As Obama desires it, Yemen may actually be a success: Links 2 on Feb. 12 – 2015

1. Daniel Greenfield: Austria: Calls for Killing Jews Legal, Calling Mohammed a Pedophile, Illegal

2. Labour council bans PORK from primary schools claiming it is too expensive to monitor diets of Islamic and Jewish pupils

(It’s official. The British government, like the rest of Europe, is throwing Jews under the bus. This is not the first time I have seen a government try to explain policies of appeasement to muslims as also being for Jews, when there is simply no connection to Jewish complaints or policies on the matter)

A Labour council has banned pork from primary schools in its area claiming it is too expensive to monitor the diets of Islamic and Jewish pupils.

Islington Council, in north London, has been slammed by members of the pork industry for taking chops, sausages and bacon off the menu.

But while the local authority admits pork is no longer on the menu, it denies banning the meat – instead claiming pork is simply not provided under its current catering contract. […]

An Islington Council spokesman said today: ‘It’s not true that pork is banned in our primary schools.

‘It is not currently provided in our catering contract, but if any primary school wants to serve pork we will work with them to arrange it.’

3. Al Qaeda seizes military base in Yemen. Story here.

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Al-Qaida militants seized control of an important army base Thursday following clashes with soldiers that left at least eight people dead, military officials said.

The officials say at least four soldiers and four militants died in the fighting and that at least 15 soldiers were taken hostage. The base is home to Yemen’s 19th Infantry Brigade and is located in the Baihan area in southern Shabwa province.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk to reporters.

A Twitter account affiliated with Yemen’s al-Qaida branch, considered to be the most dangerous affiliate of the global terror network, posted images of militants raising their black flag over the base.

4. Woman asks to be sworn in as citizen as soon as possible after overturn of policy requiring her to remove niqab

(Grace, who sent in this link, tells me that there were over 1000 comments on this new article and that the NatPost didn’t just close it for comments but actually removed the entire comment section from view, showing that once again, if the views of Canadians, especially if they conform to a classically liberal vision of what Canada is, must not be seen by other Canadians if they fail to meet the standards of our new transformative masters)

Ready for Halloween

A Muslim woman is asking to be sworn in as a Canadian citizen as soon as possible while wearing a niqab, even as the Harper government considers appealing a court ruling overturning its policy requiring women to remove face coverings while reciting the oath.

“I hope my wait [to become a citizen] is not very long,’’ said Zunera Ishaq, the 29-year-old Toronto resident and mother of three who challenged the policy.

Kevin Menard, a spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, said Wednesday “all available legal options” are being kept open in the wake of a new Federal Court ruling that found the policy violated the government’s own regulations.

(On a related note, Montana attempts to counteract one extreme by legislating another. Ladies, do NOT get in a cold draft in Billings. It could cost you a fast grand)

5. Psaki: 3rd U.S. Embassy Evacuation In Mideast Doesn’t Mean U.S. Is Being Run Out Of Town

6. Start-up Muslim party eyes local ballots to make its name in France

The Union of French Muslim Democrats (UDMF) has said it hopes to field candidates in eight cities in French elections next month, a modest objective for a young party with big ambitions.

The UDMF this week filed applications to run two candidates in the Parisian suburb of Bobigny as part of local elections in March, French media reported on Thursday. The relatively new political party said it planned to do the same in seven other ballot races, including in Marseille, Lyon and Nice.

Najib Azergui, who founded the UDMF in 2012, told the daily Le Parisian that his group wanted to give a voice to the country’s sizeable Muslim community, which struggles to find itself represented in the country’s mainstream parties.

Thank you M., Draculea, Buck, U Pete and all who sent in materials. Thanks.

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  1. Study: 27% of Americans say ISIL represents true Islam

    More than a quarter of Americans and nearly half of senior Protestant pastors say the Islamic State terrorist group offers a true representation of Islamic society, according to a pair of new surveys by LifeWay Research.

    The findings that indicate many Americans have a dim outlook on Islam come as President Obama sent a formal request to Congress on Wednesday to authorize the use of military force to combat the Islamic State. Meanwhile, police in North Carolina tried to determine whether the shooting deaths of three Muslim students were hate-motivated.

    Forty-five percent of 1,000 senior Protestant pastors surveyed say the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, “gives a true indication of what an Islamic society looks like.” Forty-seven percent disagreed with the statement, according to LifeWay, a Nashville-based, non-profit Christian research group. LifeWay surveyed only clergy who identified themselves as the top pastoral officials in their organizations.

    The pastors had a much darker view of Islam than Americans at large. In contrast, in the second survey, 27% of Americans say the Islamic State reflects the true nature of Islamic society.

    The findings of LifeWay’s twin surveys were shared with USA TODAY before their scheduled publication Thursday.

    “People are increasingly antagonistic, and religious leaders are particularly antagonistic towards Islam, and perhaps what people are seeing nightly on TV news is driving this,” said Ed Stetzer, executive director of LifeWay Research. “They think about it and say, ‘I see this every night. I don’t want this here.’ “

    Stetzer said LifeWay decided to probe Americans’ and pastors’ attitudes after Obama declared in September, “ISIL is not Islamic,” part of an effort to undercut the idea that the group represents the religion.

    This isn’t the first study to suggest growing distrust among Americans about Islam since the rise of the Islamic State, whose militants have abducted aid workers and journalists, carried out beheadings of hostages and taken control of swaths of Syria and Iraq. Last month, a poll published by the Brookings Institution in Washington found that 14% of Americans say the terror group has the support of a majority of Muslims around the world.

    What might be most notable about the LifeWay surveys is the strikingly harder views on Islam among clergy compared with Americans at large.

    Sixty-one percent of senior pastors disagree and 30% agree with the statement “True Islam creates a peaceful society.” Fifty percent of African-American pastors say Islam can create a peaceful society, while only 30% of white pastors agree with that statement. By contrast, 43% of the laypeople surveyed agree with the statement, and 40% disagree.

    Other findings:

    37% of Americans say they worry about sharia law, the Islamic legal and religious code, being applied in the USA. Older Americans, those over 45, are more likely to hold that concern than adults 18 to 44. Women (42%) are more likely to worry about sharia law than men are (33%).
    76% of pastors say airstrikes against the Islamic State are needed to protect Christians in Iraq and Syria, while 13% disagree.

    LifeWay polled 1,000 Americans and 1,000 senior Protestant pastors throughout the country as part of the surveys. Of the pastors surveyed, 724 identified themselves as evangelical, 474 consider themselves mainline. Pastors were permitted to consider themselves under both labels.

    The survey of Americans has a margin of error of +/-3.5%, while the pastors’ survey has a +/-3.1% margin of error.

  2. 2/
    Disgusting cowardice.
    Appease Muslims but at the same time make Jews take a share of the blame too. I detest the Labour Party!

    • Perhaps the worldview of bannng park refoecta a different understanding of religious commitment. My kids (and myself) could read ingredients by age 5 and refrained from eating crackers with questionable (ie, possibly porcine) ingredients by saying “No, thank you.” We’re Jews, but could just as well have been Hindu or 7th Day Adventist, etc. What’s with introducing the coercive element into the public arena, then blaming Jewish observance for the ban? Are the Jews of England too fearful to object? (Jewish theology actually precludes banning pork for those who don’t subscribe to the Jewish faith.)

      • Malca it would be profoundly useful if you could find me links supporting this aspect of your comment:

        (Jewish theology actually precludes banning pork for those who don’t subscribe to the Jewish faith.)

      • He’s locked in an edifice of lies, knows he’s dead unscripted. They say he detests jokes about his dumbo ears. So “making silly faces” is not exactly his thing. Those chosen for him are stereotypes, identical to those of the witch he calls wife. Remember the #SaveOurGirls pix she tweeted?

        So here he’s trying to look casual, like a normal person, but doesn’t unbutton his suit-jacket. He’s plenty athletic and flexible, but can’t mime a basketball toss without looking like a stiff old man. Not a crease in the the lines of his jacket. Bound up so tight, might have a corn-cob stuck up the tail-pipe.

        That body language would set off alarms in the parking lot of Ben-Gurion Airport. No doubt our own spook-watchers are saying the same thing.

  3. Notice that there’s nothing indicating that this woman works, or has any education. My guess is that once she has her snout firmly planted at the public trough, she’ll continue to squeeze out little future jihadis. Remember, it took generations for the Muslim problem in Europe to reach the level it has now, with each subsequent generation becoming more and more anti-social and homicidal. Mass muslim immigration to Canada has been going on for a comparatively short time compared to places like the UK, France and Germany, where the problems are now most acute. Mark my words, if something isn’t done, Canada will look like France within about 20 years. If I were a Canadian Jew, I’d seriously be considering a parcel of land in Israel, or if hot temperatures aren’t your thing, New Zealand maybe?

    As far as immigration in general goes, we need some sort of publicly accessible database that contains the following information about each new immigrant:

    Work History:
    Marital Status:
    Country of Origin:
    Municipality of residence:

    Category under which they were let into the country/gained citizenship:(points/spouse of Canadian etc)

    Points Scores:(how they were assessed to meet the standards of whatever category under which they entered)

    And furthermore, we (the Canadian public) should have the name of the civil servant who looked at all the available information and decided that this person belonged in Canada/would make a good Canadian.

    This wouldn’t stop native-born jihadis or old-stock Canadian converts, but as a Canadian, I feel that I ought to be able to know the name of the bureaucrats who looked at Jaser and Esseghaier and thought “Yeah, these guys will make Canada a better place.”

    As for lack of privacy for new immigrants, well you’re getting access to one of the best countries on Earth. Small price to pay.

      • I bring up Jews, because for whatever reason, today’s Jihadis seem to reserve a special hate-on for them. I don’t pretend to know anything about Muslim theology, but you can’t deny that western Jihadis seem to target Jews for no apparent reason other than the fact that they’re Jews, whereas when they choose other targets (soldiers, cartoonists) it at least follows some sickening logic, however warped.

        The Jews of France have a longer history in that nation and that isn’t stopping French Jews from moving/considering moving in record numbers. Large numbers have actually already purchased Israeli real estate as a backup plan in case things really deteriorate in France (which I think they already have). I read an article in the last few days (may have been linked to in this site) that quoted an Israeli immigration spokesman as saying that one percent of France’s Jewish population left last year, and that such an exodus from a western nation was unprecedented post-World War 2. That’s where France is right now. And that’s where Canada could well be in a very short time.

        On the surface, things appear better. We’ve never had mass-Muslim riots or rape gangs(that we know of). While we do have our problems with Muslim crime, I’ve never read anything to suggest it’s on the scale yet seen in France. While we have a couple of muslim ghettos, we don’t have no-go areas yet.

        But some of the same issues are present. Many native-born Muslims shun French and English, even if they’re perfectly capable of speaking it. There’s a body of research demonstrating that Canadian-born Muslims feel less Canadian than their immigrant parents. The same sewer-pipe of islamic ideology empties into Canadian mosques, and the internet makes if childishly easy to access hardcore Jihad porn.

        I’m not really sure about the state of French media, but in terms of mainstream access to cogent counter-jihad arguments, our media is seriously behind the UK. People like Douglas Murray and others may rankle BBC types, but at least they get on the air over there. In Canada, when Sun News shuts down, you will literally never see a counter-jihadist thinker on TV again. That whole perspective will be gone (and it was a mighty quiet voice while it lasted).

        Despite the credit that people give Harper and the soon to be departing Baird, just look at the most recent immigration battle they’re fighting: niqabs during citizenship ceremonies. It reminds me of self-described feminists obsessing over proper gender-neutral vocabulary. The clothing is neither here nor there, a mere sartorial triviality compared to the terrifying substance of islam. If this woman is forced to bare her face as she lies her way through her citizenship oath, it won’t be a victory against Islam, it will simply be a defeat with slightly less humiliating terms for our side, another step down the road to muslim mob rule.

        If that happens (and I hope that it doesn’t), it won’t matter how much Canadian Jews like maple syrup, Tim Horton’s, hockey, constitutional monarchy or whatever combination of things defines Canada these days. They’ll do whatever it takes to safeguard their health. And that will be to leave.

    • The coming war/civil war/race war will not wait 20 years, Europe is falling apart and Obama is working hard to start the war in the US before he is out of office.

  4. As for the whole school lunches thing, why does ANY non-boarding school provide lunches? The primary task of a parent is to provide for their child’s daily needs. That includes food. If you aren’t capable of putting a lunch together for your offspring, then you really have no business being a parent and your children should be taken away. Let children bring their own lunches, then every parent of whatever faith persuasion can give their kid whatever halal/kosher/vegan/peanut-free lunch they want.

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