The left still making cover for an islam that doesn’t even want it anymore: Links 1 March 19 – 2015

1. “Crush all muslim brotherhood in the streets”

(This is refreshing. And understandable)

2. Shiia tard explains what he will do to Sunni tards in the IS

3. Inside the bedroom of the Boston bomber: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev poses with jihadi black banner in the home where he and his brother hatched terrorist attack

4. Here are some tourists who may be more sympathetic to the counter-jihad these days

5. Bill Warner: The Islamic destruction of heritage and culture.

6. Ovation for hero police dog killed in Tunisian museum hostage siege: Crowd pay their respects as animal slain by Islamists is removed from building

A courageous police dog killed in the Tunisian museum hostage siege was given a guard of honour as its body was carried from the scene.

Remarkable footage has emerged showing mass crowds clapping the heroic hound as its bloodied body is wheeled away from the National Bardo museum by special forces.

The terrorist attack left 17 tourists, a museum security officer, a cleaner, and a police officer dead, as well as the two gunmen.

7. Two killed in Swedish restaurant shooting

Two men have been killed and up to 15 injured in a shooting in a restaurant in the south-western Swedish city of Gothenburg, police say.

They say automatic weapons – believed to be Kalashnikov assault rifles – were used in the attack late on Wednesday.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Raouf Raouf and all.

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  1. MONTREAL – Adil Charkaoui allowed back to teach at Collège de Maisonneuve

    Charkaoui’s courses were suspended last month after student linked to joining jihadists in Syria

    Adil Charkaoui will be allowed to resume teaching his courses at Montreal’s Collège de Maisonneuve CEGEP.

    On his Facebook page, Charkaoui wrote in French, “Good news…the suspension of the contractual agreement with Collège de Maisonneuve has been lifted.” His post also said that classes will resume Sunday.

    Charkaoui rented four classrooms at the school to teach Arabic and the koran, but after reports surfaced that at least one of his students was suspected of joining jihadists in Syria, school officials suspended the contract .

    There is no proof Charkaoui committed any wrongdoing.

    The college has initiated an investigation to determine whether or not Charkaoui was promoting inappropriate values.

    It says that management reserves the right now to have an observer in the classroom to ensure that the college’s code of conduct is respected.

    Charkaoui was arrested on a national security certificate in 2003, but years later that certificate was declared null and void.
    Collège de Maisonneuve lifts Charkaoui suspension

    Adil Charkaoui has been told he can resume teaching the koran and Arabic at Collège de Maisonneuve.

    In a Facebook posting Charkaoui says the recent suspension of his courses has been lifted.

    He says the classes should resume this Sunday.

    Charkaoui was renting space at the school, but his contract was suspended after at least one of his students was believed to have left the country to join ISIS jihadists in Syria.

    TVA says one condition for the resumption of classes is that an Arabic speaking observer be present to monitor the curriculum.

    In 2003, Adil Charkaoui was arrested by the Canadian government under a security certificate.

    He spent two years in prison, was released without charged and has filed a lawsuit for wrongful detention and arrest.

    Imam Charkaoui + Canadian converts at the Assahaba mosque – Belanger St Montreal

  2. 4/ I hope more are impelled to join the counterjihad than succumb to the sickly liberal urge to appear on a BBC special in Tunis a year from now hugging Muslims and forgiving the misunderstanders of Islam who killed their loved ones.

  3. re: 3. Inside the bedroom of the Boston bomber: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev poses with jihadi black banner in the home where he and his brother hatched terrorist attack

    Note the index finger, and the thumb and middle finger.

    • Yes. I think the tawheed, I think its called, or symbol for the oneness of allah, the ummah and mohamed and sharia law etc. etc. predates the islamic State though.

      But its a clear sign of adherence to the ideology.

  4. IS – video –

    The Islamic State: “Joy of the Muslims With the Bay’ah of Jam?’at Ahl al-Sunnah li-l-Da’wah wa-l-Jih?d – Wil?yat al-Jaz?rah”

  5. Some US allies may send troops to Syria with trainees: Army chief

    WASHINGTON: Some U.S. allies in the fight against ISIS militants in Syria may be willing to send troops to accompany and support the Syrian opposition force the coalition is planning to train and send back to Syria, Army General Ray Odierno said Wednesday.

    Odierno, the U.S. Army chief of staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee the military was aware the Syrian opposition force would need help and support once it returned home and was studying how best to provide that assistance.

    Asked whether forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad might immediately try to wipe out the coalition-trained opposition, Odierno said the allies would be cautious about where the troops were inserted and what operations they initially undertook.

    “As we look at employing those forces once they’re trained, I think we’ve got to be very careful about how we do that,” Odierno said. “I think we would work with … some of our allies that might be able to put some people in there with them.”

    “We’d be very careful in where we place them and what their initial missions would be as they continue to develop capability,” he added. “I also believe there would be some enabler support that would be necessary in order to help them.”

    Odierno did not specify what type of enablers might be necessary. The word is often used to refer to troops who do intelligence or surveillance, medical evacuation, communications and other jobs that support combat operations.

    The Army chief said that since the purpose of the opposition force was to confront ISIS militants, the allies would make an effort initially to place it in a location where it was not likely to come under attack from Assad’s military.

    The U.S. military last month began vetting Syrian opposition members to identify candidates to receive military training at camps being set up in up to four countries across the region.

    The allies have identified about 2,000 Syrian opposition candidates for the training so far, a Pentagon spokeswoman said.

    About 400 have progressed through the first stage of vetting, which involves compiling biographical data. The final stage is a full biometric screening, she said. The full vetting process takes about six weeks.

    Coalition partners hope to train 5,000 to 5,500 Syrian opposition members per year, beginning small with about 200 to 300 trainees per group.

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