Hizb ut tahrir poster in Denmark

Translation by Liberty Dk. from this page

(Please see this post at GoV on this organization)


The blind, anti-islamic tyranny has reached insane heights with Danish politicians, communes and government.

Under the guise of “fear of radicalisation”, Muslim children are being abducted from their families because of their Islamic values.

The Danish State shows totalitarian traits when Muslim children are forcibly removed, simply because the parents don’t share the same values as the Danish state. The lie about intollerance can no longer be mistaken or hidden.

It is about time we stand together against the collective dehumanizing of Muslims in Denmark.

Take responsibility for our Muslim brotherhood! Meet up to protest against the state sanctioned force, abuse and thought control that Muslims in Denmark have to endure. It could you YOUR children they throw themselves over tomorrow!

It is quite a coincidence that this march is happening on the same day as a planned meeting by opponents of Islamic fascism and tyranny in the same city, who are planning to give an award to someone who was shot at by a man highly sympathetic to Hizb ut Tahrir.

It is refreshing however to read that loathing of the state, Islamic genocidal xenophobia of all others and etc. are indeed islamic values as they admit in this poster. Now if only we could open our eyes and admit it from our side.

Sooner or later we will have to, but you will be able to measure the distance in time by thousands of corpses that ignoring of reality will have cost us.

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