More and more converts to islam since the attacks (in Paris).

An original translation by Oz-Rita

From RTL.Fr

By Maud de Carpentier, RTL online published on 10.2.2015

Since the attacks in France (Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Grocer), the mosques in Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg have registered an increase in conversions to “the muslim religion”

In january 2015 the Great Mosque of Paris has issued 40 certificates of conversion. For the same period last year, there were only 22 such certificates issued, according to an information obained by RTL. Same report from Strasburg and Aubervilliers where an increase of 30% has been registered. Lyon too is following this tendency with an increase of 20%.

Undo the Amalgames*

In Paris, Eloise is part of the newly converteds. One  month to the exact day after the attacks and only 18 years old, the young woman becomes muslim. Shocked by the *amalgames which were made in the wake of those attacks between muslims and terrorists, she wanted to give another view of the religion: “This makes me even more willing to go towards islam and to show the world that this is not it”.

The imams seem to be the most surprised by the increase in number of the new believers but also by the diversity of their profiles. In Paris, a medical doctor, a school principal and even a police man have stepped into the Great Mosque to convert.

*Amalgame = erroneously connecting something with something that has nothing to do with it. When this word is now (over) used in France it’s mostly in connection with “Nothing to do with Islam”.

[Note by translator: RTL being the French equivalent of BBC ie state sponsored, leftist and largely islam-submissive, I am surprised that they even report this “news”. However I am reassured that they do it in a way that is very respectful of this Nothing-to-do-with-Islam-Religion.]


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  1. When there is great stress put upon a person there are fight or flight responses which cannot be fulfilled due to fear of retribution so they are funnelled to non-issues, the socialist to blaming the USA/Israel or to the convert discovering their revert-roots and proving Islam is really peaceful way of zoning out. Either way, the Mohammad Cult wins – over those who look away, now.

  2. It’s human nature: Cruelty and atrocities work.
    It was After 9/11 that Americans became fond of the new religion of pieces: and we started to read her “journey to islam” and how she stopped having sex with 5 men a day and others critters, she stopped drinking and found a brighter life and goal in life.
    Every people are disgusted at killing “civilians” , even westerners are upset unless the civilians are indigenous Whiteys.

  3. C’mon, RTL is not the BBC. RTL is private and commercial, the BBC is publicly funded. RTL is not leftist, I think it’s the only media that still invites Éric Zemmour.

    Amalgame = generalization. Whenever some Muslim does something bad, the slogan of the media/political elites is “pas d’amalgame!” (no generalization!)

    • 1. I stand corrected: I confused RTL with Chanel 2 that is, indeed, tax-payer funded, unless I’m completely mistaken. However, as the majority of French media, it certainly is on the Left, you only have to listen to their their daily editorials, I wouldn’t call Ives Calvi, Duhamel et al anything but of the PC ergo the Left side (at least of my political side).

      3. Eric Zemmour (a personal hero of mine and one of the diminishing “great minds” still heard in France).

      RTL is not “the only media that still ‘invites’ Eric Zemmour, e.g. he appears weekly in an excellent one hour program on Ch. Paris Premiere. As to being “invited by RTL” – they run like frightened bunnies as soon as the rulers of France considered that he just was tooooooo anti-islamist, right wing, anti-feminist etc. etc. and reduced his daily commentary spot to a 3 minutes per week spot. 3 MINUTES PER WEEK !!! I would have refused this insulting bone, had I been in Zemmour’s place, they dont deserve him!

      3. I do not agree with your “interpretation” of “amalgame” such as it is used in today’s France in this context.

      • PS: Incidentally, Eric Zemmour, (one of the brightest minds, the most original thinkers, the most articulate speaker, the most fearless protagonist , the most hated journalist, the most exquisite authors, the most witty writers) is Jewish. (why am I not surprised).

        • Juden Geliebte (sp?) – [or Juden Lieber ?] – could get you in trouble in some places. I’m trying to replace the word “antisemitism” with “jew-hate”. Just feels right.

        • yucki said:

          ” Juden Geliebte (sp?) – [or Juden Lieber ?] – could get you in trouble in some places…”

          This rather dark cloud comes with the silver-lining that you meet some pretty decent and intelligent folk among the pro-Israel, counter-jihad groups i.e. VladTepesblog … Geliebte = Lover (passive)
          .”Juden Lieber” you have me stumped here – it’s cute and I get the sense (lover of Jews) but it’s not used in this form.

          “…I’m trying to replace the word “antisemitism” with “jew-hate”. Just feels right.”

          I have used “Jew-hate(r)” for quite a while now, it “just feels right” because that’s what it is and it takes the wind out of the sails of those intellectual/moral dwarves who respond by “but arabs are semites too bla-bla-I-m-a-Jew-Hater-bla-bla-bla-etc.”.

      • Israeli media is totally, completely, suicidally Left. Partly by conviction (old Labor camp), mostly by vocation (whores, bought & paid for).

        Party names are always changing, but the major opposition party has taken the “Zionist” moniker. They are rabid-anti- Zionists. Hideous dirty trick; I just hope the voters won’t get confused. A real problem for those whose Hebrew is iffy.

        • Says it all: Flogged with an electric cable for not pseudo-fasting on Rama-damn-a-dingdong.

          Surely in Aya-toll-ah-ha darkness, [P]eople feel a hunger and a thirst to know the truth. When I talk to them about Christ and tell them how God loves us, they become so excited and they just keep smiling.

          Makes me think Christ smiles as he listens to the good faith can do.
          [Of course I’m not anthropomorphizing diety, I’m waaaayyy too sophistocated to do that.]

        • Yucki, this only makes those who wrote of this normal human being in extraordinary circumstances, smile.

          And 325 years later too, those with sticky fingers all over the altered and adapted texts believing in the literal God-Man was their Sai Baba and not a Heaven-Earth inditement of those believing cultures and creeds that will all fall away while only the truth of their folly and wisdom remains; they will get an ego-boost that they are entitled, nay required, to punch anyone in the face who insults their mama.

        • yucki “[Of course I’m not anthropomorphizing diety, I’m waaaayyy too sophistocated to do that.]”

          LOL hehehe. Being human (despite rumours to the contrary) anthropomorphising comes easy to me 😉

    • yucki: “There’s this Pope again.
      We really don’t know much about this Argentine puncher-of-noses.”

      The long lost brother/cousin / twin of Obama?

  4. (French article translated)

    Half of Belgian Muslims fundamentalists? (infographic)

    According to the results of a study by the Berlin Social Science Center, 70% of Belgian Muslims consider religious rules more important than the law.
    The Berlin Social Science Center has polled 9,000 Muslims and Christians from 6 EU countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Austria). 1,200 people, mainly of Turkish and Moroccan origin, who consider themselves Muslims, were interviewed on our soil (Belgium).
    The study, published by the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and picked up by the Flemish daily De Morgen, shows that half of Belgian Musilms can be considered fundamentalists. To arrive at this conclusion, they were given three statements and had to answer yes or no:
    – Muslims have to return to the roots of their faith.
    – There is only one interpretation of the Qur’an and every Muslim must abide by it.
    – Religious rules are more important than the Law.
    (The last paragraph of the article says that 52.5% have said yes to all three statements, making them fundamentalists. Only Austria has a higher percentage, although the differences between all 6 countries are insignificant. The article has an infographic with the three statements right above the graph. You can click on each statement and see the results below. The order of the countries is: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden.)

  5. In the West idiots are converting to Islam, we in the west in our arrogant way ignore the way that many more people in Africa and China are converting to Christianity.

    • These people are starkers. Belgians are committing suicide. Literally.

      Belgium doesn’t only hold the record for jihadists in Europe, it is also the European country with the highest suicide rate. The most notorious suicide is the Nobel Prize laureate in Medicine, Christian de Duve, who, two years ago, killed himself in front of his four children.

      Six suicides a day. With a suicide rate estimated at more than 20 per 100,000 inhabitants, Belgium breaks all records in Western Europe. The world average is 14.5 per 100,000 inhabitants. Suicide is indeed the first cause of mortality among Belgians between 25-44 and the second leading cause, after vehicle accidents, between 15-24.

      The tragic statistic would grow if we counted the thousands of deaths that occur under the law of euthanasia, with six deaths per day. Belgium is also the site of the first “supermarket of death.” In Flémalle, a Belgian town not far fr Liege. The tombstones? In the fourth row. The crowns? In the right corner. The coffins? To the left.

      EXPOSÉ: Belgium is Committing Suicide

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