More of it: Links 4 on Feb. 11 – 2015

1. More on the parking issue that so far has led to three deaths in North Carolina

2. EXPOSÉ: Belgium is Committing Suicide

Belgium doesn’t only hold the record for jihadists in Europe, it is also the European country with the highest suicide rate. The most notorious suicide is the Nobel Prize laureate in Medicine, Christian de Duve, who, two years ago, killed himself in front of his four children.

Six suicides a day. With a suicide rate estimated at more than 20 per 100,000 inhabitants, Belgium breaks all records in Western Europe. The world average is 14.5 per 100,000 inhabitants. Suicide is indeed the first cause of mortality among Belgians between 25-44 and the second leading cause, after vehicle accidents, between 15-24.

[…] At the same time, Belgium adopted the most radical form of multiculturalism that Europe has ever known. In 1974, the Belgian government officially recognized the Islamic religion. The first result of this recognition was the adoption, in 1975, of the inclusion of the Islamic religion in the school curriculum. Muslims in Belgium are 75 percent fundamentalist.

3. Now and again, someone sends me something which makes me realize that at some level, we just may deserve the mess we are in. If not all of us, at least California

4. Islamic State Disfigure 15 Women With Acid

Al-Khansa, the all-female Islamic State (IS) brigade, have arrested and punished 15 women in Mosul.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul Saed Mamuzini told BasNews that al-Khansa arrested the 15 women for failing to wear the niqab.

They were arrested on Sunday in the Salamiya neighborhood of Mosul.

Mamuzini said al-Khansa militants disfigured the women by pouring acid on their faces.

“They have implemented this punishment so that other women in the city will never consider removing or not wearing the niqab,” he said.

Last month members of IS executed a number of women by stoning. They were accused of adultery.

5. Michael Mukasey at the CSP’s Defeating Jihad conference


OTTAWA – Days before Awso Peshdary was arrested and charged as a key figure in a national terrorism investigation, he was teaching children how to shoot hoops in an Ottawa public school gymnasium.

Peshdary, who was described by CSIS spies as a talent spotter and recruiter for a convicted terrorist when he was first arrested in 2010, was most recently employed as a youth services worker with the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre.

(Video at site is very good)

7. Armed Robber Shows Off ‘Islam’ Chest Tattoo During Holdup, Police Say

QUEENS — A religious robber asked a Jamaica cellphone store worker not to report a holdup, claiming they were both Muslim as he held up his shirt to reveal the word “Islam” tattooed on his chest, police said.

According to investigators, the suspect stole nearly $800 from 111 Wireless and More last December and even shook the victim’s hand before leaving during the bizarre incident.

Thank you M., Yucki, TL., Richard and a host of others. Clearly the frequency of Islamic, shall we say, ‘anti-social acts’ are increasing in tempo, as is the attempt to disguise them as something other than that, while CAIR does its level best to turn one angry man’s frustration at a local parking dispute in which he went triple overboard and shot three people, into a much needed by muslims, victim of islamophobia.

Meanwhile, a Jewish diner in England had its windows knocked out by people throwing rocks which is being called, at last look, a random act of vandalism.

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  1. #6

    The thing is that I can take one look at this guy from a hundred feet away and I can know without any doubt whatsoever that he is the enemy. It’s not a matter of racism, it’s just obvious. Much like a Waffen SS uniform with shiny silver death’s head pins, his costume says it all. He should be placed in a facility until the war is over…

  2. #ChapelHillShooting Victim’s Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist, Pro-Terrorist Tweets

    One of the Chapel Hill shooting victim’s tweets reveal anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-Israel, and anti-Zionist views.

    Deah Barakat tweeted over 8,000 times. Some of them are about sports. Many of them are hateful.

    Many of Barakat’s tweets are obsessed with Islam or the Koran.

    Others are obsessed with Zionism and Israel.

    He also planned on going to Syria.

    And seems to have sent lots of money to them.

    He also was nasty to white people.

    more on this page :

      • There was a man in my building who was a total freak about his parking space. If someone had a half inch of tire on the line, he’d come out with a baseball bat.

        Meet him walking down the street, he was very polite, “Hi! How’ya doin’–”

        And there have been serious fights over spaces shovelled free of snow taken by a passing opportunist.

  3. Libya; sources, 40 severed heads found in Benghazi

    Forty severed heads were found in a training camp that the Libyan regular army took back from islamists militias, Libyan sources and media said Wednesday. The hospital of Bengasi received “forty human heads with no bodies”, said medical sources who did not further speculate on the finding made by Libyan special forces on patrol in the area.

    Egyptian agency Mena quoted a Bengasi medical centre press office source as saying that the heads were recovered “in a training camp in the area of Bou Atny” taken back from the “Shura”, the coalitian of islamist militias active in the second Libyan city. Although the agency does not specify it, the “training camp” is presumably a different place from the strategic “base” Libyan special forces regained control of according to an Arab newspaper. The Libyan regular army and islamist militias with ties to Isis have been fighting for the control of Bengasi. Rebel forces lost the port and some of their strongholds and have retreated to a few pockets of resistance according to information provided by the army.

  4. AUSTRALIA – Sydney ‘terror plot’: Suspect ‘used false documents to enter country’

    A VIDEO seized from the home of two Sydney men arrested this week shows a self-described “soldier of the caliphate” brandishing a knife and pledging to begin “stabbing the kidneys and striking the necks” of Islamic State’s enemies, Tony Abbott has told parliament.

    Omar Al-Kutobi, 24, and Mohammad Kiad, 25, were allegedly about to kill or harm a member of the public with a knife as part of a terrorist attack but were arrested at a property in Sydney’s west on Tuesday afternoon.

    The Prime Minister this afternoon gave a graphic description of the video, which he was shown at a counter-terrorism briefing in Canberra this morning.

    “Kneeling before the death cult flag with a knife in his hand and a machete before him one of those arrested said this: ‘I swear to all mighty Allah, we will carry out the first operation for the soldiers of the caliphate in Australia’,” Mr Abbott told parliament.

    “He went on to say, Madam Speaker: ‘I swear to all mighty Allah, blond people, there is no room for blame between you and us. We only are you, stabbing the kidneys and striking the necks’.”

    […]Earlier today, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said one of the men suspected of planning a terror plot to kill a member of the public might have flown to Australia with false documentation.

    […]Mr Dutton has now asked for an urgent review following suggestions one of the suspects used false documentation to enter Australia. He said there were about 50,000 people who also arrived on boats around that time, hampering intelligence agencies’ ability to check every person thoroughly.

  5. CANADA – Accused B.C. terrorist explains conversion to Islam

    “I wanted jihad before I became a Muslim,” Nuttall says in the video, which was played for the jury.

    In a video of that encounter, Nuttall tells the officer he wants “justice,” for what, he doesn’t say, and was drawn to Islam because of what he saw as the 9/11 hijackers’ courage to ”stand up.”

    “I wanted jihad before I became a Muslim,” Nuttall says in the video, which was played for the jury.

    “I just wanted justice. … When 9/11 happened, I became really interested with these people.”

    “The first thing I said when I converted is, ‘How do I worship my God?”’ Nuttall says in the video.

    “And my second question was, ‘Where is my gun? Let’s go do jihad.”

    […]Nuttall also lists other possible targets in the Victoria area, including a passenger ferry that travels between the city and Seattle, an area around the city’s former wax museum that is often busy with tourists, or a nearby military base, which he suggests storming with automatic weapons.

    He expresses a particular interest in targeting soldiers or American tourists.

    on this page :

  6. Al-Qaida militants seize Yemeni military base in south

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Al-Qaida militants seized control of an important army base Thursday following clashes with soldiers that left at least eight people dead, military officials said.

    The officials say at least four soldiers and four militants died in the fighting and that at least 15 soldiers were taken hostage. The base is home to Yemen’s 19th Infantry Brigade and is located in the Baihan area in southern Shabwa province.

    The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk to reporters.

    A Twitter account affiliated with Yemen’s al-Qaida branch, considered to be the most dangerous affiliate of the global terror network, posted images of militants raising their black flag over the base.

    The photographs also show militants riding in armored vehicles. The images’ authenticity could not be independently confirmed but corresponded to events described by the officials.

    A statement posted on the group’s Twitter account said the attack on the base followed speculation that Shiite rebels — who already control the capital, Sanaa, and several northern cities — were looking to establish their presence in southern Yemen as well.

    The Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, are sworn enemies of al-Qaida but also oppose the U.S. government. Their stranglehold on the capital eventually forced President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to resign, and they subsequently dissolved the parliament as well. They also recently seized control of central Bayda province, an important gateway to the south, and the oil-rich central Marib province.

    Al-Qaida said in the statement that one of its fighters blew himself up at the base’s gates setting off the clashes. They said the troops in the base eventually surrendered, and have since been freed.

  7. UK – Pork gets the chop at ALL primary schools in London borough

    PORK has been chopped from the menu at all primary schools in one of London’s biggest boroughs.

    An Islington Council spokesman said: “Young children, some as young as four, of different religious and ethnic backgrounds may not know which foods contain pork, or may not realise the importance of avoiding it due to their culture or beliefs.

    “Monitoring each child, every day ensuring they are avoiding pork, is an unnecessary cost at a time of tight budgets.”

    He said: “By not having pork on the menus in our schools, we can keep down costs and reduce food waste, maximising the schools meal budget in tough financial circumstances.

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