More from Denmark and generally more examples of Islam bringing darkness to the world Links 4 on Feb. 14 2015

Before any links, a few predictions. That is, if they haven’t already happened while I took a short nap.

Soon, the president of the USA will make an announcement, making an en-passant reference to the synagogue shooting in Denmark as some people that got in the way of bullets near some random building while reminding us that the real danger is the ‘backlash’ which will come in the form of some muslims spraying a Swastika on one of their own mosques using watercolors and calling the media before the paint runs off from the rain. Then he will go back to trying to get the trial of the parking psycho in North Carolina changed to a thought crime instead of a triple murder with all the influence Eric Holder can muster. Just so no one is surprised you understand.

1. Another English video on the shooting in Copenhagen

2. Iraq – Muslim terrorists + drone – Feb 14 2015

3. If I didn’t know better, I would say this was a video of muslim terrorists using American weapons

4. Police in Copenhagen have shot a man near Nørrebro train station; condition of man unknown, police say –

5. Civilian shot in Copenhagen synagogue shooting has died, police say

6. Tribal leader: Iraqi troops in Anbar could ‘collapse within hours’

(Video at site)

(CNN)An Iraqi tribal leader said Saturday that ISIS militants are gaining ground in Anbar province, predicting a “collapse within hours” of Iraqi army forces there if tribal forces withdraw.

Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud, a Sunni Muslim leader of the Albu Nimr tribe, called for more U.S. intervention — including ground troops, arming tribes directly or at least pressuring the Iraqi government to give the tribes more firepower.

While U.S. officials have said that ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State, is on the defensive in Iraq and Syria, al-Gaoud says that’s definitely not the case where he is.

“In Anbar, we are losing ground, not gaining,” he said

7. BBC: Police kill man who penned fire on them in Copenhagen 

Official Danish police tweet on this

8. This is interesting. Go to the page here and do a word search on Denmark. You will see that ‘This Muslim Issue’ has screen captures from Tardorist social media explaining clearly that Denmark would be next right after France.

9. This must be the Islamic State video which informed Obama about the motives of the Paris shooting:

10. This appears to be a scene from the area cordoned off in Denmark tonight.

Thank you Bains, M., WTD., Wrath of Khan,  ML., Oz-Rita Malca, and all. Hell of a day, wasn’t it?

More RAW footage from Denmark

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3 Replies to “More from Denmark and generally more examples of Islam bringing darkness to the world Links 4 on Feb. 14 2015”

  1. on twitter:
    David Cameron
    I condemn the shootings in #Copenhagen. #Freespeech must always be protected. My thoughts are with the Danish people. – Feb 14
    @David_Cameron That’s 1st class hypocrisy! Why do you side with the islamists against your own people? ENOUGH of “Nothing-to-do-with-Islam”!
    Feb 14, 2015, 7:38 PM

    #3. Autographed by Obama himself? Anyway as that cute little French ditty in the wake of the muslim Paris attacks went: “The smaller the dick the bigger the gun” or words to that effect.

    #8: One thing to be said about the islamist vermin: They tell you exactly what they intend to do and they do it. Problem is that Obama/CamOron/Hollande/Merkel and all the skandinavian “leaders” either dont want to listen or do want the vermin to succeed.
    One leader stands out: Geert Wilders !
    One media stood out: SUN

  2. Is it Act 1 Scene I yet or is this still part of the long overture? Setting the mood of the piece and stating some of the important themes.

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