As both sides ramp up at least we have a race now: Links 2 on April 6 – 2015

1. British TV show on government surveillance and Edward Snowdon

2. Gul Ahmad Saeed Accused of Killing 14 in Pakistan Over Marriage Wrangle

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A Pakistani man is suspected of killing his fiancé and nine of her relatives after the woman’s family appeared reluctant to give her permission to marry, police said on Monday.

The 25-year-old suspect, who police identified as Gul Ahmad Saeed, had been on the run since murdering his parents, brother and sister-in-law earlier this year when they obstructed the marriage.

On Sunday, he returned to his town in northwest Pakistan and, with some accomplices, shot dead his fiance, her parents and seven of her siblings, after an uncle had raised his opposition to the marriage, police said.

“The uncle was being very indecisive about the wedding which infuriated Gul Ahmad,” said police officer Mohammad Jamil.

[…] The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported that 869 women were murdered in so-called honor killings in 2013, the last year for which data is available.

(Yes but would the local places serve him pizza?)

3. For those who remember the amazing Bill Whittle clip I post so often to this site, you may remember one of the central members of the Frankfurt school he mentioned, a certain Theodor Adorno. Theo created a repugnant system for music called the 12 tone scale which is taught in universities across Canada to this day although from what I can tell, few teachers bother to mention he was a major communist subversive.

I found a rather brilliant example of his musical system at work though and felt it was worth posting anyway.

4. Tory Group Demanding End To Immigration Limits Paid By Left-Wing Campaign Fund

Bright Blue, the “Liberal-Conservative” group that called for more immigration, is funded by the left-wing Joseph Rowntree Foundation Breitbart London can reveal. On Sunday Bright Blue demanded David Cameron abolish migration targets as they “appease a minority of voters who are attracted to UKIP’s prominent position on immigration”.

The group also published a “Modernisers’ Manifesto” last year that was funded through a £5k donation from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Limited (JRRT). The company was established in honour of the former Liberal MP and Quaker of the same name. Its stated aim is to fund “political campaigns in the UK to promote democratic reform, civil liberties and social justice.”

5. Saudi Arabia to spend $2B to put gold doors and add layers of circular walkways at the black box at Mecca

What is black and white and creates rivers of red all over?

6. Islamic state video with executions and crucifixions at the end.

(I sent out the video to see if there is any content in this that would elucidate this issue for us or our associates but in the meantime, this is a screen cap of the crucifixions for those who don’t feel like medicating after seeing the event in video)



7. Water shortage in Aden Yemen, Video at BBC link

Reuters link here

(It is well and truly said that muslims are not the children of the desert. They are the father of it. Indeed indeed)

8. Retired policeman in the UK speaks at EDL rally on the muslim rape slavery gangs

Albert Burgess a former Metropolitan Police Officer tells the crowd that knowledge is a weapon and the senior officer in charge should have made sure the officers under their command should have done their job properly and would have saved many children from the hands of the Muslim Grooming Gangs.

9. Thousands of Turkish students have raised their voices in online campaigns to build Jedi and Buddhist temples at their universities, after a series of mosques were constructed on their campuses by rectors who stressed “huge demand.”

Karaca’s positive response to an online campaign encouraged university students from other religions around Turkey, as well as many others who launched satirical campaigns to point at what they claimed to be a political emphasis on “religious populism” even as many education institutions lack scientific instruments and research funds.

In one of the counter-campaigns on, more than 25,000 people demanded a Buddhist temple at ?TÜ.

“I can’t fulfill my religious needs because the closest Buddhist temple is 2,000 kilometers away, and I can’t go there during lunch break,” a petitioner named Utku Gürça? Borataç said on the website.

(Thankfully there are still many secular liberals (in the true sense) still in Turkey. If I were they, I would keep an eye on new prisons being built and similar type institutions)


Thank you Buck, M., Richard, Don C. Oz-Rita, DP111 and so many more for their comments, ideas and links. I should have the video soon of the Quebec father. Please make no mistake, that is an important story worthy of research and perhaps even some activism. It should be ready within a couple of hours.

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20 Replies to “As both sides ramp up at least we have a race now: Links 2 on April 6 – 2015”

  1. With all due respect to the retired constable in link 8, Link number 2 demonstrates why western law is simply not up to the task of eradicating Muslim rape gangs from our cities. These people come from a totally different ecosystem than we do, where law and order doesn’t exist except for Sharia. You could charge, convict, and imprison every single Muslim child-rapist in Rotheram, Oxford, Bristol and wherever else, and it wouldn’t make a difference. As far as they are concerned, western justice has no legitimacy. A new wave of Islamic rapists would come up to fill the vacuum. The only kind of justice understood by these people is Sauda/Pakistani/ISIS-style justice: beheading, clan warfare, crucifixion, immolation, defenestration, honour killing. If western countries want to properly police these Muslims, they would have to institute Sharia Law and implement it with all of its brutalities. The only way that westerners could be even remotely close to being safe from large Muslim communities in their midst is to become as violent as Muslims. Since no one (me especially) wants to do that, the only option that’s fair to us and fair to Muslims is the repatriation of western Muslims back into their natural habitat. To even things out, we’ll take all the Muslim world’s atheists, Christians, Yazidis, Druze, Zoroastrians, etc (maybe the few Jews left in Syria and Turkey?).

    • Well written Lynx.

      But we are so deeply hobbled and emasculated as a culture and people that we cannot even say these things publicly even if we think them or know them to be true. This policeman I am dead certain would have liked to say other things but knew the consequence of saying them to him and the EDL.

      I have a great clip I made and use sometimes and its up on Youtube as a stand alone:

      He said that about who, the communists I guess in the 50s? 60s? imagine saying that now about the muslims even though frankly, it would be 100X more appropriate given the “if they can’t be peaceful’ aspect of that moment.

      So there we have it. We have to dial the culture back to the point where you can at least say what you think publicly. Please see this post of earlier tonight:

    • Muslism males have Allah to enforce their dominance, Feminists have the Welfare State. Two occupying forces where their opposite genders are discriminated against – presented as mentally incapable of understanding and openly mocked when they do conform to dhimmitude.

      The struggle is to get young men out from under the yoke of Socialism, before Islam performs the miracle of being Born Again for these lads and a Reboot for Ladettes waking up after another night in the gutter and wanting to have the smallest ounce of respect.

      Faith in something beyond being fed handouts, rescued by government charities as a victim, and promised every entitlement desire if they vote the leadership.

      Islam does away with all this.

      You don’t fear death, you are superior, and Allah has you.

      The cry to rise up by the Australian Feminist who knows abusive husbands have to sleep, men shouldn’t get custody of their children because she’s got access to a bottomless Welfare State, and Christian men should grow a pair like her husband hasn’t, seem like the end of a battle she won. Trystan, or is it Chrystian, I don’t know what gender he is today, won’t win the Offender Wars and incarceration this time round.

    • The fact that the current legal system in the west is unable to do anything to preserve the rule of law in the west is one of hte reasons I am afraid of the destruction of civilization as the westerners fight to preserve their freedom.

          • The fact is, children latch onto their parents. If they are both mature adults, the girl can take the template off mum, and the boy off his dad. Studies of single parents have shown boys grow up well adjusted if there is respect for the absent father who had died.
            But identity politics that sustains many women on the Left screws with boys’ heads as Islam messes with the girls’ bodies causing dysmorphia.

            “Of even more concern are young Muslim lives. Little girls are being asked to don hijabs and jilbabs, turned into sexual beings long before puberty. You can even buy stretchy baby hijabs with fake Calvin Klein and Versace logos.”

        • No 6 year old knows what sex is about and isn’t competent to day they want to change sex, his parents are guilty of child abuse.

          • A child becomes anorexic, self harming, won’t eat healthy food, won’t accept their gender, and goes for believing more in the True Gods that their parents only did lip-service for. Any pattern here?

            Whatever power the brokers held over them, the child will do the opposite to achieve the zone they can be shielded in.

            “Oh they only eats chicken nuggets and chips, it’s so UNHEALTHY, why do they do it?”

            They out-will the focus upon them, the unmerited attention of the pedophile, sucking the life force out of them.

            Muslim and Socialist parents are constantly depressed, self-medicating to feeling the elixier of superiority with religion or anti-depressants, but this using of their kids to support their egos, to mold them in their image through doting and a completion of happiness – they are turning their children to jihad: outwardly or upon themselves to take the heat off their own souls being eaten to fulfil these vampires. Now we only look at their childhood inventions, a dissociation of affection, and argue and discuss their disorders as real, that more of the same will help them, to cut off those genitals the parent(s) were fixated on, and tell the world these children were born that way.

            It is a sick society that funds and supports this… For there are Homosexuals, Communists and Muhammo-fascists at the top and a raging little kids at the bottom they are going to help.

            Child abuse done right before your eyes, and no one raises a finger to stop it.

            • And now we can get to know what we heard from this Australian man…

              We heard Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, a pure heart.

              Not the Oi, Oi, Oi of the usual protesters who want to change the country with a leader to serve their own needy interest via politicians who get their own greater needy interests served as well; no this was a zen moment, an awakening of the whole mind, the mere handful of Guru that Hindus seek to sit in the presence of and call The Self, Buddhists as the Buddha and Christians as having The Mind of Christ. The voice of the normal child that America and the West have devolved to forget.

              So of course Eeyor and all sane people lit up to want to live among such people as him, our leaders corrupt, while the evil-doers nash their teeth with venom to shut him up.

              This is the kingdom worth fighting for, before they lock everyone up under Heaven and Earth.

    • Lynx ! I dont know who you are, but after this I would like to see you replacing David Cameron, Francois Hollande, even Angela Merkel who’s turned and above all OBAMA !
      I kept this post in my quotes folder !

  2. *BARF* Forgot about the 12-tone scale from music class and lessons lol. Although from a quick refresher it seems to be most often attributed directly to Schoenberg during the nazi era of Germany. Always reminded me of the sounds the signals on a computer data bus make when you tune it in on an AM radio. Harmonically related to eachother but don’t mean shit to me.

    • Actually a few people have told me that. I had it that way because a music teacher with degrees in music had explained to me that Adorno created it according to his prof. at a local university. So I may have to rethink that post. Still, its funny to see a dog playing piano and singing to bite the band.

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