Did the state in Germany pay for counter PEGIDA demonstrations?

These two links were just sent in and while we have not yet received a proper translation, from reading google-translate it looks a lot like the German government at one or more levels paid some or all of the costs for countner-PEGIDA demos.

I sincerely hope the German public reacts appropriately to an affront to democracy of this nature and magnitude.

Link 1: Blu News:

Link 2: MOPO24


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12 Replies to “Did the state in Germany pay for counter PEGIDA demonstrations?”

    • “Muskets, maybe, duh-?”
      Sure, like Thomas Jefferson wasn’t among the best tinkers ever. Or Benjamin Franklin. Ask any of the myriad foreign tourists who contribute to the New England economy.

      • At the time the Second Amendment was written there were a lot of experimentation going on to develop a functional repeating firearm, the founding fathers were well aware of these efforts and knew that technology would change. The left wants us to think the founding fathers were as stupid as the left thinks we are.

  1. Plainly scandalous. And so far German mainstream news media keep mostly quiet. ARD, ZDF, DW, RTL, Spiegel, FAZ, you name it… Found one or two exceptions so far. Die Welt (a newspaper). And some local Dresdner portal.

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