Australia begins its awareness campaigns with vigor while muslims destroy the collective history and treasures of humanity: Links 3 on April 4 – 2015

1. Purported Islamic State video: Militants shot, hammered away Iraq’s ancient city of Hatra

(Once again, religious muslims utterly destroy ancient and priceless artifacts and boast about it with full scriptural support. Islam demands that all signs of pre-islamic control should be eliminated as it is “from the time of ignorance” and statues depicting living things are considered idolatry. The left still supports these guys though even if it requires self blinding to the point where they can never again find their own gonads with a flashlight and a melon baller)

A purported Islamic State group video shows extremists at Iraq’s ancient city of Hatra destroying it with sledgehammers and shooting Kalashnikov assault rifles at priceless statues.

Hatra is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which officials last month said the extremists had destroyed.

In the video, released overnight Friday, a militant on a ladder uses a sledgehammer to bang repeatedly on the back of one of the carved faces until it crashes to the ground and breaks into pieces. The video also shows a militant firing a Kalashnikov rifle at another.

(OPEN LETTER TO ALL ARCHEOLOGISTS: Please do not find any more historical treasures till we deal with Islam permanently. You will have to take a job guarding museums if you really care about your fields for a while)

2. Experts: Iran Will be ‘3 Weeks from a Nuclear Weapon’

Responding to the Iran nuclear deal sealed Thursday, one expert has revealed that the nuclear centrifuge research allowed by the deal likely will allow the Islamic regime to reach a point where it can make a dash for the nuclear bomb within three weeks.

Joe Cirincione, head of the American anti-nuclear proliferation group The Ploughshares Fund, told New Scientist that Iran currently has 8,000 kilograms of uranium enriched to the point where they can be used as nuclear fuel.

The centrifuges Iran has declared would be able to further enrich that quantity into a nuclear bomb within two to three months at present, he says.

3. UNHRC Confirms 200 Kidnapped Christian Girls in Nigeria Murdered by Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists

(This should make a nice hashtag ay Michelle?)

4. Police struggle with far left extremists at PEGIDA rally in UK today.

(Notice the symbol of Hamas on the far left violent extremists. The symbol that represents the Hamas charter which specifically calls for genocide)

5. Australian culture is better than Islamic Culture:

(This is great! Australia has found its Geert Wilders!)

Simultaneous rallies had been held across Australia. Links to them and videos can be found on this FB page

6. I would like to post and address a couple of comments from today:

One from Lynx:

 In light of the recent attacks against a university in Kenya, I couldn’t help but contrast that with the mock evictions, fake checkpoints, and “die-ins” periodically organized by “anti-Zionist” types at western universities, which are inevitably billed as something like “guerrilla theatre”. Maybe it’s time a few aspiring thespians staged a “jihad-in” on the campus of some western university. Imagine a group of ten or so masked people rampaging through the lecture halls and residences firing super-soakers filled with animal blood(or at the very least, red dye) indiscriminately, then following up with the message “If we were Muslims, you’d be dead instead of just wet”. It might encourage some students to wonder what would happen if just a few Muslim students decided to avenge the blasphemy, of say, Dante’s Inferno, in some intro to English Lit course.

This is genius. The problem is if it was actually done, the people who did it would be arrested for real terrorism and the media would spin it like it was and suddenly we ‘far right extremists’ would be grist for the mill which has run pretty much on air for years except for cursed Breivik etc.

Now this one that deserves a response from Oooohh God

Britain First are not classic liberals. Many are ex BNP racist anti semites. They are or were always going to come out of the woodwork in support against Islam but their main reason is mainly cos they are pakis and wogs etc.
Britain First would not stop with getting rid of muslims. I seriously think you need to dig a bit deeper on these guys. Tommy Robinson wouldnt have anything to do with them I’m sure and the establishment call him racist.Sorry I have been reading your site for years now but just because a group stands against Choudrey and his minions doesnt make them ‘classic liberals’. They are not. They are fascists and the worst ( yet maybe inevitable) answer to our problem.

I think you are probably correct in a large part on that. In fact here is proof that to an extent you are:

Still, the media in the UK and Western World refer to government cossacks like Antifa and other similar union sponsored ‘astroturf’ groups acting in genuinely fascist ways for genuinely fascist purposes get called ‘Anti-Racist’ or ‘anti-fascist’ while truly classically liberal people, which can include those who wish to take a serious approach to the issue of islamic invaders in much the way the early Americans did to the British ones and for simile reasons, are called racists, fascists and nearly always, ‘far right extremists’ when their ideology and beliefs mirror thinkers like Jefferson chapter and verse.

But yes, not everything under that banner is who we would like them to be. This is true.

7. Upcoming halal ‘festival’ in Australia

On Sunday 12th April, Sydney will have the misfortune of holding Australia’s first halal expo. The Halal Expo 2015 will be held at Fairfield Showground showcasing halal products and services for Australia’s fast growing Muslim population.

The halal exhibition will bring together food and product manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and even sharia compliant finance companies and a host of other halal certified businesses under one roof for the first time in Australia. The day has been billed as a ‘multicultural festival’. Indeed, the upcoming halal exhibition will present and promote the worst aspects of animal cruelty under the umbrella of cultural diversity or multiculturalism.

8. Rochdale Labour councillor’s home raided by anti-terror police after his 21-year-old son was arrested on Syrian border with his aunt, cousins and four children

(I don’t know why British muslims bother with terrorism when they are elected to parliament and every other position of influence)

9. How to Push Back on Calls for More Defense Spending: $45 Billion of Afghan Funds Unaccounted For

Remember when we were informed in 2013 that America was giving literal bags full of cash to the office of then-Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai? It really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point that billions of dollars of Pentagon spending within Afghanistan prior to 2010 is unaccounted for.

That’s the latest from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). We’ve made note of previous SIGAR reports about blown tax dollars in the country, like $500,000 on a poorly made shooting range and $3.6 million for trucks to film games of buzkashi, Afghanistan’s version of polo with goat carcasses.

(Polo with goat carcasses. And I would hate to think what actually killed the goats)

10. Bangladesh secular writers fearful after 2nd blogger slain


Thank you M., Richard, James B. Oz-Rita, and many more and much more to come.


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8 Replies to “Australia begins its awareness campaigns with vigor while muslims destroy the collective history and treasures of humanity: Links 3 on April 4 – 2015”

  1. Re: Britain First its obvious on a cursory viewing that they are likely ex-BNP and so forth. But with the severe twisting of the words “racist” and “fascist” in this day and age I always feel such claims need further elaboration with proof before they can be taken at their face value. If they are like ’60’s football hooligans that are a good bit racist that’s one thing. But to me the word fascist brings connotations of some current neo-nazi groups in Europe like Jobbik that have little trouble aligning themselves with the Islamic cause since fascists are really just socialists.

    We shouldn’t forget that the left has made the terms racist and fascist fit its own agenda and thus turned being a racist into some sort of hyper-radioactive condition worse than leprosy so they can easily break down the opposition. Everyone has biases, but to the extent they matter should be judged on if they are acting on those biases behind a veneer of legitimacy or setting them aside to deal with the actual issues at hand. Just my two cents.

  2. I have been called a bigot and a racist by family and friends for my views on Islam but believe me when I say there is a large difference between Britain First and the majority who are worried about Islam.
    As for Antifa etc they are the wheels that help move the Islamic juggernaut and should be burst.

  3. 6- I met people in the EDL and the BNP and although some can be described as racists in the true meaning of the word most of them are simply concerned about preserving there Country.
    Nick Griffin was in Libya to solicit funds from Gaddafi but to be fair he wasn’t the only one. Among them a Trotskyite party called workers revolutionary party received funds from Gaddafi’s Libya and Sadam Hussien Iraq to publish a newspaper in the 1980’s.
    Nick Lowles from HopeNotHate started his political career from a spinoff of WRP called socialist organizer .
    Also the London School of Economics which is a hot bed of far leftists received a £1.5 million donation from Gaddafi’s son.
    David Held is a Marxists academic who described Gaddafi’s son as having ‘deep liberal values’

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