Egypt increases pressure on Ikhwan, Stephen Coughlin interview on new book and the Mayor of Jerusalem is a real action hero

1. Egypt charges 215 Muslim Brotherhood supporters

(Obama should reconsider any plans to holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh)

Egypt has charged 215 supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood with forming a militant group.

The country’s chief prosecutor accused the group – known as the Helwan Brigades – of killing six policemen and possessing weapons and ammunition.

More than half of those charged are already in custody.

Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members have been arrested since then-army head Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted the group from power in 2013 and later banned it.

Mr al-Sisi was elected president last year and continued the campaign against the brotherhood and other Islamist groups.

2. Jerusalem Mayor Speaks after Apprehending Terrorist

Here is the actual attack:

And afterwards on a phone cam:

(In a rational world, the mayor of Jerusalem would be a freaking hero in all the world’s media. It will be interesting as well as depressing and disheartening to see how he is teated instead.)

3. Interview with Stephen Coughlin: National Security Expert: U.S. Foreign Policy Leaders ‘Have Lost The Ability To Think’

From his time briefing generals in the Pentagon, Stephen Coughlin — a leading expert on national security and author of the soon-to-be-published book, “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad” — has always feared for our nation’s safety and thinks it’s time for the government to stop lying.

Coughlin is an attorney, decorated intelligence officer and expert on Islamic law and terrorism. He says the “entire world, friend and foe alike, understands, that starting with the Bush administration and accelerating in the Obama administration, that our foreign policy community is absolutely incoherent and completely vulnerable. These people have lost the ability to think.”


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20 Replies to “Egypt increases pressure on Ikhwan, Stephen Coughlin interview on new book and the Mayor of Jerusalem is a real action hero”

  1. 3. ‘Muslim Brotherhood = good cop, Al Qaeda = bad cop’

    Moderate Muslim families with the humor intolerance level of Mandarins or Homosexsquirrels defined by the breastplate of their outer meme-brain, are another clear and present danger.

    A little pressure closer to home, and many more will be emboldened by the climate of paralysed fear of hate-speech, will come out of the closet of festering anger and shame to assert themselves too.

    What are the benefits for Mankind to be shackled to mind-prisons shouting they are free and death to the unbeliever? As a dolphin out of the sea, should we put omega 3 in the tap water?

    • “We must never accept the premise that they put forward, because it is a lie, nor should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy that they seek,” Obama said. “They are not religious leaders; they’re terrorists.” He continued: “We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.”

      We hope, we hope Mr. President is just being tactful. There are 1.7 billion prissy Muslims out there and you don’t want them all activated against The Great Satan, united and at once. But then, the Socialist Administrators and Educators have been peddling this line and rewriting History for decades. So, this is dhimmide… not diplomacy hiding a subtext and clever plan… But the Narrative on cue ‘As My Rock of Identity’ that Islam is The Religion of Peace… To Dream one day little kafir children willl hold hands with the Muslims’… Mohammad is our friend as we unveil a public holiday on Mohammad’s Day… and in reality bringing the enemy further into the heart of the Nation so that the Apostate-in-Chief gets his throat cut one night by a Lone Wolf security detail, aka Domestic Violence. American Socialism ripe for turning into a Communist dictatorship that needs any macho guy with a severe inferiority complex ruthless enough to actually build the prison camps for dissidents and intellectuals, and make them the rehabilitation centers for enlightenment. Thousands of angry Muslims believe they are typecast for the role. Never let a liberal opportunity of nobel helplessness go unraped.

  2. I found the Steven Coughlin interview to be jumbled and wandering. As far as I could discern, he never really got to the meat of the matter. He said the intelligence agencies “couldn’t think” anymore. In what way can’t they think? As far as I could tell, he never really made a concrete point.

    • I believe he is saying that because the administration has warped what you can and cannot say about islam as a threat doctrine, there is no basis on which to proceed logically.

      You can no longer think because your premise is flawed or in fact deliberately set for you and is wrong and cannot lead to anything but cognitive dissonance.

      Frankly a case can be made at this point that Obama is with Ikhwan and I think the Egyptians would agree.

    • Babs, I have to say I had no trouble following Steven Coughlin here, but it may be because I’m already familiar with his work and this was just like an interesting gloss on it. Have you watched the videos series linked under ‘Some Useful Videos’?

    • In place of factual analysis of the threat, US strategy is based on pre-fabricated narratives driven by unrealistic soft-science political science and anthropology models cooked up by academics whose main concern is to publish.

      Military leaders are invested in these narratives and are angered when forced to confront realities that have been supplanted by fantasies.

      It may be collusion or ignorance, but ignorance is not a defense when there is a duty to know.

      We are fighting a war according to the enemy’s strategy and not ours, because the government chose not to know.

      The people who hate us, not only the MB but the Chinese, Russians and Iranians, know that our leaders don’t know what they’re doing because they are monitoring us closely.

      The MB in America have engaged in decades of disinformation campaigns and so successfully that Western leaders now do their subversion for them.

      Our foreign policy community is completely incoherent and thinking in circles while the MB is running the show.

      The CVE strategy does not support the Constitution. Instead it supports the post-modern narrative, the multicultural narrative, that because there are no facts, there is no truth, and because there is no truth, there are no facts. Everything is a matter of interpretation. Therefore you have no right to support the Constitution – that is an extreme position that if you were willing to fight to defend would make you a violent extremist.

      This is actually sedition. It undermines national security. It doesn’t matter that 90% of the people involved are unaware of what they are doing, they have a responsibility to understand. See Maj. Hassan.

      Hilary Clinton attacked American freedom of speech by going along with the OIC’s goal in its ten-year plan to implement Shariah speech codes via UN Resolution 16/18. Multiculturalism is used to camouflage the OIC’s real intent. Hilary suggested she would use extra-legal measures to implement Shariah blasphemy law.

      The MB cynically uses interfaith outreach to every major denomination to quash opposition to its programs.

      There is hope in that the general public recognizes it is being lied to.

      The main objective of an insurgency (like that the MB is running) is to undermine the public’s confidence in the established order. This also works against them, as it fuels a counterinsurgency. Unfortunately, it is late in the day. Coughlin is not sure we can win this, definitely not with the present leadership.

      • Jeh Johnson This Week Abc. Johnson On Mall of America Threat, Islamic Label, DHS Funding (the pain level increases sharply around 3:30)

  3. (2/23/2015) By Hezki Ezra, Gil Ronen
    “Suddenly I felt someone pushing me – something – into my body. I still didn’t understand that this was a terror attack. I looked and saw the terrorist standing one meter from me with a knife and getting ready to stab me again. I shouted out that this was a stabbing and people ran away. I hit him with my tefillin bag. He stepped back, I hit him again. I went into the road and maintained eye contact with him. I shouted out that if anyone has a weapon, they should neutralize him.
    “With great help of God, mayor Nir Barkat was there with his bodyguard. They were very cool and collected. They understood that this was a terrorist. The bodyguard pointed his gun at the terrorist and he dropped his knife. Then the guard and Barkat tackled him.”

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