Halifax, probably more Columbine than 911 and more: Links 1 on Feb. 14 – 2015

1. John Guandolo’s segnment in the ‘Islam Vs. Islamism’ debate at the Defeating Jihad summit in Washington on Feb. 11 2015.

I thought it was a pretty good little section so I made it a stand alone video but our edit of the whole debate can be seen here)

2. Study: 27% of Americans say ISIL represents true Islam

3.UK: Law to make reporting of FGM mandatory

(And I’m sure this law will be a great success. just like the British law on not raping children)

4. Here is the CBC video about the foiled plot to do a mass killing by 4 people which had nothing to do with Islam

5. Grand Mufti of Oz: ‘Don’t ban terror groups’

6. Peter McKay speaks to the arrests of the people who had planned a mass killing attack in Halifax:  story here

(I suspect this was closer to Columbine than it was to 911. Notice the reporters are actually doing their job for a change)


I cannot close this post without mentioning how repugnant it is that the US President, Barack Obama, referred to people who had been murdered by muslim terrorists in Paris for no reason other than that they were in a Jewish grocer, which meant there was a high likelihood that they were Jewish, as random victims of undefined shootings, while 72 hours later claiming that some people killed by a lone psycho in the US over long standing parking disputes to which everyone who knows the guy agrees, Obama claims had killed them because of their religion. 

So on the one hand he denies a motive when the proof is overwhelming and then invents a motive when there is not only no proof of it, but actual evidence that the motive was something else. All to favour islam and muslims as victims of the hostile other and to not allow people to see islam for what it is.

At this stage anyone still in denial of Obama’s thoughts and beliefs in this regard are too delusional to actually adjust their thinking with any future amount of proof that may pass their eyes.

Thank you Don C., M., Tundra T., and all who contributed comments and links yesterday and upcoming today.


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9 Replies to “Halifax, probably more Columbine than 911 and more: Links 1 on Feb. 14 – 2015”

  1. @7 Obama is a Moslem supporter if not a believing and practicing Moslem, he is doing what he said he would and siding with the Moslems every time.

  2. @THE RCMP

    Hello there…….its me again……..Don Laird……..

    I have no respect nor regard for the RCMP.

    They have long since shed their robes of efficacy and efficiency, now little more than a sorry collection of corrupt and criminal incompetents.

    In the case of the RCMP, criminality and dereliction of duty is the very least of their talents and, aside from their being rather adept at getting themselves shot and killed in large numbers by not only lone drug dealing psychopaths but by those persons seeking to avenge the murders of their friends, murders that were committed by the RCMP, their deaths, almost exclusively, are wrought from their own clownish behaviour and incompetence. We have borne stunned witness as through politically correct bumbling, service to self and idiotic buffoonery, the RCMP “Musical Ride” has become a sickening carnival sideshow of zeal, decay, corruption, criminality and unprofessional stupidity.

    They are are lawless and above the law, committing a wide range gut wrenching criminal acts that range from serial pedophilia to rape, theft and murder and virtually everything in between.

    (Google; RCMP Sgt Don Ray, RCMP Geoff Mantler, RCMP David Pompeo, RCMP Inspector Ron Makar, RCMP Cpl Jim Brown, RCMP High River Gun Grab…..and that’s just for starters)

    These “arrests” in Halifax are a farce, a trivial distracting farce that do nothing, absolutely nothing to stem the advance of the Muslim in North America. From a law enforcement perspective this arrest is much like a group of little girls sitting around with tea sets and Easy-Bake Ovens, playing house with dolls and stuffed animals.

    Look no further than the recent arrests in Ontario regarding the Via Rail terrorist plot. The primary key in all of that was a bloody FBI agent!!!!!

    You can look at towns all across Alberta, where under the commands of RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan and Commissioner Paulson, the Muslim, the Jihadi and all their support infrastructure are given carte-blanche to do as they please. These terrorists are allowed to flourish, run their schools, make their plans, generate their funding, and all while the bumbling RCMP drop their pants, spread their cheeks and invite round after robust round of pillow-biting, carpet-munching “cultural diversity”.

    The RCMP actions redefine the words sickening, defines the words treason, collaboration and sedition.

    The RCMP are the “go-to” authorities when dealing with serial jay-walkers, lost dogs or cats stuck in trees. But should you find yourself in need of professional, competent law enforcement, should you find yourselves in need of protection in your communities, should you need defense of your family and friends from the murderous Muslim, please look elsewhere, look anywhere, absolutely anywhere, but the RCMP.

    The RCMP, a collection of bumbling half-wits and jackasses, the classic dull-witted town sheriff with a habit of blasting his toes to ratshit, are proficient at getting themselves shot to hell, holding funeral parades, playing violins, shedding crocodile tears and then show even greater proficiency in manipulating public sentiment in order to divert attention away from their miserable buffoonish failings.

    So incompetent are the RCMP that, metaphorically speaking, they can’t even wipe their own asses. Recently, the Canadian government was forced to take the extraordinary step of placing a civilian in charge of the RCMP in order to correct the lethal and criminal systemic defects that were utterly beyond the ability of senior RCMP commanders to identify and address let alone resolve. On July 17, 2007, Commissioner William Elliot, the first civilian head of the RCMP, was appointed to do what the senior RCMP echelons either wouldn’t or couldn’t do; provide leadership and competent professional stewardship of a national police force. Essentially; the RCMP needed a babysitter.

    It was to be expected that Commissioner Elliot would have an uphill battle on his hands as simply the act of appointing outside help to assist the RCMP with the very basics of police force leadership and management was a damning indictment and bound to bruise some fragile egos. Expectations were spot on and for the past seven years we have borne witness to the gnashing of teeth and juvenile whimpering from top RCMP commanders as they complained vigorously about the manner in which they were taken to task for their shortcomings, in the manner they were spoken to. This raises the question; exactly how does one give a politically correct, ego massaging, sugar coating to phrases and words like, dereliction of duty, professional misconduct, incompetence, lethality, criminal complicity, perjury, and murderous zeal? Exactly how do we put a spin on language that accurately describes the actions of the RCMP so as not to bruise the delicate sensibilities of the senior RCMP bureaucracy?

    The RCMP seek to blame everyone else save themselves. This is not surprising as in the last decade we have watched as this once proud police force with an international reputation for excellence, professionalism and the dogged pursuit of justice has deteriorated into a corrupt, self serving, incompetent, murderous and duplicitous national joke.

    As our national police force (RCMP) their reputation for criminality, murder, zeal, incompetence, corruption and stupidity is well deserved; it is a reputation they have unceasingly and diligently cultivated for over 2 decades. They are an international disgrace to Canada and a national embarrassment to Canadians. They, as we are, should be ashamed of themselves.

    The RCMP need to be disbanded and scattered to the four winds.

    Regards Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. @3….re FGM.Only recently,in my local newspaper a muslim man had written a letter re this very subject,and saying that seeing as recently a Doctor in Britain had been arrested for performing FGM on a young girl,there was obviously ” a need for it” and instead of arresting him,he should be allowed to carry out FGM because then the parents wouldn’t need to leave Britain to have it done on their children! He said it was”good for the health of the body” and Britain should”stop interfering in the traditions of the muslims” and “adapt”and in this multicultural Britain it was acceptable and their”custom”. I was sorely tempted to reply,but instead threw away the paper in disgust.Eagerly awaiting a recent edition in which I was looking forward to others replying to said letter….there was not ONE letter arguing the wrongs of FGM or any remarking on the extreme backwardness of islam,not one.I have replied to this man before,and you know what? Yep,they don’t print my letter,yet,in the name of multiculturalism,they print such medieval rubbish as this one on FGM.

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