Muslim spokesperson not answering questions from Canada’s senate committee on national security.

Is this assalamalechum or is it dissimulation? Either way it is not assimilation

I believe this is the spokesperson for the rebranded, CAIR-CANADA speaking to the senate committee.

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  1. #1 I wouldn’t eat that processed shite anyway. halal or not.
    You should only eat dairy products from grass fed pastured animals with minimum processing.

  2. Rebel Media: Stephen Hume says Canada is “anti-woman”: Is he right?

    Vancouver Sun headline: ‘If any country has an anti-woman problem, it’s Canada’ (!)

  3. After all, our officials have some work to do: They ask questions and get no answer and can’t do anything. Excellent investigation. Questions are slapped back at the honorable senator with a bunch of dirty accusations. And the silly, un-serious, working-for-salary only investigator……… turned investigated.

  4. So it’s Islam Awareness Week at Carleton University and the this year’s theme appears to be….mercy? That can’t be right. When Muslims talk about mercy, what do they actually mean? Only raping your sex slave three times a day?

    Carleton’s MSA reps appeared on a local tv interview to say “…everything we do in Islam falls under the umbrella of mercy”. Right.

    Link to MSA Facebook page

    • I wonder if there is any push back there, any group that might take advantage of the occasion to to spread some authentic Muslamic Awareness at Hogsback High, and whether it is possible for students to do so without being shut down by university authorities.

  5. ISIS kidnaps 20 medical workers in Libya (CNN, March 17, 2015)

    “ISIS kidnapped about 20 medical workers with the Ibn Sina Hospital in Sirte, Libya, on Monday during an attack on the facility, according to a hospital official.

    A group of more than 30 gunmen from the Islamic State attacked the hospital while a bus was waiting to take the workers, who are not Libyan, to the capital of Tripoli.

    Most of the abductees are from the Philippines. Others are from Ukraine, India and Serbia, said the hospital official. The official believes the ISIS gunmen didn’t want the staff to leave the city because they are the only medical team there if they needed them for the group’s wounded and injured.

    Sirte lies halfway between Tripoli and Benghazi. The city was the final major stronghold of Moammar Gadhafi loyalists in the Libyan civil war. Gadhafi was killed there….”

  6. Pakistan hangs 12 convicts in jails across the country (BBC, March 17, 2015)

    “Pakistan has hanged 12 convicts, the largest number of people executed on the same day since the country overturned a ban on executions. The men were terrorists, murderers or guilty of “heinous crimes”, an interior ministry spokesman said. At least 27 convicts have been executed since the moratorium was lifted, most of them militants, Reuters reported. It is estimated there are more than 8,000 Pakistanis on death row. Rights groups say many convictions are unsafe. A moratorium on hangings was lifted for terror-related crimes after a Taliban attack in December killed more than 150 people, mostly children, at a school in Peshawar….”

  7. UK to announce results of Muslim Brotherhood Review ‘as soon as possible’

    The UK Home Ministry refuses to confirm if the report, initially due to be published on Monday, will now be released before parliamentary elections in early May

    The UK government plans to release the long-awaited conclusions of its review of the Muslim Brotherhood “as soon as possible,” the UK Home Office has told Ahram Online.

    The review’s conclusions are to be made public “alongside the government’s new counter-extremism strategy,” a Home Office spokeswoman has confirmed.

    In April last year, UK prime minister David Cameron ordered an internal government review into the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The objective was to review the “philosophy, activities, impact and influence on UK national interests, at home and abroad, of the Muslim Brotherhood and of government policy towards the organisation.”

    It took the review team, led by Sir John Jenkins, former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, until July 2014 to finish its work.

    But, about eight months later, the government still has not released the review’s final report.

    The government has informed the House of Commons [the UK parliament] that concerned departments are considering “broader policy questions emerging from the review.”

    “I would like to update the House [the UK parliament] that a report into the main findings of the Muslim Brotherhood Review will be published alongside the Government’s new counter-extremism strategy,” Cameron told the MPs in a written statement.

    The spokeswoman refused to confirm if the UK government intends to release the results of the review or its “new counter-extremism strategy” before the coming general elections [parliamentary elections], planned for May 7.

    “We have not been given a date,” she said. “All I can say is that they will be published as soon as possible.”

    “As we consider broader policy questions emerging from the review and the wider strategy, it is clear that further, more comprehensive measures will be required in the next Parliament to tackle the threat from extremism in the UK,” the government told the parliament in its statement.

    Many media reports have predicted that Sir John Jenkins’ review finds that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist organisation.

    It is widely believed that the report’s release has been delayed due to differences in opinion between security services and concerned ministers regarding these results.

    The Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati governments have banned the Muslim Brotherhood, labeling it a terrorist organisation.

    The UK government previously turned down a formal request from Egypt for it to prohibit the Muslim Brotherhood, citing a lack of evidence linking it to terrorist activities in the UK and abroad.

    According to the UK’s 2000 Terrorism Act, an organisation may be listed as terrorist if it commits or participates in acts of terrorism, prepares for terrorism, promotes or encourages terrorism, or is otherwise concerned in terrorism.

  8. I know this is an old one but I just ran across it.

    Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration

  9. British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on “Industrial Scale”

    Raping the women of conquered people/nations/tribes has been a weapon used by the barbarians for[throughout all of recorded history and probably unrecorded history, the use of this weapon in Britain on such a massive scale tells us several things:

    1) The Moslems are more barbaric them most people understand.

    2) The British leaders are selling out not just Britain but the entire civilized world when they refuse to do anything about the rapes.

    3) Civilization is much more fragile then just about anyone alive thinks.

  10. This spokesman avoided any substantive answer to the questions put to him but succeeded in expressing his great offense at being asked these questions.

    Why wasn’t he made to answer or be held in contempt?

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