Muslim Youth in Copenhagen place tribute to killed terrorist

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Youth say they feel ‘discriminated’

On Monday, masked and unmasked Muslim youths removed flowers in Copenhagen from the place where the Islamic terrorist Omar el-Hussein was shot dead by police on Sunday. According to the youths, flowers at a memorial monument are in conflict with the Islamic tradition. It is not known who placed the flowers there previously.

The youths hung a plaque with the text: “In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. May Allah have mercy. The location of your home is paradise. Goodbye my dear one” and “rest in peace”.

The youths say they are the ‘brothers’ of the shot 22-year-old terrorist.

They did not respond to questions from the Danish media, but sources at the Danish TV2 say that young people feel “discriminated” in Danish society. They also believe that the media works with ‘double standards’ as there is hardly any attention when a Muslim is killed.

After the young people had removed the flowers they shouted “Allah akbar” several times.

Update: interpretation of Islamic (mourning) rituals by our Islam expert: “While there are many Muslims who put flowers on graves, such use is prohibited by orthodox and fundamentalist Muslims because it would be an imitation of Christians, which is strictly prohibited. This has to do with the fact that the grave is a temporary resting place that will be opened on the last day for the bones to come to life again. Sura 99 and 100 refer to this latter. ”

(From Eeyore: It is extremely important that the muslims feel this man is in paradise. The rules for entering paradise are quite clear. One needs to abandon the Obama-inserted language controls which are in accord with the OIC and Ikhwan rules. Its easy to condemn terrorism when you define terrorism as defending against Jihad. What we see here is muslims agreeing that this killer is a sacred personage now because he committed acts of jihad. Something you will not hear Obama or muslim leaders condemn. Understanding this is a kind of rosetta stone to understanding events as they unfold and the way in which they are spoken about)

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