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18 Replies to “Admiral (Ret) James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons, Jr. at Defeating Jihad”

      • How sad that our world has come down to Muslims and everyone else. We have allowed them to immigrate to western countries where they DO NOT ASSIMILATE and eventually breed like rabbits to overwhelm the country and it’s laws and social systems. After that they demand their laws and their customs be implemented and there are entire ghettos where police no longer go.

        Coming to American – Deborne, MI is an example. They are starting in Dallas – they “say” that they just want to be able to follow a “few” of their laws, what harm would that do, and they are still nice, but as a Texan I want them out of my state and out of my country. The FBI has even identified a training camp for terrorist in our state but they are unable, or were told not to do anything about it. Muslims don’t belong here, they don’t agree with our customs, our laws, and our freedom of religion so why are they here?

        Meanwhile our southern border is a sieve and the are entering illegally with the help of South American training camps and Mexican training camps which teach them how to assimilate. What do they bring with them?

  1. It’s one thing for me to say it, but quite another when a retired US admiral does. He said that Obama’s policy was anti-American, anti-Western, pro-Islam, pro-Iran, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood. That is exactly right, isn’t it. Well, why isn’t somebody arresting Barack Obama on charges of espionage or treason or something? The US President isn’t supposed to be on the side of the enemy. Why isn’t anybody doing something about this? The enemy has an agent in the White House! Emergency! Emergency!

    • Hey Chris,

      You may be very interested to see my take on Obama’s treasons at http://www.virginianewssource.com/jpk. My latest essay on the impact of BiBi’s speech can’t be anticipated by many who are not paying attention. BiBi’s intent is to bring Obama down and I think Obama realizes this possibility. Look for Obama to arrange a contract hit on BiBi. Oh, yes, it could happen here! We’re in that zone.

      John P. Kuchta, Jr.
      Virginia Beach, VA

      • Hey Capn;
        I liked the article. You may be interested in some info on that raid that fell into my lap, will call it accidently. How do I get it to you for your opinion?

    • Because the Republicans haven’t the b a l l s to do so. Obama has shredded the Constitution and they are more worried about their next election to do anything constructive for this country.

  2. It’s always the retirees from the armed forces/administration who speak the truth. The ones currently employed are hobbled by Obamaspeak, not even allowed to identify the enemy by name. Islam.

    • Serving officers are forbidden by regulations from publicly engaging in political activity, that is the way the US military was set up to prevent the military from forcing their ideas onto the government by force of arms.

  3. Greek bailout talks with Europe break down


    This is a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The Europeans can throw good money (well money anyway) after bad money and bail out Greece further devaluing the euro and causing a major economic crisis in the future, one that will probably lead to the breakup of the EU. They can refuse to bail out Greece causing a major banking crisis around the world that will cause a major economic crisis in the future and probably lead to the breakup of the EU.

    The failure of socialist economics is playing out like most people who understand real world economics knew it would.

    • The reason why you won’t see any particular country bail out Greece is because (the ISLAMIST) want Greece to go bankrupt. The more countries that go bankrupt places them on the third world list of being poverty stricken, and any country stronger then them can overtake their banking system, which gives them more power.

  4. Every commanding officer in our military as well as Congress and the president should make the admiral’s comments required listening.

  5. Toward the end he used the term “any THINKING American” (should be able to see Obama’s agenda is anti-American, anti-European, Pro-Muslim, Pro-Iranian and Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, or words to that effect). The problem is we don’t have enough “Thinking Americans” and Obama and his Muslims buddies know it!

    • Amen! True critical thinking has been eradicated from our schools and ultimately our society. Those who exercise critical thinking are dying off. Propaganda is in vogue.

    • “Thinking” is a thing of the past. Most agencies and news outlets employ perception management firms to create stories. They put in just enough truth to make appear to be valid and then salt it with lies, innuendos and ideas without merit. Seems that most young people today haven’t a clue about the history of this country and our educational system, since the federal government took over and teachers became unionized, is in a sad state.

      If I had school age children today, I would home school or send them to a good private school. Public education is in crisis which is probably what the liberal/socialists want since it make the population easier to control and implement their agenda.

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