Leftism figuratively and Islam literally bringing the temple down: Links 4 on March 7 – 2015

1. Its funny how Obama always claims he learns about stuff thats bad in his admin from the news, same as the general public. He has used that ruse repeatedly, claiming he was blindsided by something or other that he did and didn’t know he did it till he heard it on the news. Amazing.

2. Party supporter to Erdo?an: Welcome, O Messenger of God!

An alleged supporter of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) welcomed President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an by chanting “Welcome, O Messenger of God,” a phrase commonly used to refer to the Prophet Muhammad, in the latest in a series of similar remarks attributing divine qualities to Erdo?an.

Erdo?an, along with ?stanbul Governor Vasip ?ahin and Beyo?lu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan, paid a visit on Thursday to the headquarters of Tophane Tayfun Spor, an ?stanbul-based amateur football club where Erdo?an played football in his youth. An individual was heard greeting Erdo?an with the chant, “Welcome, O Messenger of God,” addressing the president as a prophet although this is considered a grave sin in Islam, as a core principle of Islam is the belief that the Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet.

Some AK Party officials and members have become the focus of public attention for making remarks in praise of Erdo?an attributing holy qualities to the president.

(Will Al-Baghdadi send Erdogan an angry letter?)

3. CNN clip on Islamic State treatment of homosexual men.

(But whatever you do, gay rights groups, it is critical to remember that the real problem is Israel. Even if muslims create a global slaughter of all people who have ever seen another member of the same sex naked or had a curious thought, your mission gay-advocacy groups, is to make sure that the pressure stays on Israel. Cause Israel. That’s why. And Israel!)

4. Man drives car into a bunch of people with the intention of killing them, then jumps out and stabs survivors, and Reuters makes the killer and his family the victims.

Very interesting video of the arrest of the driver-stabber in Jerusalem. Is the man who shot him also the man holding the camera?

5. Stunning Russian propaganda. MAKE SURE English subs are tuned on!

(I am speechless. It is amazing what can happen when the US elects a leader like O)

(Notice in both videos, the Russians use the bearded transvestite/transexual EU song winner as the symbol for Europe. NYT article here)

6. Andrew Joseph Doiron, soldier from Moncton, N.B., killed in Iraq

(A friendly fire incident)

A Canadian soldier based in Petawawa, Ont., was killed by Iraqi Kurdish forces who “mistakenly engaged” in combat in Iraq, according to the Department of National Defence.

Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, based at Garrison Petawawa, was killed on Friday around 3:50 p.m. ET, according to a news release.

Doiron is from Moncton, N.B., and graduated from a high school in the area in 2001, CBC News has learned. He is the first Canadian soldier killed during Canada’s current mission to Iraq.

7. Britain First’s Paul Golding arrested for being attacked.

(Much like islamic sharia law where a woman is imprisoned or killed for being raped, an Englishman is arrested for being beaten by a muslim if he happens to be protesting Islam)

Thank you Don C., M., Yucki, Richard and everyone.

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  1. 7/ Robert Spencer lined up four adjectives before ‘UK’ today, in a reference to the ‘Muslim Manifesto’ presented in British Parliament: shattered, staggering, dhimmi, subjugated…

  2. More phosphine news.

    Thailand: Illegal bedbug spray ‘probably’ killed sisters


    Two Canadian sisters who were found dead in their Phi Phi Island hotel room in 2012 were probably killed by phosphine, a deadly chemical used to kill bedbugs, a Canadian coroner says.

    Phosphine is officially banned in Thai hotels but is probably used illicitly for fumigation, Dr Renee Roussel was quoted as saying by the National Post newspaper in Toronto.

  3. #5

    Imagine that the United States is this little pill the whole world has been taking every morning since early in the twentieth century and we’ve all forgotten exactly why we’re still taking that little pill. It has some side-effects we don’t like and besides, it probably did it’s job and became redundant years ago, so we all stopped taking the pill. Now we’re throwing up and going blind and turning purple and shaking violently, and suddenly we remember why we were taking that little pill for all those years. The end…

    • Goebbels would be proud of both videos, they take a small kernel of truth and surround it with lies that the enemies of the US will believe, the lies only have to hold until Russia has rebuilt the Russian Empire.

      • These videos are saying that Russia (Putin) will do what every it takes to rebuild the Russian Empire, he is telling us what he is going to do and why he is supporting the Iranians. This is the “Game of Thrones” in real live, Putin flirts with a nuclear war in the Middle East and possible Europe to be able to achieve his goals.

      • Techniques are all too brilliant, like spilled blood swirled into the shape of the imperial insignia. Fantastic.

        I watched several times for the special effects. Eyes captivated, blink-rate slowed, I started thinking “military-industrial complex”, “imperialist aggression” and so forth.

        • They pushed all of the buttons the left has spent so much time and money installing in the west, the videos were the work of a master propagandist who is nworking to ensure that Russia is once again a major player on the worlds stage if not the sole super power.

          While I think the worlds economic crisis is going to greatly hamper Russia and the Jihadists giving the west time to decide to fight and rearm I do admit that this war is going to take the rest of this century.

  4. Female Islamic State recruiter arrested at Barcelona airport

    Madrid (AFP) – A Moroccan woman was arrested at a Spanish airport Saturday on suspicion of recruiting European and North African women to join the Islamic State group, authorities said.

    The suspect, named as Samira Yerou, was sent to Spain by Turkish authorities after they caught her trying to illegally enter Syria, Spain’s interior ministry said. Spain had issued an international arrest warrant for the woman.

    Spanish authorities, who believe Yerou was seeking to meet up with IS, took her into custody after she flew into Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

    Yerou “could have played an important role in recruiting and sending of women sympathisers of the terrorist group in Europe and Morocco,” the ministry said.

    She was with her three-year-old son when trying to get into Syria. The boy’s father filed a complaint when Yerou and the child disappeared from the Spanish city of Rubi, which is near Barcelona, in December.

    “The child is in perfect health and has been reunited with his father,” the ministry said.

    Like many European countries, Spain is battling against the radicalisation of young people seeking to join up with IS in Syria and Iraq and it has dismantled several recruitment networks in recent months.

    Spanish authorities believe about 100 Spaniards have joined Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria, a relatively low figure when compared with the number of French, British and German nationals who have sought to fight with the group.

    Overall, about 550 young women have joined IS, according to an estimate from London-based think tank the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.


    • The Clinton foundation was a money laundering setup so the Clintons could/can launder the overseas bribes for betraying the US to anyone with big bucks to pay them.

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