A leader of Ansar Sharia: a message for the jihadists before the attack of Bardo

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From Business News Tn.

In a video clip posted online yesterday, the leader of the Ansar Chariâa terrorist group, Ouanes Fékih, sent a message to the “young members of the Ettawhid movement”, in which he calls for patience and urges them to carry on “defending their religion” by practising Jihad against those he calls “Taghout”. Fékih also stressed that the days to come will be eventful, implying that planned terrorist attacks are in the making.

This message was published on Tuesday, March 17th 2015, during the day, before the terrorist outrage in the Bardo museum in Tunis, which left 8 dead according to preliminary reports. He concluded the message with a prayer addressed to the “brothers imprisoned in Tunisia”, as some information, still to be confirmed, suggest that the terrorists are demanding the release of imprisoned jihadists in exchange for the hostages held captive in the museum.

In his speech, the jihadist leader criticised “the tyrannical policy” and the “injustice” which humiliate a muslim people which has yet to recover from his rebellion against a criminal regime [that of Ben Ali], which oppresses muslims, stops them from living according to sharia law, fuels corrupton, and is responsible for high prices and marginalisation.

in his video, Ouanes Fékih recalled the “successes” of the terrorist attacks in Kasserine against the home of the former Minister of the Interior, Ben Jeddou, as well as the attacks against Henchir El Tella, El Kef and Boulaâba, which left several dead in the armed and security services..
In this, he is trying to upbraid the police force as well as Mohamed Ali Aroui, the official spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, whom he calls a “liar” and a “miscreant”, in the wake of his statements following many large-scale anti-terrorist operations led by the police and the armed forces. Operations which he considers to  be “a war waged against [them] , fuelled by a “disinformation campaign in the media”.

It should be noted that Ouanes Fékih was arrested in May 2013 following the violent events that occurred after the decision to ban the talk by Ansar Chariâa in Kairouan. He was released on July,13th of the same year.

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27 Replies to “A leader of Ansar Sharia: a message for the jihadists before the attack of Bardo”

  1. What if they win? What if the Muslims take over the world and we are all forced to get down on our knees and worship them like slaves, and slobber about how much we love their evil god because we’re too utterly terrified to speak, for fear that the black-masked horrors will cut off our hands and opposite feet, or gouge out our eyes with red hot pokers like Muhammad did in Madina, or slice off our heads, or crucify us, or put us in a cage and burn us alive like they did to the Jordanian pilot? What if all our arts and science and literature and technology and music are all declared illegal and we are left with nothing but the right to praise a god we despise? What if they ban Shakespeare and The Beatles? What if they tear down all our churches? What if they exterminate the last of the world’s Jewish population? What if all women are reduced to second-class citizens, beaten and raped by their arranged husbands, told to shut their mouths forever, and forced into burkas? What if our leaders and our media simply never snap out of their stupor and the Muslim grand scheme is allowed to unravel as planned? It happened in Germany in 1933 – why couldn’t it happen now?

    Or we could fight…

  2. We won! Big!
    Those of us not eligible to vote in Israel did everything we could to fly out the others. 48 hr – round-trip. Baby-sit, medical resident coverage, you name it – we found solutions. They’re on their way back now.

    Coalition politics have to be the worst. Too easy to throw your vote away on tiny splinter groups. You want a solid bloc. We did everything get-out-the vote that could be done online or by phone.

    Simple question: Do you want to wake up to {Buji + Tzipi} or {*B I B I*} ?

    The Russky gang here talked to Avigdor Lieberman’s Russian constituency so they’d vote Likud instead of Yisrael Beytenu. Likud poached Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home voters too. Bennett and Lieberman weren’t thrilled, but there’s no point in a squeaker-win if you have to mate with leftists to form a government.

    Now Bibi can put together a stable center-right coalition and get things done. I’m assuming Moshe Kahlon (from Kulanu) agrees to come in as Finance Minister. It should be a great coalition!

    Who was elected:

    • Congratulations! The thing is that the left wing is wrong. Giving in to the Jihadists is clearly a big mistake, as is every other stupid contrary thing the leftists come up with. Thank God some confused people are starting to see a bit more clearly…

      • Israel’s too small. No margin for error. Look what the idiot Israeli left did at Oslo! Labor can’t be trusted for the foreseeable future.

        When the media is solid excrement, you’ve got to work harder to get the facts out. You have to be sure voters have all the info they need. And that means a labor-intensive campaign. Concentrate on the last few days.

        People from the former Soviet Union know how to do it. And as voters, they’re receptive to different points of view, very astute judges. They constitute a huge voting bloc in Israel.

        Not that I’d take even one away from Israel – Heaven forbid!
        But I sure wish we had more good citizens like that in our pathetic electorate.

        • The left is beyond belief. One read-thru of Hamas’ charter ought to be enough, but they seem completely immune to facts.

        • Nobody appreciates freedom more then former slaves, they have learned to pay close attention to politics and to vet all politicians.

    • I think we won because of my tweets telling ‘them’ to vote for BiBi ;P 😉

      Seriously though:


      I was worried when I read that there is a “united Arab voting block” or something along those lines who could form the opposition (I dont know if I got that right).

    • This comes a little late, but it explains some of the complexities of this particular coalition system. When Geert Wilders’ time comes, we’ll all learn more about coalition systems. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to help him somehow.

      Israel: Party names change, there’s continuous splitting and merging. So you can end up with the “Zionist Union” List, the group supported by POTUS and misc. Euro-Enemies, which is precisely ANTI-Zionist. It’s more or less the old Labor Party, which was completely discredited as a result of the Oslo Accords.

      The “Joint Arab” List represents the merger of 4 small Arab parties to ensure sufficient votes for at least one to make the cut. In fact, they don’t represent anybody as a collective entity. Communist, Salafist, Nationalist, Something-Else don’t fit under the same tent.

      Israel’s Election: Everything You Need to Know

  3. Two killed in Swedish restaurant shooting (BBC, March 19, 2015)

    “At least two people have been killed and several injured in a shooting in a restaurant in the south-western Swedish city of Gothenburg, police say.

    They say automatic weapons – believed to be Kalashnikov assault rifles – were used in the attack late on Wednesday.

    Police spokeswoman Ulla Brehm was quoted as saying the shooting could have been gang-related.

    One witness told Sweden’s SVT broadcaster that two men entered the restaurant and opened fire.

    The attack happened as customers were watching a football game.

    The gunmen are believed to have fled.

    The police sealed off the area and launched a murder investigation.”

  4. Tunisia arrests suspects in museum attack; Islamic State claims responsibility

    TUNIS —Tunisian authorities arrested nine people Thursday in connection with a terrorist attack that killed 20 foreign tourists at a renowned museum, an assault for which the Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility.

    […]In an audio recording and transcript distributed on Twitter, the Islamic State warned that the museum attack was “the first drop of the rain,” according to SITE. It identified the attackers by pseudonyms and said they used “machine guns and hand grenades” to carry out the “blessed” operation leading to the “killing and wounding dozens of Crusaders and apostates.” It said the two gunmen were killed after they “ran out of ammunition.”[…]


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