Austria: Bosnian Football fans chant “Kill the Jews”

Original translation excerpt by Carpe Diem with much thanks!

From this Austrian News site: reports [1]:

Last Tuesday, [March 31 2015] up to 20,000 Bosnians, many of them living in Austria for years, have watched the friendly match between the national football teams of Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina in Vienna. Prior to the game, many Bosnian fans gathered at the Stephan’s Square (Stephansplatz) in the city centre of Austria’s capital. Besides the usual shouting of slogans and the use of pyrotechnics, some Bosnians joined a Pro-Palestine rally, waving flags and chanting “Ubi, ubi, ubi židove” – “Kill, kill, kill the Jews”.

Watch the video from second 33:

State Protection, who had a monitoring vehicle at the scene, are now investigating against at least a dozen participants. They are accused of hate speech and incitement to murder.

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  1. In light of the recent attacks against a university in Kenya, I couldn’t help but contrast that with the mock evictions, fake checkpoints, and “die-ins” periodically organized by “anti-Zionist” types at western universities, which are inevitably billed as something like “guerrilla theatre”. Maybe it’s time a few aspiring thespians staged a “jihad-in” on the campus of some western university. Imagine a group of ten or so masked people rampaging through the lecture halls and residences firing super-soakers filled with animal blood(or at the very least, red dye) indiscriminately, then following up with the message “If we were Muslims, you’d be dead instead of just wet”. It might encourage some students to wonder what would happen if just a few Muslim students decided to avenge the blasphemy, of say, Dante’s Inferno, in some intro to English Lit course.

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