Senate questions Muslim leader, Shahina Siddiqui, over alleged ties to radicals

Here is the whole session with Shahina Siddiqui. Hold on to your air sick bags for her initial few minutes and one senator in particular who can only think of one question for this clandestine CAIR speaker. How much do you want and how can we make sure we get you everything you need fast enough.

Here is an article at the Toronto Sun on this session. its worth the read as are the comments. Below, is a short segment of the whole thing from above where at least one Senator actually was hip to her nonsense and called her on it to the extent she could in a venue like that.

Notice the classic methods of dissimulation used. She condemns the loss of all “innocent” life. This of course means muslims because to a muslim religious enough to wear a garment proving your religiosity  on the head, innocent means muslims as the sharia explains it. Many of these kinds of devices are in every idea she forms.

Please check out Blazing Cat Fur on her claim that CAIR-CAN and CAIR USA are not connected nor have they ever been.


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5 Replies to “Senate questions Muslim leader, Shahina Siddiqui, over alleged ties to radicals”

  1. I’m not going to be able to take 55 minutes of that. Those five best minutes are bad enough. When we agree to have the argument on their terms the fight is already lost. She needs to be cut off after every sentence and called on each of the several lies packed into it, beginning with ‘Good afternoon and peace be with all of you.’ If the committee got through five of her sentences in one hour doing that it would be working with exceptional efficiency. Letting her talk for seven minutes uninterrupted at the outset crowds the air with so much deception that the best efforts to push through it and penetrate to where truth starts will go next to nowhere.

    I clicked into the middle of the video and heard her say, ‘We have to stop it now because we have the experience of Japanese internment.’ For crying out loud. These politicians shouldn’t even look at her directly, she turns their brains into stone.

  2. so I left a comment from my ipad,
    did you delete it?
    I was thanking you for posting these senate committee reports
    that I actually missed watching live
    I commented that the retard Grant Mitchell appears to have
    brain damage and by the lack of rationale in his comments
    clearly is demented as well.
    I wonder who appointed this jackal, hopefully not the conservatives

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