Quebec school uses sharia standards to threaten a man to remove Facebook opinion about islam

This is a very important story and has a rather interesting peripheral message as well.

A Quebec father is rightfully furious that his child’s elementary school forced him to take down his opinion of islam from his own Facebook page under threat of being charged with a “hate crime”.

His opinion of Islam was that it was a “shitty religion” (which I feel is a gross understatement) because the school was teaching his own young child about islam which the father found objectionable as they already have a family religion.

The surprise element here is that the teacher was making the kids draw mohamed and somehow this is suddenly OK.

This is rather excellent proof of what I consider the unspoken axiom of sharia law.

Essentially that goes, ‘anything is OK if it is for the advancement of Islam, including drinking at a strip joint so long as the next night you are flying kufr aircraft into buildings, and drawing mohamed is also OK so long as its for indoctrinating kids to feel favorable towards islam. Otherwise, these are death-penatly offenses.

More proof that islam is less a religion than it is a system for manifest destiny.

This would be one of those news items where it would be good, if you are anywhere in Canada, to write the media, your local MP, any constitutional lawyers you might know and start a push back to make sure that no school or other institution ever tries a stunt like this again to any Canadian ever.

Thank you Blazing Cat Fur, PDB., Sassy for the translation and Gates of Vienna for the chat on this and the tech work and CB Sashenka for the editing.

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12 Replies to “Quebec school uses sharia standards to threaten a man to remove Facebook opinion about islam”

  1. The father should go ahead and sue the school board. This would bring it to a larger audience. This has got to be stopped and I feel people are sleepwalking through it.

  2. Turkey Twitter block lifted after image removed (BBC, Apr 6, 2015)

    “Social media restrictions are being lifted in Turkey, as sites comply with a court order to stop sharing images of a prosecutor being held at gunpoint.

    The blocks on Facebook and Twitter were later lifted after they both complied. Talks with YouTube are continuing.

    Two gunmen, reportedly from a far-left group, took the prosecutor hostage at an Istanbul courthouse last week. All three died during a police rescue bid.

    Turkey has previously blocked access to social media….”

  3. It’s a crappy thing the PC MC geniuses have been doing, using children to wage their war against Western culture. They know they can count on us being averse to exposing children to bullying or hurt feelings. I can’t see either the video or the original story, but I imagine there are probably one or two Muslim kids in that class. If not yet, soon. Even a non-PC teacher under a non-PC principal will dislike seeing the children she is responsible for getting taunted about their family’s belief system by other children. Quite the contrary, whether it is written into the job or not (no doubt it is) the teacher will take it on herself to protect the badly-outnumbered Muslim children from maltreatment by whatever eight-year-old non-Muslim proto-thugs she has in her class.

    It is of no help to her at all if one of the children’s fathers is posting online that the Muslim kids in the class have a shitty religion, especially since she has been tasked with teaching (however inappropriately) a multiculti unit on Islam. What the teacher sees at firsthand is how certain mean-spirited non-Muslim children use the father’s online comments about Islam to make the Muslim kids feel miserable.

    The teacher may not only be non-PC, but have exceptionally strong feelings about defending Canadian culture and Western civilization. But one of the values of that civilization is protection of the vulnerable, especially children. So even the Islam-aware teacher has a strong disincentive to support the father expressing views about Islam online that she herself may well share. And that is for the presumably rare teacher who is not part of the PC MC child-indoctrination establishment – for teachers who are, the father is automatically the villain. And so early-stage Islamization proceeds apace.

    It would be interesting to know who came up with that grotesque and strangely non-PC draw-Mohammed assignment. I hope the father stands his ground, costly as it may become.

    • I think the draw mohamed may actually be from some CAIR CAN like group. Drawing mohamed, like drinking at a bar, are both OK if the net outcome is advancement of islamic supremacy. Also one must remember hijra. Meaning that the rules change as muslims perceive the degree of islam in an area increases. So they can draw mohamed if it makes kufr kids feel warm and fuzzy towards the dark lord. But if it was a muslim school, chances are they could not, but then again, they probably can if they depict him doing wondrous things.

      • I’m pretty sure the prohibition in the Gulf is strong enough that even the smallest children would not be assigned to draw Mohammed in school, but who knows really. And no doubt you can bait the hook with whatever works if you’re fishing for fry in kuffar waters.

        I have seen images of Mo for sale occasionally in street markets even in Saudi Arabia, riding the magic donkey or whatever, imported from India probably.

    • Hi Don,

      “I hope the father stands his ground, costly as it may become.”

      There is no defence to name and shame a school activity when not having applied for an acknowledgement and response to your fears. A generalized outburst of indignation is certainly valid, because Islam, (which is religious and not yet established in the West as also political) and the Education System (which is political and not yet established in the West as also religious), can still freely be discussed.

      The identity of the school and classoom could result in him being sued for defamation and incitement to harm, if the criticism of the curriculum and content were not pursued by due process. I.e. a written complaint to the Head Teacher and the Behavioral Science Advisor. Their reply can become public knowledge if it represents their policy only.

      Looking at this questionnaire, it is as dumbass as any religion they mention. For example: Question: Who was Jesus? Answer: He was God.
      How many pissed off Muslim parents with crowbars and bricks outside the school gates wait for Religious Education teachers for having their children to draw Jesus and written of His Assention to Heaven “and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised; and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection they entered the holy city and appeared to many.…”

      The issue is, that Mohammad stands with Gengis Khan, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler and every narcissist. Each hero-worshipped while they wrecked poverty, famine and violence on those who opposed their ‘nudging’ of society.

      Mohammad was no Prophet. That is the issue. It would be the same as a child coming back with their drawing of the hammer and sickle writing about the Savior of the People.

      But it’s only about what other’s believe, and if it’s reinforced that these believers suppress free speech, kill those who leave, and rob and dominate unbelievers, then a farer perspective would be grasped by the children to not join gangs and groups.

      Religion must be divorced from politics so it doesn’t become flesh. Sadly politics is becoming more religious by every legislation.

      Don’t lose

      • The father needs to inform himself of all this and have his arguments well in order, and recognize that the media are not on his side any more than the legal system or educational establishment. But from what I can see of the story, he may have already folded, having complied with the order not to blaspheme Islam on his Facebook page. Which would be understandable, not everyone is prepared to have his life destroyed. It needs to be taken up and pursued, though, perhaps through whatever the community has for a parent-teacher association for starters. It’s very unlikely the school could be brought to teach the actual story of Mohammed, with all the useful life lessons for children therein, but it might be made to leave religious education to the parents.

        • “….but it might be made to leave religious education to the parents.”

          Religious Education should be about comparative religions, to look at their front stalls, and then how these religious ideas are trafficked from their various origins. This is how I could drop Christianity and appreciate the philoposophy, the beattitudes of the Hellenized Hebrew for a practical application of repentance, realization, repudiation and reflection all the days of my life. But… the Socialists did not get us there. To use knowledge where therevis ignorace. For some reason the science of consciousness, the critical thinking debated in the Academies of the Ancient Greeks was not taught to the children, but instead they learned to fear plucked-out-of-the-air Hate Crimes, so that it was now illegal to offend another person’s ego.

          Therefore, those traumatized in childhood will rule the world. Fast-tracked into every institution. But for a time. Until those empowered to cater to their new found Diversity eventually take over control of what selection of Diversity is permitted and what will be forbidden. Removing those outsiders by being impoverished by higher taxes, denegrated as privileged, (and not preferential), and strangled in the name of progressiveness. The drug-pushers of infantality, will gain enough power to become the political-religious Dictators. I give you Communism, the silent dealer of the deck.

          Leave religion to the parents, to these great sexual copulating single-mother or polygamous hoards? Not in this lifetime.

          • We can’t even do comparative religion without looking over our shoulders and cowering over forbidden books in our cubicles at the post-graduate level anymore. And that’s for the handful of intrepid scholars who risk the ruination of their academic careers with the folly of trying. I don’t think there is any hope at this point of getting it right in grade 4. Until enough parents wake up to how wrong this has all gone, I would rather not have any of our cultural Marxist teachers telling my children anything about religion, or about anything else in the humanities, for that matter.

            I have broached the question numerous times with Muslim teachers and students of developing critical thinking skills in Muslim students the way the rest of us did it, or used to do it, through thinking critically about religion. That of course in every instance has been a complete non-starter. With more Muslim children entering the education system in North America, I can’t see the Muslim-Socialist self-reinforcing feedback loop being broken before a critical mass of infidel parents figures it out. Until then, I would say leave the religious indoctrination at least off the curriculum. They are getting more than enough of the program in English, history, geography and social ‘science.’

            • Behavioral science declares is the systematic analysis and investigation of human and animal behavior through controlled and naturalistic observation, and disciplined scientific experimentation.

              When they get frustrated that their profession is not working quick enough by kind words and carrots, they will like Islam, Communism and Sexual Identity turn to intimidation and terror to elicit the correct hypnosis of mob rule and dhimmitude, to no longer attempt to accomplish legitimate, objective conclusions through rigorous formulations and observation.

              You have a Common Purpose Party Member in every school.


              • It’s a marvel we ever got by without it, and more than a little surprising there isn’t already a a science course and training program for dealing with the behavioral disorder of Islamophobia.

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