The options for non muslims become increasingly limited: Links 1 on April 15 – 2015

1. Somethings just demand to be done.

2. UK LONDON – Counter-terror detectives raid house of mosque owner as second man is arrested over street murder of Syrian-born preacher

Counter-terrorism police have searched a mosque and a man’s home as part of the investigation into the killing of a Syrian imam found shot dead on a London street.

Officers searched the An Noor community centre in west London last night after a businessman appeared in court charged with murdering Abdul Hadi Arwani, and another man was arrested over his death.

They also visited the Wembley home of Burnell Mitchell, 61, who is a director at the mosque where Mr Arwani used to preach.

3. Liverpool FC to ‘take action’ against fan who posted picture of two Muslim men praying at Anfield during half-time and labelled it a ‘disgrace’

(Be warned citizens of the UK: You no longer have the right to your own opinion about inappropriate behaviour by muslims without repercussions from some kind of authority)

Stephen Dodd caused outrage when he posted a photograph online showing solicitors Asif Bodi and Abubakar Bhula worshipping during half-time of a FA Cup game.

Now club authorities say they will ‘take appropriate action’ against the supporter, which could include banning him from matches.

Fury: Stephen Dodd took this photograph of Asif Bodi and Abubakar Bhula praying at Anfield last month

Fury: Stephen Dodd took this photograph of Asif Bodi and Abubakar Bhula praying at Anfield last month

Dodd took a photograph of the two men during a match against Blackburn Rovers last month, with the caption: ‘Muslims praying at half time at the match yesterday #DISGRACE.’

After facing a huge online backlash he continued to defend himself – saying that he had the right to criticise the men because he is a long-standing Liverpool supporter.

(I disagree with Mr. Dodd. He had the right to criticize this behaviour because it is an inherent right of a free people to criticize public behaviour. No more defense is needed than that. If he saw Nazi’s goose stepping around the area or Rabbis dipping in prayer he has the right to comment on it even if it is in an appropriate location for these activities when its a public place. Perhaps even when it isn’t)

3. Halal-only pick and mix on sale in Britain for the first time as Morrisons sets up counters selling gelatine-free sweets

(Dear Great Britain. Does your own culture matter to you at all at this point?)

4. Report claims Australians are at risk of an attack on home soil from foreign fighters… and situation is worsened by governments ‘troubled relations’ with Muslims

(Can anyone name me 2 countries in the world with muslims that do not have a “troubled relationship with government”? Including muslim countries like Afghanistan or the KSA)

5. Teacher who handed out 8 page document about islam, fired from his job.

Thank you M., Maria J., Buck, Tundra T., and all. More to come soon.

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4 Replies to “The options for non muslims become increasingly limited: Links 1 on April 15 – 2015”

  1. Britain is no longer a free nation, the left has been working for many decades to remove all freedom from the Western nations and are finally succeeding because of Islam. The big question is when will the ordinary people decide they have had enough.

  2. The vast majority of gelatin products are derived from vegetable sources.

    Jews don’t eat gelatin that’s made from animal products, so you’re always safe if it has a the joooooozzz mark on it:* U with a circle around it.
    *U as in Union of Orthodox Rabbis. They don’t pray over it or put witches’ curses on it. They do, however, put their Evil Eyes on it. Goes with the job.

  3. I lived in Singapore for two years and can confidently put it forward as a country that does not have trouble with its Muslims, even though they are 15% of the population.

    That they they won’t take any nonsense from them goes a long way to explaining the lack of a problem.

    Not for the Singaporeans any hand wringing crap about diversity and tolerance. Their treatment of “asylum seekers” is the same. A resupply of food and water and a birching before they are sent on their way does the trick.

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