Plot to kill many in Canada may have been foiled, Australia’s grand mufti objects to banning terror: Links 4 on Feb. 13 – 2015

1. Plot foiled to murder large number of Canadians on Valentine’s day. 4 people arrested, 3 men and a woman and no names given.

(A generic picture of a white person with a rifle is used in the article though)

Toronto SUN Link on that story here

(Still no names or descriptions but I have a pretty good guess)

(I would like an M please and an H and I would like to buy an O and an A Vanna. I’m pretty sure I will win the ‘Wheel of Name the Terrorist’ with that collection of letters as well as the D and E already on the board.)

2. Michel Angers, Shawinigan mayor, explains decision to reject mosque

Shawinigan councillors flooded with messages from across Quebec imploring them not to allow mosque

The mayor of Shawinigan, Que. is admitting his council caved to “irrational fears” Tuesday when it refused to rezone an industrial park in order to allow a mosque to open.

Michel Angers said Friday city councillors were flooded with phone calls, letters, emails and text messages from across the province and beyond, imploring them not to allow the mosque.

“People are possessed with irrational fears, fed by the tumultuous times, particularly since the serious attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris,” Angers said Friday at a news conference in the city of 50,000, 160 km northeast of Montreal.

The Muslim Cultural Centre of Shawinigan applied wanted to open a mosque for about 30 families to gather and pray. (Radio-Canada)

Angers said refusing the mosque was a difficult decision that challenged his personal values, but he felt it was the right thing to do. He said just because people are afraid does not mean they are racist.


The Muslim Cultural Centre of Shawinigan applied wanted to open a mosque for about 30 families to gather and pray. (Radio-Canada)

3.Here is quite a story out of Dearborn. It would be quite interesting to know how much of it is true.

During the attack, she said, an employee of Kroger “came and he grabbed the Arabic guy, and let the … guys beat on him. They were throwing punches at the Arabic guy.”

At 5:57 p.m., Bazzi called 911.

Afterward, the Kroger employee said, ” ‘Oh, I was just trying to break it up,’ ” Bazzi said. “But that’s not what I saw. He held that guy.”

A manager at the Kroger store declined comment Friday evening.

Dearborn Police said in a statement released today: “The incident is currently being thoroughly investigated to determine whether it involves a criminal assault and/or whether it was motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender(s) bias.”

4. UK raises terror alert to 2nd highest 

5. Daily Mail link on the Islamic State humiliation parade of PoWs.

6. Al Qaeda freed 6 inmates in Yemen prison attack, officials say

So glad they took this picture from in front for a change

So glad they took this picture from in front for a change


(CNN)Al Qaeda militants freed six of their fighters from a southern Yemeni prison during an attack on the facility Friday, just one day after the group took over a military camp in the same province, security officials said.

These attacks by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has long clashed with Yemen‘s military, happened in the Arab nation’s Shabwa province, more than 100 miles to the east of the capital, which has been in political strife for weeks after minority Houthi rebels took over.

7. Nigeria’s Boko Haram militants attack Chad for first time

(Video at site of personal testimony of the attack by BH)

Nigerian Boko Haram militants have carried out an attack on Chad overnight, the first such assault on Chadian soil, officials say.

Fighters crossed Lake Chad in four motorboats and attacked a village, an army spokesman told the BBC.

The Islamist militants were pushed back by Chadian troops after killing several people, residents said.

Chad recently joined Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon in a military coalition against Boko Haram.

8. Australia’s Grand Mufti slams government ban

The Federal Government should drop its plans to ban the radical group Hizb ut-Tahrir, according to the spiritual leader of Muslims in Australia.

The Grand Mufti has also slammed Australia’s involvement in Syria and support for Israel saying it will lead to more young Muslims joining Islamic State.

Thank you all who sent in materials. M., GoV., TL, ML., Wrath of Khan and more. It has been a very busy day editing and producing materials from the various events that have taken place recently, most notably the Defeating Jihad event in DC, where GoV and I are going through hours of material looking for Gems that may be of general interest.

More to come however. Hell of a day.


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    • True it is optimistic to say it will damage the foreign policy, his actions are causing massive war around the world. A war that will last for many decades and one where we can’t quit fighting because we are tired of fighting, we either win or surrender there are no other options.

    • I would think the reason for disabling the comments is to avoid the risk of hundreds of readers pointing out what a stupid, shallow argument he wastes all those column inches making. Better educated Muslims just means cleverer terrorists less likely to be picked off by our security services like the clowns they’re catching now.

  1. Re #1 – comment in the link
    So the police found out, we can’t tell you how, about some people, we can’t tell you who, were going to commit a crime, we can’t tell you what, at some place, we can’t tell you where, involving a woman, we cant tell you who, what, where, or why, but we DO know neighbors saw a lot of cops running around and were’ all safe now. Oh, and hand in your guns.

  2. Saudi- Kingdom prays for rain

    On a directive from Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman istisqa (rain prayer) was performed in all parts of the Kingdom on Monday with the participation of governors of the regions and their deputies and senior government officials.

    The sermons of the day pointed out that misdeeds prevent rainfall and they urged the members of the congregation to seek forgiveness and adhere to the Holy Qur’an and the teachings of the prophet and be good Muslims.

    According to prophet’s traditions istisqa prayers are conducted in the event of drought or delay in rainfall.

    In a statement issued by the Royal Court Muslims were urged to take part in the prayers perform meritorious deeds seek forgiveness and give charities magnanimously.

    In addition to the major mosques in all parts of the Kingdom the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah also conducted the prayers on Thursday. Istisqa prayers were also performed at universities and schools in various provinces of the Kingdom.

    […]An official from the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) told Arab News that the rains are ideal for good plant cover. ‘They will benefit flora and fauna. In the event of good rains during this season we could also expect a more successful breeding season for the wildlife in spring.’

    ‘The wetness will freshen up the vegetation and grasslands in the Central Province’ he said adding that the rains will greatly benefit the wildlife providing water and necessary food for its sustenance.’–Kingdom-prays-for-rain

    prayer for rain in Mecca :

  3. Shots fired at Copenhagen cafe free speech event

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Danish media say several shots have been fired at a cafe in Copenhagen where a meeting about freedom of speech was being held, organized by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has faced numerous threats for caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad in 2007.

    The TV2 channel said Saturday there were some 30 bullet holes in the window of the Krudttoenden cafe and said at least two people were taken away on stretchers, including a uniformed police officer.

    Helle Merete Brix, one of the organizers of the event, told The Associated Press that Vilks was present at the event but not injured. When the artist is in Denmark, he receives police protection.

    The cafe in northern Copenhagen, known for its jazz concerts, was hosting an event titled “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression” when the shots were fired.

    Niels Ivar Larsen, one of the speakers at the event, told the TV2 channel that he saw two wounded people.

  4. Montreal cancels booking for Muslim graduation

    The City of Montreal has cancelled a reservation it took for Saturday night at 999 McEachran, part of the Outremont Community Centre.

    The Academy of North American Sharia, the MISHKA, had reportedly booked a hall for the graduation ceremonies of a Muslim private school.

    Organizers had also invited two imams, Salah Assawy and Omar Shahin, to discuss fundamentalism .

    Assawy is the Secretary general of the Assembly of Muslim jurists of America, an organization known for its radical religious opinions about marital rape.

    At his side was supposed to be imam Omar Shahin, a fervent proponent of Sharia, the Islamic law which includes stoning for adultery. He said Muslims should also refuse to obey Western laws.

    But borough Mayor, Marie Cinq-Mars found that the presence of the two controversial leaders was unacceptable and likely to cause serious problems.

    So she immediately asked for the district to cancel the reservation.

    www( dot ) cjad( dot )com/cjad-news/2015/02/14/montreal-cancels-booking-for-muslim-graduation

    A Muslim graduation ceremony won’t be held at a community centre in Outremont Saturday evening after the borough cancelled the reservation.

    The Outremont borough issued a press release Saturday morning saying it had made the decision following ‘disturbing information’ broadcast on the TVA Nouvelles network Friday.

    The network’s investigative show J.E. said two fundamentalist imams — Salah Assawy and Omar Shahin — were hosting the Académie de la charia nord-américaine, la MISHKA’s event where diplomas would be handed out in islamic studies.

    Borough Mayor Marie Cinq-Mars said they deemed the presence of controversial leaders mentioned in the television network’s report “unacceptable” and could lead to serious problems.

    She immediately asked borough management to cancel the reservation, Cinq-Mars said in a statement.

    The rental agreement for a private muslim school to stage a graduation ceremony at the Centre communautaire intergénérational on McEachran Ave. featured the name A.S.I.C., which the borough believes is an acronym for the Association des Sciences Islamiques au Canada.

    The name of the l’Académie de la charia nord-américaine, la MISHKA didn’t appear in the rental contract and staff at the centre learned about it during the television report, the borough said in its statement.

    link for a video on this page :

  5. The Kroger attack is interesting but like Eeyore I wonder how much of the article is true, if it is all true it looks like the threatened backlash is starting, if most of it is bull it is business as usual.

  6. LIBYA – IS gunmen warn militias in Libya’s Sirte to leave by Sunday

    Gunmen loyal to the Islamic State (IS) group have warned Libyan local militias to leave the western city of Sirte by Sunday, local media reported on Saturday.

    The fighters also attacked Bahi and Dahra oil fields near the city, Libya Herald said.

    Also on Friday, militants took control of two radio stations of Sirte, “Free Voice” and “Radio Mikdashi,” airing verses of the Quran and speeches of IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the group’s spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani.

    Warplanes of the Libyan national army have launched several rounds of airstrikes on the IS militants, but the number of casualties was not immediately known, local al-Wasat paper reported.

    Libya is now deadlocked in a dogfight between the pro-secular army and Islamist militants. The turmoil makes an ideal hotbed and recruiting ground for terrorism.

    On Jan. 27, an IS affiliate in Libya targeted the biggest hotel in the capital Tripoli, killing nine people and injuring dozens.

    Earlier in December, armed groups claiming loyalty to IS also set up bases in the eastern city of Derna.

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