The US weakened itself and the world reacts in a predictable manner. A TV miniseries you can’t turn off: Link 1 on March 16 – 2015

1. Unfortunately named but popular cheese in Australia marked halal INSIDE the
the packet

2. Greek bailout crisis: Athens threatens to seize German assets ‘as compensation for Nazi war crimes’

Greece has threatened to seize German assets as compensation for Nazi war crimes – 70 years after the end of the Second World War.

The threat, made by the Greek justice minister and reported in the daily Kathimerini newspaper, has been supported by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who told the Greek parliament he would pursue the “very technical and sensitive” matter.

Justice minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos has reportedly called for “war reparations, the repayment of a forced loan and the return of antiquities” from Germany, and said that an old court ruling gave him the power to sanction “the foreclosure of German assets in Greece” as a form of compensation.

3. Australian counter-terror police ‘stopping 400 per day’

A new counter-terror unit conducted nearly 76,000 “real-time” stops – more than 400 per day – at eight airports between August and February.

The screenings are not random. Counter-terror police are targeting potentially suspicious travellers.

Around 90 Australians are believed to be fighting in the Middle East.

The Border Force Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU) is a new unit designed to tackle extremists attempting to leave the country and join terror groups such as Islamic State (IS).

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the CTU teams had “successfully intercepted a number of people of national security concern” since August,

4. UK police told not to investigate Muslim rape gangs

Police officers investigating child sexual exploitation in Sheffield were told to ‘wind your necks in’ by bosses after warning about the scale of the problem, a retired detective has claimed.

A BBC investigation has alleged that senior officers thought car crime, burglary and robbery were bigger priorities than child sexual exploitation, despite detectives in the city warning it was a major problem.

5. Schoolboy, 13, convicted of murder after he stamped on woman’s face so hard he left shoe-print on her face before leaving her to die in a pool of blood

[…] The child robber stood trial alongside Zoheb Majid, 20, from Smethwick, who was found guilty of robbery and manslaughter. […] CCTV footage revealed that Majid arrived on his bicycle moments later and the pair turned their victim over, stealing from her pockets.

6. Now it’s ‘burial rage’: Furious court battle between top coroner and Orthodox Jews over handling of dead bodies

(Clearly no one is afraid of the Jews. If it was muslims the coroner never would have stood her ground. In fact I would bet there is a whole other channel for dead muslims to go through)

A senior coroner has accused Orthodox Jews of bullying and intimidating her in an extraordinary row over the handling of dead bodies.

Mary Hassell claims she and her staff have been left in fear of violence after being bombarded by hundreds of complaints about how they deal with deaths in devoutly religious communities.

In a letter seen by The Mail on Sunday, she says she has been falsely accused of anti-Semitism and warns the situation risks becoming ‘volatile’.

She says that on one occasion the police had to be called when 60 Orthodox Jews refused to let undertakers take the body of a man whose body they wanted to pray over.

Mrs Hassell believes other families in the North London area she covers are ‘suffering’ because she has to spend so much of her time dealing with the large number of Orthodox Jews, whose faith requires them to bury their dead quickly and prevents them undergoing autopsies.

7. Bolton calls Iran deal ‘unprecedented’ surrender

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton said Saturday that President Obama is negotiating “an unprecedented act of surrender” with Iran in discussions over its nuclear weapons program.

“This deal is fundamentally flawed,” Bolton said at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit in West Columbia, S.C. “There really is no deal I’d trust Iran with. It is a regime determined to have nuclear weapons and this deal will give it to them.”

8. Muslim students protest campus screening of ‘American Sniper’

(One might think that this could mean the muslim students are not American so much as muslim and in all conflicts side with muslims rather than the issues at stake. This makes for one hell of a fifth column)

Some Muslim students at the University of Missouri protested an upcoming campus screening of “American Sniper” and clamored to have the film’s debut there canceled.

At the heart of the controversy is a Muslim student activist who declared showing the film on campus would make her feel “unsafe” and demanded an “apology and explanation” as to how and why the movie was even selected for Mizzou audiences.

The uproar was taken quite seriously, and prompted the student government to conduct a meeting to determine whether the flick should be shown.

“This film is blatant racist, colonialist propaganda that should not be shown under any circumstances and especially not endorsed by a branch of student government that purports to represent me and have my best interests in mind,” student Farah El-Jayyousi had stated.

9. The Atlantic: Is it time for the Jews to leave Europe?

(The Atlantic is the publication that recently did a 10,000 word essay on the Islamic State and its islamic motivations. An article which had seismic repercussions and now the formerly avoided term, ‘jihad’ is common on major US networks.)

Finkielkraut sees himself as an alienated man of the left. He says he loathes both radical Islamism and its most ferocious French critic, Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s extreme right-wing—and once openly anti-Semitic—National Front party. But he has lately come to find radical Islamism to be a more immediate, even existential, threat to France than the National Front. “I don’t trust Le Pen. I think there is real violence in her,” he told me. “But she is so successful because there actually is a problem of Islam in France, and until now she has been the only one to dare say it.”


Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard and all. FYI There are many interesting geopolitical links in the comments under the last couple of posts.

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15 Replies to “The US weakened itself and the world reacts in a predictable manner. A TV miniseries you can’t turn off: Link 1 on March 16 – 2015”

  1. @ 4 – I think we all knew this was happening but didn’t have any proof, the political masters of the British police have failed the British people and done so in such a spectacular fashion that everyone with a working brain knows they belong in the pen.

  2. @ 7 – More proof that Obama is a Shiite, he is telling the world that he will help Iran get nukes so they can bring back the Mahdi.

  3. @ 9 – Yes it is time for the Jews to leave Europe and go to a nation where they can fight for their survival, even with the raising Jew Hatred in the US they are generally safer here (as long as they stay out of the Democrat controlled states) then in Europe.

  4. 2. The Greeks are the New Victims. Nazism will explain why the can’t hold a family together, live in rundown housing and can’t get a job. They’ll even get a Council for the Advancement for the People of Humous.

  5. Re: #8. Funny that the Muslim student decries American Sniper as colonialist propaganda. While I disagreed with the Iraq wars, calling them colonialist is kind of ridiculous, since colonial enterprises generally require colonies. If the US truly colonized Iraq, you’d see separate neighbourhoods of American families and businesses that live parallel lives and only interact with the greater population to exploit them. You know, like what Muslims do in the west and everywhere else. By trying to erode American values in her little neighbourhood, Farah El-Jayyousi is actually trying to colonize America. Also the fact that she plays prog Bingo (“colonialist”, “unsafe”, “racist”) shows the extent to which Muslims have come to use leftist techniques.

    • I’ve been wondering about that myself. Obama’s father was a big anti-colonialist person. Obama’s books someone wrote for him talks about how Obama wanted to take up what his father was doing.

      • The US has no colonies but since we are a mainly European descent nation who is the current world leader we have taken on the title of successor of the colonists. If this doesn’t make sense to you I consider it a reminder that most people are incapable of thinking.

        • yes. anti-colonialist people seem to have a new phase. Which is to remove all remnants of the old colonies and influences by the western powers.

          IE: Boko Haram (“Western education is forbidden”) and Islamic State to destroy the countries that were made after WWI and bring back the Caliphate.

    Autopsy: How do we balance respecting the dead with the need to help the living? by Daniel Eisenberg, M.D
    Permitted autopsies must be performed with the same dignity that surgery on a living person would be performed. The incision must be minimized, only those parts of the body which might shed light on the life-saving question at hand may be dissected, the body must remain covered except where exposure is necessary, and all organs must be returned at the conclusion of the autopsy. Burial must then occur as quickly as possible.

    I wonder who gave this incorrect information to the Daily Mail. What is probably the case is that the Jews in the UK believe that doing an autopsy so that someone can complete an office form is not OK with them. Whose “tradition” is the statement below about?
    They also believe that traditional post-mortem examinations amount to desecration of the body.

    Here is how London defines dignity:
    The first public autopsy for 170 years has gone ahead before a paying crowd on Wednesday despite police threats that they would intervene….Channel 4 is planning to televise the autopsy later on Wednesday. It defended the decision to broadcast the event.

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