Mocking the jihad, Canada and Islamic antisemitism: The new normal for March 6 – 2015

1. Paulson: Zehaf Bibeau did not come to his act alone

2. Expert suggests we mock the jihad

(I’m glad they feel this way cause this:)

3. Meanwhile, a Canadian man was called by CSIS and told his son is on a jihadi watch list

A career member of Canada’s armed forces said CSIS has informed him his 23-year-old son is now considered a radical extremist. He worries he could be swept up when new anti-terror legislation comes into force.

The man, who serves on an Alberta military base, says his son in Winnipeg goes by the alias Harun Abdurahman and runs a Twitter account that sides with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

4. CTV does segment showing that a convert to islam waging islamic jihad on Canada in ‘retaliation’ against Canada for sending troops against muslims after having been influenced almost certainly by many other regional muslims have nothing, but nothing to to, with islam.

5. Horrifying video of a number of people hanging upside down in the sun by the ankles in video which is highly reminiscent of much of what took place in Egypt for the brief period that Morsi was in power.

6. BBC article on a 40M£ program to ‘stop radicalization’ in the UK.

(The money of course is used for supporting bureaucrats and making up reasons to suspend freedom of speech claiming that jihad videos are radicalizing people and trying to ban them. I offer the following logic: Out of 1 million people in the UK that see a jihad video, all of them will be disgusted and despise that ideology more than they did before. Many who were apologists for islam will be more cautious about it afterwards, eventually coming to understand reality. Meanwhile, one out of a few million who see the videos will think its a good thing and head to the Islamic State to be tortured, abused and used as cannon fodder or as a brood bitch for the jihadis. Meanwhile, 999/1000 people who leave the UK to become jihadis are getting their doctrine from local mosques and imams. None of the 40£ is used to stop that most likely. So at the end of the day, the program will assist islamic jihad by hiding the reality of it from the mentally healthy people who don’t fully understand it yet while doing nothing to deal with the actual problem.)

7. Ministers reject call to ban religious slaughter of animals that have not been stunned first despite 100,000-strong petition

(After using my slide rule to sort through the negatives in that sentence, I have determined that British MP’s will not ban halal slaughter no matter how cruel it is or if it breaches British animal cruelty laws)

A petition demanding an outright ban on slaughtering animals without stunning them first has attracted more than 100,000 backers – but the Government insisted it still had ‘no intention’ of outlawing religious slaughter.

Vets chief John Blackwell vowed to continue the fight, warning ministers they ‘simply cannot ignore the strength of public feeling’ over animal welfare and a failure to let consumers know how their meat was killed.

Campaigners will now press for a fresh Commons debate on the issue after quickly exceeding the six-figure threshold required on the parliamentary petition site to trigger a possible time slot.

A petition demanding an outright ban on slaughtering animals without stunning them first has attracted more than 100,000 backers - but was still rejected by Parliament

A petition demanding an outright ban on slaughtering animals without stunning them first has attracted more than 100,000 backers – but was still rejected by Parliament

8. Rape suspect dragged out of Indian jail, killed by mob

(Did someone say multiculturalism?)

New Delhi, India (CNN)A mob, consisting of thousands of people, stormed a prison compound in India’s far northeast, dragging out a rape suspect before beating him to death on the streets on Thursday, authorities say.

Police say they tried to stave off the mob with tear gas and opened fire, killing one person.

The crowd targeted a 35-year-old suspect, identified as an undocumented Bangladeshi settler, who died of his injuries before officers could rescue him, said L.L. Doungal, the director-general of police in the remote Nagaland state, where the attack took place.

9. Afghan men wear burkas and march for women’s rights in Kabul

(This is unexpected!)

10. ABC news article on the Islamic State war on history but utterly fails to explain the motive other than a passing remark to ‘preventing apostasy’. In fact it is mandated that muslims must destroy all things from before Islam was the ruling principle and they refer to it as ‘the time of ignorance’ before islam.

11. Interesting video of the now common, ‘dress like group A and secretly film’ but this is in many cities in Europe. The indigenous Danes seem like really nice people. From the Daily Mail.

12. Detainee traded for Bergdahl may have contacted Taliban -officials

(And for a $10.00 Tim Horton’s gift card, I bet he used an Obama phone)



Thank you M., UK Pete, Wrath of Khan, Draculea, Don C. and so many more.

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55 Replies to “Mocking the jihad, Canada and Islamic antisemitism: The new normal for March 6 – 2015”

    • I was nodding off listening to this guy, but it was better than what one has come to expect from an academic. There is that God/Allah confusion again. And ‘Al-Qaeda –inspired’ rather than what it most bascially is, Islam-inspired. He managed to say Ummah, though why ‘global Ummah?’ As though there is some other kind.

      It was news to me that mujahidin is out of favour. A Google search for turns up 11,500 results.

      • Okay, so anything inside the greater than / less than symbols disappears. That was a Google search for ‘mujahidin daesh’.

  1. Mali nightclub attack kills five in Bamako (BBC, March 7, 2015)

    “Five people have been killed in a machine-gun and grenade attack on a nightclub in Mali’s capital, Bamako. A BBC correspondent at the scene says a French national was shot dead at La Terrasse bar. Two Malian men were killed as the gunmen fled the scene. A Belgian man died when a grenade was thrown at his car in a nearby street. A third European died in hospital. Witnesses say the attackers shouted “God is Great” in Arabic (“Allahu Akbar”). A senior intelligence official told Reuters news agency two people connected to the incident had been arrested….”

  2. 2/ How about for a change the media help everyone understand the jihad threat in its many forms, and when we need some comic relief from its grimness and comprehensiveness we make fun of it.

  3. 4/ An Ahmadiyya snake lying about Islam to protect and advance Islam, a TV mannequin who knows without bothering to do his own research that ‘a full understanding of Islam’ reveals it to be a religion of love and peace, and this other one, Hussein Hamdani, profiled and exposed by Point de Bascule here:

    Canada made the mistake of rescuing his family from Uganda in 1979. And there were the MSA and other Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations established or getting established and ready to give him a leg up.

  4. 2. John Thompson said that Canadian society respected the thoughts of others even if they were nutty. This was his reason why Muslims would not become radicalized if non-Muslims were allowed to comment.

    Hello, where has he been for the last twenty years? Does he not know why Hate Crimes have been deployed? They specifically prevent criticism.

    His own government has been enforcing radical Socialism with Human Rights Kangaroo courts. Free thought and expression are not tolerated. People hold their tongue and don’t ask and don’t tell for fear of arrest. They live in an open prison where being loony gets you a pass.

    Radical Islam, Radical Sexuality, and Radical Communism stay under the radar until a perpetrator is exposed and explained as a lone wolf and a network conspiracy theory dismissed as fear mongering and an arrestable offence against the community they belong to. A society once buzzing with free churches working out the best way to worship is now of lobbyists working out the best way to dominate. The Charities have become political fronts for supplying funds. There is only the freedom to repress, not express. We cannot give out our real names on rational internet discussion blogs from our ‘free’ countries for fear of losing our jobs, let alone stalked and killed by Moderate Muslims – Yet in the 1990s we all did use our names, proudly. We didn’t change, our governments did.

    Whether it is in a car to pick up a stranger for rough sex, a young man where girls don’t talk to him and he will kill, or speak of kufar who don’t pay homage to his master’s voice – they have spent time staring at the ceiling and arguing to themselves how to make the pain go away, and that time has passed. No one was allowed to comment on their lifestyles building up to it.

    Therefore, we get to empty analysis from John Thomas like this, saying it was not our fault; if only our government had a propaganda psy-ops machine to handle this. It is our fault to say and do nothing. Muslims took the path Socialists take: They try to convert you with their version of Islam and you can’t tell them their true version of Islam. Similarly for ego-sexuality and Collectivism.

    The black and white, tit for tat simplicity of this Muslim’s argument should alert that anyone who complaints that ‘life isn’t fair’ is a walking time bomb, and that those that enable them with Hope and Change are promoting infantalizm and violence.

    • “Six schoolgirls subjected to ‘horrific’ sexual abuse and gang rape were accused by a defence lawyer of coming forward because ‘it’s better to be a victim than a slag’. Michael Magarian, QC, for the defence, suggested the girls abused in Banbury, Oxfordshire, only reported the crimes so they would not have to take responsibility for having underage sex.”

      A society that protected children, does not have a lawyer argue a defense that a child could make him lie over her body and then pretend to make the next generation of humanity. But he is communicating to the jury dwelling in the comfort of Diversity, where children can be guilty of and consenting to crimes. Drop the age of sex with them and they become little people.

      These Muslims were found guilty of pedophillia, only a Socialist’s crime, when it is was pederasty, of a power battle for the dhimmi’d male to feel confident by snatching at a life through intimidation-sex wherever available. You only have first check the anuses of the youngest Muslims for signs of Islam. Then you have a defense. Not one stating that the children made them do it – something that feminist wives swallow regarding their property of the straying husband.

      When a country cannot define the nature of its enemies – without and within, it is primed, after their decadent Summer of Multiculturalism, for the Winter of Communism.

  5. The comments under the Daily Mail video are sick making. They all know who is responsible and why but nobody is saying or being as vague as possible. Explicit and honest comments must be being deleted by the moderators.

    And it’s chock full of baiting. Lots of comments to the effect of “why is this happening?” trying to elicit responses when they know full well. You can’t tell if they’re trying to elicit anti islam statments or anti jewish but it’s weird how many of them there are.

    • All of my comments on islam are deleted on DM.
      I think there is a key word auto delete on my account.

      Comments I make on other stories get published.

  6. The United West: “STRIKE IRAN NOW” – Admiral “Ace” Lyons (54 mins)

    More focused with less joking around than the usual United West format. Admiral Lyons gives a history of missed opportunities since the Iranian Revolution (from around 18:00). Andrew Bostom co-hosts and among much else explains the relevance of najis, things or persons considered ritually unclean in Islamic law.

  7. Daniel Greenfield: Obama Appoints Man He Fired for Hamas Contacts as Middle East Coordinator

    In 2008, Robert Malley had to be fired because his Hamas contacts disqualified him as an adviser. But now he’s qualified to be the Middle East Coordinator for the White House.

    The Obamanites claimed that he was a minor informal figure with no real input. Now… it doesn’t matter anymore. As Obama has said, he’s not running for office anymore.

  8. BREITBART – Saudi Court Sentences Gang Rape Victim to 200 Lashes And Custodial Sentence

    The victim of a violent gang rape has been sentenced by a Saudi Arabian court to 200 lashes and six months in jail for the crimes of speaking to the press and indecency.

    According to Sharia Law, a Saudi Arabian woman must be accompanied by a male guardian at all times in public, something the 19 year old victim did not obey when she went to meet a friend, according to website Live Buddhism.

    While in a car with a student friend, retrieving a picture, two men got into the vehicle and drove them to a secluded area. She said she was raped there by seven men, three of whom also attacked her friend.

    […]After the sentences were handed down following the rape in 2006, which included lenient custodial sentences for the men guilty of the violent crime, the woman’s lawyer appealed to the Saudi General Court. But instead of choosing to overturn the punishments for being the victim of a crime, the court more than doubled her sentence

    […]Abdul Rahman al-Lahem, who defended the woman, reached out to the media after the sentences were handed down. The court has since banned him from further defending the woman, confiscating his license and summoning him to a disciplinary hearing later this month.

    Saudi Arabia defended the controversial decision to punish the victim, saying that she was at fault for being out without a male friend,

    • We’ve heard this so many times that maybe it’s time to get used to it. It is clearly the belief of Saudi Arabian males that woman should not be allowed to leave their homes without an escort, and if they get raped while doing so they are at fault for provoking the rape and deserve to be punished for it. And according to ISIS, the Saudis are too liberal. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called, “The religion of Islam”. Welcome to it…

  9. Emails show Clinton aides running interference during Benghazi attack

    Emails obtained through a federal lawsuit show that two top aides to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were running interference internally during the 2012 Benghazi terror attack.

    The aides were Philippe Reines, widely described as Clinton’s principal gate-keeper, and Cheryl Mills, who has been at Clinton’s side for decades.

    The emails show that while receiving updates about the assault as it happened, Mills told then-State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland to stop answering reporter questions about the status of Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was missing and later found dead.

    Also littered throughout the State Department emails, obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, are references to a so-called Benghazi Group. A diplomatic source told Fox News that was code inside the department for the so-called Cheryl Mills task force, whose job was damage control.

    The effort to stop Nuland from answering reporter questions also may have contributed to confusion over the nature of the attack. Clinton that night had put out the first statement wrongly linking the attack to a supposed protest sparked by an obscure, anti-Islam YouTube video – but that was never updated that night.

    “Cheryl Mills was instrumental in making sure the big lie was put out there,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

        • Because Chompers has caused immeasurable harm for as long as I can remember, and I know good people, smart people, even now who should be on our side but are not, in part because they were intellectually bamboozled by this man. The contrast between Ezra’s and Chomksy’s thinking is so stark here, especially seen against the background of Islamic State, Boko Haram, et al., that there is an opportunity to make some of those hypnotized people conscious again, which I imagine was on Ezra’s mind when he set up the interview.

  10. The Money That Could Be Saved By Cutting Off Hands of Thieves | Glenn Beck Program

    Some shocking comments by members of an “Islamic Tribunal” in Texas – the first in the U.S. – about the value of Sharia Law, made on the Glenn Beck Program.

  11. Holder threatens shut down of Ferguson PD

    The biggest problem here is that the Federal Government can’t dismiss/shut down any cities police department, they can arrest individual policemen but not shutdown the department. The states Governor has the authority to do this but not the Feds. Part of the separation of power in the Constitution. Remember in our Constitution the Federal Government has the power the Constitution grants, all other is reserved for the people and the states.

    Not that Obama and company are paying any attention to the Constitution.

  12. Teenager raped as she waited for a bus into city centre – and dozens of people drove past on busy road as it happened (dailymail, March 7, 2015)

    “Police are appealing for dozens of motorists who drove past an 18-year-girl as she was being raped at a bus stop to come forward.

    The teenage girl was waiting for a bus into Leeds City centre when the man grabbed her shortly before 11pm on Friday.

    The 18-year-old girl suffered what police are describing a serious head and hip injures after the man, who is believed to be in his 20s, pounced in the Beeston Hill area of Leeds.

    Detectives believe the girl was waiting for a bus into the city centre when the man, who is described as a slim Asian with receding dark hair, attacked….”

  13. We were wrong to try to ban racism out of existence, says former equality chief (dailymail, March 7, 2015)

    “A former equality chief has branded his years working to stamp out racial discrimination as ‘utterly wrong’.

    Writer and broadcaster Trevor Phillips said efforts made under the Blair government turned anti-racism into an ‘ugly new doctrine’.

    Mr Phillips is the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and has waged a 30-year campaign to tackle issues around discrimination and equality.

    In an upcoming Channel 4 documentary, called Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True, he says attempts to stop prejudice instead encouraged abuse and endangered lives as well as contributed to the rise of parties like Ukip.

    In the 75-minute documentary, he delves into Britain’s racial tensions and stereotypes as well as hostilities towards immigrants.

    He explains: ‘It was my job to to make sure that different racial and religious groups got on.

    ‘Campaigners like me seriously believed that if we could prevent people expressing prejudiced ideas then eventually they would stop thinking them.

    ‘But now I’m convinced we were utterly wrong.’

    Mr Phillips, a Labour party member, says anti-racism began with good intentions but turned into ‘thought control’.

    He says the London 2005 bombing by British Muslims, forced him to do rethink his views.

    Now, he insists that only a willingness to talk more openly about race, despite risk of causing offence, will help those in need….”

  14. IS attacks Christian villages in northeastern Syria (yahoo, March 7, 2015)

    “Islamic State militants attacked a string of predominantly Christian villages in northeastern Syria on Saturday, touching off heavy clashes with Kurdish militiamen and their local allies, activists said.

    The attack began around dawn and targeted at least three villages near the town of Tal Tamr along the Khabur River in Hassakeh province. The Islamic State group kidnapped more than 220 Christians from the same area last month after overrunning several farming communities on the southern bank of the river.

    The fighting Saturday was focused in villages on the northern bank of the river as the militants press to capture Tal Tamr, a strategic crossroads some 35 kilometers (20 miles) from the city of Hassakeh, said Osama Edwards, director of the Assyrian Network for Human Rights….”

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