Geopolitical shifts that prove irony may be the most common substance, and more islam than anyone can stand: Links 3 on Feb. 10 – 2015

1. More intrigue on the murder of the Argentine prosecutor.

2. Daniel Greenfield: The Anti Zionist guide to burning synagogues 

Wuppertal’s synagogues had been destroyed on Kristallnacht. By the time the war was over, the 3,000 Jews living in this German city had been reduced to a community of 60. 75 years after Kristallnacht, the Bergische Synagogue began to burn after three Muslim men had thrown six Molotov cocktails at it.

The Jews of Wuppertal however have nothing to worry about. Judge Jörg Sturm found that the attack was not anti-Semitic, but had only been a way of bringing “attention to the Gaza conflict”.

3. Ezra Levant has set up an aggregating website for Canadian preachers of the jihad and sharia aspects of islam. Its a brilliant idea. Point De Bascule is already such a website but not as much for beginners. Perhaps people after seeing Ezra’s site and understanding the issue better can then go over for a graduate course from PdB.

After all, one cannot be redundant in this endeavor. The more people and ways of educating the public, the better.

4. Sydney terror raid: Two men arrested, hunting knife and flag seized

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner, Catherine Burn said following the arrests by tactical police a search was conducted at their residence. The men were later charged with undertaking acts in preparation of planning a terrorist act.

“When we did the search of the premises, a number of items were located, including a machete, a hunting knife, a home-made flag representing the prescribed terrorist organisation IS, and also a video which depicted a man talking about carrying out an attack,” she said.

“What we are going to allege is consistent with the IS messaging.

“We believe that the men were potentially going to harm somebody, maybe even kill somebody, and potentially using one of the items that we identified and recovered yesterday, potentially a knife. So that was what we will be alleging.”

Deputy Commissioner Burn said police would allege the attack was due to be carried out yesterday.

“One of the items that will be introduced into evidence is a video, and in that video, we will allege that one of the men indicated that an attack was going to be carried out.”

(More at the Daily Mail and ABC.Au

5. White House stands behind Obama’s claim that Paris shooter ‘randomly’ selected kosher deli and targets – but admits Jewish heritage was a factor

(The fact that in this attack, the one in Mumbai and others were a significant portion of total resources of the attack went out of the way to kill Jews in target areas that are symbolically Jewish, to the extent that the overall magnitude of the attack was significantly reduced, shows a virulent and central antisemitism that is not just undeniable but so motivating it is nearly self destructive to them, makes Obama’s comments of a sick and warped nature)

6. Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Issa: Nobody Dares to Admit That ISIS Crimes Are Based on Islamic Sources.

(This one needs to be spread around to Islam’s useful idiots at the water coolers of the world)

7. Egypt: El-Sisi greets Putin with military honours

(so, I guess its safe to say at this point that foreign affairs is not Obama’s strong suit)

I just can’t see Obama giving Al Sisi this for example. Also notice its not gold or platinum plated. This one is for use in the field.

Thank you Buck, M., Oz-Rita, Richard and many more who sent in material. More to come,

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63 Replies to “Geopolitical shifts that prove irony may be the most common substance, and more islam than anyone can stand: Links 3 on Feb. 10 – 2015”

  1. Islamic State Disfigure 15 Women With Acid (basnews, Feb 9, 2015)

    “Al-Khansa, the all-female Islamic State (IS) brigade, have arrested and punished 15 women in Mosul.

    Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul Saed Mamuzini told BasNews that al-Khansa arrested the 15 women for failing to wear the niqab.

    They were arrested on Sunday in the Salamiya neighborhood of Mosul.

    Mamuzini said al-Khansa militants disfigured the women by pouring acid on their faces.

    “They have implemented this punishment so that other women in the city will never consider removing or not wearing the niqab,” he said.

    Last month members of IS executed a number of women by stoning. They were accused of adultery.”

  2. Islamic State Executes Five Iraqi Army Commanders (basnews, Feb 10, 2015)

    “The Islamic State (IS) militants have executed five commanders from the Iraqi army, whom they had held captive since the fall of Mosul in August 2014.

    A source from Mosul who declined to be named told BasNews, “On Monday, IS militants hanged five senior Iraqi officers who had been sentenced to death by the IS court.”

    The source named the men; Emad Hassan, Dured Ibrahim, Amir Mash’al, Younis Sharif and Hassib Jassim.

    “All five commanders were hanged at the Ghazlan IS military base located in the south of Mosul. Later their bodies were sent to the hospital in the city,” he said.

    When the IS took control of Mosul in June 2014, they arrested all the police, soldiers and officers working for the Iraqi government.”

  3. U.S. embassy in Yemen closing: staff, official (alarabiya, Feb 10, 2015)

    “The United States is closing its embassy in Yemen, the Arabian penninsula state where a rebel group has seized control of the capital, embassy employees and a U.S. official in Washington said on Tuesday.

    Employees of the embassy in Sanaa said the U.S. mission had been getting rid of documents and weapons and staff had been leaving the capital over the past days with a view of closing down completely by Wednesday.

    The ambassador had informed them that Washington may ask the Turkish or Algerian embassies in Sanaa to look after U.S. interests in the country while the embassy was closed.

    “The ambassador and the rest of the staff will leave by Wednesday evening,” one employee, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

    Employees at the British, French and German embassies said their missions had also been getting rid of documents and have given local staff two months’ paid leave. But there was no immediate word on the missions closing down…..”

  4. Look at Putin stepping into Egypt to fill that vacuum left by President Hussein. Obama is doing damage to the United States that will last for years, if not forever. But don’t worry. 78% of Democrats think Barry is doing a wonderful job. One wonders what it would take to make a Democrat into a critical thinker. No event or fact ever seems to shake their unshakable faith in all things left wing…

    • It is my belief that a larger percentage of conservatives are ideological while a very large percentage of left leaning people are doctrinal. This would explain why people on the current right are more likely to have a decent self checking mechanism and so consider other possibilities.

        • far be it from me to step into Eeyore’s boots, but I think:

          ideological: involves thinking
          doctrinal: involves following


          Yucki I did see your spot-on analysis (but lost it now) of what’s happening to hands that need healing: “and then you get another appointment with another specialist 10 months down the road” or words to that effect! You are sooooooo right ! *waves*

        • I believe that ideological refers to a set of organizational methods determined from a set of principles derived from reason or logic or experience etc. These may be subject to change based on results observed to fine tune it to work better. Doctrinal is a set of rules or laws or organizational principles derived from what is believed to be divine revelation, which cannot be changed or altered for any reason. (Although from what I have seen, religious Jews are really good at inventing work-arounds so they can do what they want or need to do without breaking the letter of Jewish doctrine)

        • “Religious” or “observant” Jews are wildly varied. Maybe distinctions within the community can be worked as an exercise in applying your concept, Eeyore, doctrinal vs ideological. See if I get the idea.

          There’s consensus on the beliefs, ethics, and legal framework; differences in practice derive from different interpretations. It isn’t the degree of adherence that differentiates communities, but the extent to which they engage with the secular world.

          So. An Haredi is doctrinal: he’s swaddled in practices associated with laws grown fat with the accretions of customs. But that’s just the way he likes it, all that insulation protects him from exogenous temptations. He’s secure because not only has he “put a fence around the Torah”, as the saying goes, he’s dug a moat around a wall and filled it with crocodiles.

          Secular Orthodox are ideological: they’ve chosen to use laws as a way of life. The spiritual together with the temporal. It’s all part of the plan. We’re enjoined not only to fill the world with baby Adams and Eves, but also to be “fruitful”. That means cultivating the substance of creation, an ongoing, constantly evolving creation by a living G-d.

          This is far more complicated than going by the Book. So the secular Orthodox are the champions of the work-around. Everything’s a decision – or a choice justified as decision. The ideas are right there, the written and oral Laws given on Mt. Sinai and passed on by the Sages. They’re the blueprint for building society.

          Does that work, kinda – sorta?

    • Something I cannot get some Americans I know to understand is that nobody stays top-dog forever. It has never happened in history – ever. Not the Greeks, the Romans, China, Spain, or Britain to name a few. We are in the middle of the end process for the USA, when they will be replaced by China in every measure by 2030-40. It’s also possible by that time that the US will break up, with states seceding from the union. Barry’s election is a natural part of the decline.

      It doesn’t mean the US goes to the bottom of the pile; the UK didn’t – but it depends on how that decline is managed. That reality is now upon us. We can see the world shifting in response to this new reality, toward Asia, specifically China.

      When it’s pretty much over, the US will have had about 120 years at the top. That’s not bad. I think Britain managed about 140 or so. Back in the day, the Romans had hundreds of years – but times change, and that’s the point…

      • The difficulty with that position (which I find myself taking about half the time) is its fatalism, right? If we hold that the energy is going out of the civilization, that the American empire, insofar as it is an empire, subject to inexorable historical forces such as have meant the decline, historically, of every other empire, is accelerating through the inevitable downward turn of the imperial cycle – as it does show every sign of doing – then there is little hope of slowing it to any significant degree, let along stopping it, and work like Vlad’s here is more in the way of recording the fall.

        I would prefer to think that the efforts of Vlad and others do contribute, not negligibly infinitesimally, toward fostering the circumstances in which more of the sort of political leadership so desperately sparse in the West has a chance to emerge. So that there is some point in trying to alert more people to what lies ahead if they carry on in their indifferent or oblivious way, only coming to their senses too late in the face of full-on Islamo-anarchy or Chinese suzerainty.

        I think it is within the realm of possibility that the problem of Islam might be dealt with suddenly and summarily, in North America at least. It is not out of the question that more politicians might opt for the line taken by Gingrich and Jindal among others. Absent such leadership, if enough infidels went to the office tomorrow morning wearing their Mohammed-was-a-thieving-murderous-child-raping-tribal-warlord-epileptic neckties and accessories, that would be the beginning of the end for Islam in America.

        The collapse of Islamic pretensions might inspire people to begin dealing with the more fundamental problems of what Takuan Seiyo calls in his recent essays the Liberal-Oppressive State. The outlook is grim, no question, but we might hold out the hope that not all is lost, the cycle is not irreversible, history turning at times, as Vlad has observed, on a dime.

        • I agree totally that Islam will be dealt with, certainly in the west at any rate, at a rate of knots that will shock and surprise readers of this blog.

          The point of my comments about the US is that people assume trends go in a straight line forever – but they don’t. As it is with the US being number one, so it is with Islam and its apparent run of form.

          You watch. The next ten years are going to be very interesting indeed for the RoP. Things will get much worse before they get better, and that will be the catalyst. Because will take a total crisis to spur the rest of humanity into action.

      • We may be on the way out as the top dog but that is not engraved in stone and we can fight to prevent it. Also we are going to fight tooth and nail to prevent a communist dictatorship like China become top dog and sent the world into a period of little to no individual liberty.

        • Sorry Richard, you’re long in a fantasy world like the other Americans I know. You cannot change human nature, and that is why the US is declining – it is why every top-dog has relinquished its place. Always.

      • One reason people who know history resist the idea that we are falling is that we have heard these predictions before in the 1970s and 1980s, back then it was Japan that was going to take our place.

        If you are looking for a nation to replace the US as the major power look for one that isn’t composed of 1st world cities surrounded by a 3rd world country. China is pulling blatant accounting tricks to claim there economy is strong and growing. In reality they are in much worse shape then the US and Europe and is very worried that either the US or Europe willc collapse economically and cause there economy to collapse.

        FYI the US has been the dominate power since 1945, that is 63 years not 120.

        • The idea that Japan would replace the US was nonsense, that’s why. China will, it’s happening, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

          The US has been top since 1914 – no need to rig the figures to make it seem like you have more time.

          You clearly find it difficult to accept – I expect my ancestors in London in the late 1800s thought they would be ruling the world forever – but by 1914, it was all over, and the US had the baton.

        • Between 1914 and WWII Britain was still top dog. When Pearl Harbor was attacked the US had something like the 5th or 7th largest military structure in the world. We were not then top dog and until about the end of the war Britain was close to equal to us, it wasn’t until 1944 or 1945 that US production build the military equipment that allowed us to become top dog.

          Learn the facts of history not the bull the left throws out.

      • I don’t know how to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the Chinese. Certainly through the 90s I thought they were likely inheritors of the earth. I stopped paying a lot of attention, especially after 9-11 when it became necessary to learn about hideous Islam. My ideas are probably frozen sometime around 1998, being some like:


        They still teach their own history and tend to know a lot about it. Ample familiarity with the reality of civilizational rise and fall and a determination to be on the rise.

        An unsentimental definition of success as something tangible and material. Starving artists are real outliers. Smart about money.

        General immunity to the forms of political correctness that have been wrecking the West.

        Han ethnocentricity or racism, conviction of cultural and racial superiority deeper and stronger than the identity crises engendered by the encounter with the West. High mean IQ.

        High degree of cultural self-containment, needing others really only to exploit.

        Extraversion, industriousness, genuine or enforced cheerfulness.

        Ruthless exploitation of the immigration policies and suicidal multiculturalism of Western nations.

        Holding all that U.S. debt.

        Discipline acquired through memorizing thousands of characters.


        As Richard says, extreme differences in rates of development especially between the coastal cities and the interior.

        The gender imbalance after decades of apparent female infanticide under the one-child policy.

        Appalling and costly environmental degradation both in mainland China and along the western (developed) coast of Taiwan.

        Widespread individual spiritual turmoil following the communists long-term attempt to replace traditional religion with Maoism, and debilitating political repression of resurgent spirituality.

        Fiscal foolishness of the nouveau riche.

        Holding all that U.S. debt.

        Brainspace used up memorizing thousands of characters.

        • Don’t forget that their banks are holding bad debt loans to Party leaders that are about 150% of their GDP. This alone is dragging down their economy, also most of the big manufactures in the west that opened factories in China have quietly pulled them out due to the Chinese government demanding too large a share of the profits from the factories.

        • Not my brain! Less storage space than a kitchen cupboard.

          I didn’t know Party leaders were so far in debt to their own banks, but it figures. The scale and pervasiveness of corruption is certainly another entry on the weaknesses side of the ledger.

      • You are basing your ideas on a variation of the Marxist idea of historical inevitability, that theory was disproven in the 20th when the USSR collapsed, and the collapse of Europe under socialist rule is putting another nail in the coffin. Following your idea Rome would have never lastd a thousand years.

        The idea that Japan was going to take over after the US wasn’t considered laughable back in the late 80s, their economy hadn’t collapsed at that point and they were the ones building everything and the ones holding so much US debt and were busy buying up US real estate. The crony capitalism (a mild version of socialism) collapsed and the Japanese government (like Obama) refused to reduce taxes and cut regulations to stimulate their economy.

        If you are looking for someone who currently has a prayer of replacing the US as top dog look at Russia. Granted their economic problems will probably prevent them from achieving that goal but Putin really wants to become the big dog in the world.

  5. Racism! Xenophobia! 15 Terrorist Networks! Would you believe all this?!

    France Says It Has Dismantled 15 Terrorist Networks (abcnews, Feb 10, 2015)

    “France’s justice minister says the government has dismantled about 15 terrorist networks as part of its wide-ranging campaign to eradicate terrorism within the country’s borders.

    Christiane Taubira told an open meeting of the U.N. Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee on Tuesday that following last month’s attacks on the Charlie Hebdo weekly newspaper and a kosher supermarket that killed 17 people, along with the three gunmen, that international action is essential to combat the increase in terrorist attacks.

    She said France is looking at the sophisticated propaganda, indoctrination and methods used to recruit terrorists, including social media and video games.

    France is also reinforcing measures to fight against racism and xenophobia, to protect victims and witnesses, and to help people who agree to become informers, Taubira said.”

  6. So… It is bad… But not that bad… But we better keep eyes open… Of course it is much worse than “not that bad,” and we better do more than just keeping eyes open. Islamization (all across the possible social spectrum) is a real thing and it is not going to disappear by wishing it away. And especially not by open door to even more so called moderate Islamization, since it is that one where all of this nonsense really starts.

    U.S. officials warn of increase of ISIS foreign fighters (CNN, Feb 11, 2015)

    “The number of foreign fighters traveling to join ISIS’s ranks is increasing at an alarming rate, a top U.S. counterterrorism official is warning. Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said more than 20,000 fighters, from more than 90 countries, have traveled to the ISIS battlefield, according to testimony CNN obtained in advance of a House Homeland Security Committee hearing scheduled for Wednesday. “The rate of foreign fighter travel to Syria is unprecedented,” Rasmussen said in the testimony. “It exceeds the rate of travelers who went to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen or Somalia at any point in the last 20 years.”

    Of those fighters, an estimated 3,400 are assessed to come from western countries, including more than 150 from the United States, officials say. Rasmussen is set to appear alongside Francis X. Taylor, under secretary for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security, and FBI counterterrorism assistant director Michael Steinbach, at the hearing on efforts to combat violent extremism.

    ISIS’s prolific exploitation of social media plays a prominent role in its ability to recruit fighters from around the world, Rasmussen said. The group “has proven far more adept than core al Qaeda — or any of al Qaeda’s affiliates — at using new media tools to reach a broader audience,” he said.

    While the three officials maintain there is no specific or credible imminent threat the U.S. homeland, Taylor highlighted recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Sydney and Ottawa as a testament that attacks are moving beyond the borders of Iraq and Syria, and lessons gained on the battlefield could be put to use elsewhere….”

    • @ Dumbstruck

      I recommend the Halal Certification site of Kiralee and also have great respect for the Q-Society – browse their site – it’s worth it. As to HALAL certification not being corrupt? Yes, as they say in Australia rather elegantly: If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle !

  7. Philippine Police Say Rebels Finished off Wounded Commandos (abcnews, Feb 11, 2015)

    “A Philippine police chief, holding back tears, says autopsy reports showed some of his anti-terror commandos were wounded but still alive when they were shot to death at close range by Muslim insurgents in a recent clash. Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina told a congressional hearing Wednesday that the Muslim rebel group, which signed a peace deal with the government last year, should explain why its insurgents committed an “overkill” that left 44 of his men dead in the Jan. 25 gunbattle. Espina struggled not to cry as he spoke during the nationally televised House of Representatives inquiry into the deaths of the elite policemen. The commander of the slain policemen stood up and openly wept over the killings in the clash that cost him his job.”

  8. Syrian Government Troops Advancing South of Damascus (abcnews, Feb 11, 2015?

    “Syrian state media and an activist group say government forces backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters have captured several villages south of the capital, Damascus.

    Syrian state television quoted an unnamed military official as saying that the troops have gained control of the village of Deir Maker on Wednesday morning, as well as the nearby areas of Tal al-Arous and Tal al-Sarjeh.

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack was spearheaded by Hezbollah fighters, adding that they have captured the town of Deir al-Adas and nearby hills.

    The group said 20 opposition fighters were killed in the area on Tuesday.

    Syrian opposition fighters and members of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front had been advancing in southern Syria for months, capturing wide areas and moving closer to Damascus.”

  9. UK – Three Held In Anti-Terror Operations

    The anti-terror searches are expected to last for several hours or even days, as police insist there is no current threat.

    A man and two women have been arrested on suspicion of terror-related offences.

    The man, aged 31, is being held on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism and his arrest comes as police search five addresses on Merseyside..

    Officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit and Merseyside Police raided the houses after “intelligence received” from law-enforcement agencies.

    Police said the searches were expected to take many hours or even days.

    […]Meanwhile, officers from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit have arrested two women from Walsall in connection with Syria-related offences.

    One, aged 23, was held on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism and the other, aged 33, is accused of failing to disclose information.

    • CAIR will be popping open the non-alcoholic champagne. At least the killer appears to have been a progressive and not a hate-crazed right-wing Tea Party Islamophobe.

  10. At least 300 migrants dead or missing in Mediterranean crossing

    Around 300 migrants are thought to have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, the United Nations refugee agency said Wednesday.

    The incident happened off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

    Survivors coming ashore Wednesday reported that four rubber boats attempted to make the journey from Libya to Europe in frigid temperatures.

    Carlotta Sami, the UNHCR’s spokeswoman in Italy, said at least 203 people had been “swallowed up by the waves,” the youngest age 12. However, the agency said that if all four boats are confirmed missing the death toll may surpass 300.–mediterranean-crossing/23220693/

  11. AUSTRALIA – Muslim child ‘bride’ was pregnant, court told

    A 12-year-old girl who was “married” in an Islamic ceremony in her family’s Hunter Valley home fell pregnant but miscarried, a court has heard.

    The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was examined at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead after she complained of sharp right abdominal pain. Doctors found she had an ectopic pregnancy – where the fertilised egg implants outside the uterus – and miscarried.

    The now 13-year-old’s pregnancy was revealed in a statement of facts tendered to the NSW District Court during a sentencing hearing for a 27-year-old Lebanese university student, who also cannot be named for legal reasons.

    […]In March 2014 Tasawar, 35, plea to the offence of solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person. He was fined $500 and his Religious Leaders visa was cancelled.

    more on the page :

  12. IRAQ – Wives of IS Senior Leaders Take Salary From Iraqi Government

    BasNews reveals names

    A security source from Salahaddin Province has revealed that high-ranking members of Islamic State (IS) in Tikrit have wives working for the Iraqi government, drawing a monthly salary as normal.

    In an exclusive statement to BasNews, the anonymous source said, “Most of the current IS leaders in Salahaddin Province reside in the Awenati village in southern Tikrit city, and joined the jihadists after IS militants deployed in the area.

    “These people were hidden affiliates of IS. They were continuously preparing suicide attacks. Most of their targets were Iraqi security establishments.

    “The wives of some of these IS leaders work for the Iraqi government. They are still getting their monthly salary from Baghdad,” said the source.

    He continued, “These criminals murder people and carry out suicides attack in the country and the Iraqi government pays their wives a regular salary.”

    more on the page :

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