Horrowitz does not come up honest on my radar, because there is a delay between what is a conscious stream of thought, (like any conversation just saying what lands on the table – listen to Tommy Robinson, Pamela Geller, every ex-Muslim etc.), and the other done intellectually to some boundaries of an agenda.

                The first is wholesome, the second tries to complete a jigsaw puzzle to stem their drain of insecurity. A world of difference. Reality or Paradigm. One egoless, the other pontificating identity-politics. For the greatest among you serves to reveal, and not the greatest leads the blind.

                Everything in our dealing with Islam is not shaped by being anti-Islam. It already is a failed religion and political culture. It didn’t have any Golden Era beyond smashing up civilizations and plundering until these wealth-makers were no more. Then it’s back to goats.

                We are not to be known by clever criticism and demolishing the opponent’s values for the log in their eye; but to holding much higher values that are shown to be actually practiced effortlessly.

            • 1. “No one is born a Jew/Christian/Muslim.”

              Warning, satire mode on:

              2. “Horrowitz does not come up honest on my radar”

              His delivery is better when he writes. But in his defence: he has come a longer way (age-wise and education wise) than Tommy or Pamela, but when I look at the high calibre people he brings together eg Daniel Greenfield, Robert Spencer etc. that “insecurity” which perhaps comes accross as “Ego” can be forgiven.
              “holding much higher values…”
              Where we are at now I think that we need to hurry up – not an eye for an eye, but 100 eyes for one eye. And for this we can go straight in like Pamela Geller, or be “strategic” like Horowitz and bring out the people he has.

              • And that is the point, Rita: The sea of consciousness is not to be”strategic,” to consider any methodology that will win the day. The devious will simply twist and manipulate the ‘walls of Israel’, the decent will find they are living within a cage.

                Life is to adapt to every moment so your enemy cannot hold you fast to then be able to strike you like fish in a barrel.

                For example, the Minimum Wage is “strategic”. The presumption that all mankind is evil and must be improved. And yet, when as a teenager, I escaped the tyranny of home by negotiating shelter and food in return for my labor on a farm – no longer today is it possible for any stranger to afford the kindness to take on a vulnerable youth and give them employment and the opportunity to learn a new skill. There is no escape, except into the hands of the State.

                If you hold your fists up, an enemy will kick below; if you declare you won’t fight in the name of holy pacifism, they will simply take all you have to complete your unquenchable desire for owning a sense goodness.

                Precisely because Pamela has no “strategy” there are no taboo subjects that can faze her or demand your approval of her position. It is what it is.

                Pamela and David are both claim to be Jews by royal decent. What actual DNA percentage of their true-breeding stock I will never care to know, I understand and trust which one is the more sane.

                For me, David is an invert: truth can not be allowed to get in the way of a good strategy. He says: “The left thinks people are born good and moral. No, they’re not. That’s why we need morality, religion, laws.”

                YOU need morality, religion and laws! – that person is dangerous to have on your side.

              • The Law should simply be for Outlaws.

                Then, some Socialists thought… why not positive ‘nudge’ Laws and employ an army of Human Rights lawyer thugs?

                And then some National Socialists thought, why not some ‘budge’ laws and employ an army of verboten religious-police thugs?

            • True, no one is born into any given religion or any other affiliation. People acquire identities somewhere along the line, and their sense of self becomes more complex as they grow in experience.

              A tribal or clan identity is primitive, but there it is. For me it’s bound by religious rituals that mark my days and years and passage through life. Non-observant Jews have different ties, but they self-identify with my people and history. I’m not picky, it’s a big tent.

              Horowitz is helping kids on campus who are being abused because they are Jewish. He provides services and resources otherwise unavailable to them. That’s enough for me to be extremely grateful to him without parsing his manners and motives.

              I no longer watch these campus incipient-pogroms because it’s upsetting and unnecessary. I know what’s going on and do what I can within my own sphere to fight this hideous trend. It’s a worry I carry around along with others, like the two bombs lobbed over the border from Gaza to southern Israel. Or the Syrian civil war that’s beginning to spill over the Golan Heights.

              There’s rarely anything worth reading in Haaretz. And freak shows intended as click-bait reinforce my bias against a media outlet that does more damage to the Jewish state than the BBC and the New York Times combined.

  5. 8/ It’s what we’re doing to ourselves, the civilizational suicide that is such a marvel to behold, but I’m not convinced it has to follow inevitably from rampant secularism. Islam is such a bad idea, certainly in the running for the worst humanity has come up with, that it ought not to be rocket science for anyone outside the cult to see that whatever they do want, ill-defined though it might be, it isn’t that.

    You’re in a stronger position if you are part of some vibrant religious tradition, or least at some level repose a certain confidence in (or even entertain intimations of) some version of natural law. But even without this, why would anyone with any sense allow Muslims to take over his culture, let alone embrace Islam? Millions are doing exactly that, of course, for reasons often discussed here, but I don’t see that it has to follow from secularism. Perfectchild contrasted Dawkins and Hitchens recently. Hitchens might not have wanted a world without religion, but he was no mean secularist. Yet he had no trouble seeing the undesirability of Islam.

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